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Chen Shu Fen Wallpaper
Chen Shu Fen Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I've never really sucessfully worked on a Chen Shu Fen artwork. I decided to let this be a simple, iconspace-full wallpaper. I extended the background of the scan across the left side of the wallpaper. I also added some green earthen energy eminating from his swoed. I used the smudge tool to paint over the scan since it was somewhat grainy/pixelated after resizing. :) Threw in some texturizing brushes! :)

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  1. thecatmistress Oct 18, 2005

    oh wow so peaceful. i like it a lot. keep up the good work Sunira. :)

  2. fukushuusha Oct 18, 2005

    it has a quite relaxing yet treatening feeling...
    great work with the texture btw; the paperish feeling of the wall is awesome.
    Re-cging is well done. This one lacks some typography in my opinion...it would be great to see some nice title on the left.
    bu anyways; a very decent and good job sunira :)

  3. justducky Oct 18, 2005

    oh i think this is marvillous! the texture and colors it looks so good, like it was freshly painted! i like having a wall that gives a nice open space just perfect to put on ur icons. or if ur using it for a site you don't want a wall that has a billion colors and swiggly lines because then u can't see the text over it. its hard for me to find a beautiful wall that's like this, you've made me so happy :) nice job, i hope you make more likes these.

  4. DernierCri Oct 18, 2005

    that's awesome peacefull wallpaper... very usable as well...
    what in the world is he drinking in the middle of a field... i hope it is water... lol just joking

    one suggestion: maybe lower the scaling of the canvas texture to 70-75% just imo..

    anyway great job on the impression level and mood of the wall.

  5. acid-awakening Oct 18, 2005

    Whoa!! great work
    this looks sooo KOOL XD
    the left seems kinda empty juz lookin at it like that
    But nah... this is really good
    keep it up
    Thanx for sharing

  6. Spystreak Retired Moderator Oct 18, 2005

    Nice effects you used. So tranquil nice and calming to look at. I really like this one. Although it the way the wall looks it reminds me of canvas paper I used back in my painting class

  7. screenlooker Oct 18, 2005

    this is a pretty picture
    good job

  8. kai81220 Oct 18, 2005

    haha its great for icons ^___^

    its got this spring type atmosphere to it cause the colours of the grass and sky are very alive looking. the texture is a bit odd, looks like fabric XD

    but still its a great wall sunira ^^
    ps. good luck my rival XD

  9. bbls Oct 18, 2005

    i luv the simplicity and softness of your wall!
    your extension of the image is seamless, and i luv the canvas texture because it makes your wall look like an art painting.

  10. leosama84 Oct 18, 2005

    nicely done ;)
    i like the effects u used...
    keep it up!
    Happy Ramadan!

  11. Willem Oct 18, 2005

    Awesome work! Just like your other works.. even this one is quite different from what you usually did :) Keep it up ;)

  12. semanga Oct 18, 2005

    damn this guy is hot
    yuuuuuuhuuu i am here :nya: :nya: :nya:
    i want a date with u boy so come and take me XD

    great jop with a great guy

  13. Lenne Oct 18, 2005

    Heheheh...yeah,this gus is cute and hot!*MEOW*!
    I like the texure,it looks like it was made on canvas.The wall is simple and nice.
    Me like it! :D

  14. k1ru Oct 18, 2005

    nice!!! >.< its great!!! that guy is lovely!! XD XD
    great wallie!! >.<

    luv it~

  15. elomar Oct 18, 2005

    woot! i love the image you choose and I love how you portrayed it. great job and keep these coming:)!

  16. carlos18 Oct 19, 2005

    Thats a great wallpaper. It looks so peaceful with the grass and the sky. great work!

  17. soujiokita Oct 20, 2005

    Nice work, Sunira. ^^ i like the texture you put, it looks as if this was painted on a real canvas.
    Simple, but still nice. +fav next week.

  18. crimson-blue Oct 20, 2005

    woooopsss long time not see u
    i hope u okay ^^
    then wiuhhh another amazing pic again from u i like the bg in there
    remember me to my village ^^
    anyway great job and have a nice day ^^

  19. Spidey-Matt Oct 20, 2005

    This is really nice and really looks like a painting. Keep up the great work Sunira :P

  20. Milkiyo Oct 20, 2005

    simple and beautiful...
    that's the first impression of it, looks very harmonious
    great work! XD

  21. Yina Oct 20, 2005

    mhmm i think the left part is a bit empty.. .__. but nice work on adding the rest.. =3 though I don't like the green butterflies.. X__X

  22. minamitakayama Oct 23, 2005

    a really cool guy!
    and this backround is so peaceful...
    all in all good work!

  23. Lady-Lenna Jun 19, 2006

    I love this wallpaper. It's simple, yet effective. I usually grow tired of walls easily, but this one, doesn't hurt your eyes (is not full of shiny colors and complicated effects ad bgs, which may be great, but end up being unbearable). So keep up your great work.

  24. peanutsomerta Sep 26, 2006

    yum, its just yum
    I love teh artwork, and the birds make it seem so distant

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