Izumi Sakurazawa Wallpaper: October Breeze

Izumi Sakurazawa Wallpaper
Izumi Sakurazawa Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hello all!! *waves*

I ~love~ this time of season of brisk temperatures, orange sunsets, golden leaves, and enjoyable breezes ^_^ Autumn is my favorite time and I made this wall for this wonderful month of the season.

Wall took overall 4 days to do.
Layers= 109
Fun part--making tree and bird brushes. 4 trees are Shinta's brushes. The other 4 are my own brushes. If you are interested in my tree brushes, you can PM me.
Hard part--clouds and their colors
Hardest part--leaves--Placing each leaf individually on tree and falling (that was not a brush) plus leaves in grass

Please enjoy this wall and the time of season it represents!! =^_^=
And, of course, any tips and comments are very appreciated! Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement :)
Original scan (not sure where I got it since it is old): http://img398.imageshack.us/img398/3236/girl4901de.jpg

UPDATE--I am trying to update this wall, but this site is having problems with the update. The update would consist of the fixing of the tree behind her by adding more shadow to it to make it similar to the other trees.
Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Akira-san
Wall: Alone in the Dark
Reason:A wall that gives you shivers with its gloom atmosphere and eerie colors.

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Browse Izumi Sakurazawa Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. strawberrt Oct 17, 2005

    wow awesome wallpaper ^^ The image of the girl looks so peaceful. and the background looks great =D

  2. trinigirl524 Oct 17, 2005

    this is so pretty! the mood here is really an autumn atmosphere, so you potrayed that really well. the colors and the leaf-less trees help with that. the scenery looks beautiful and the chara blends really good with the background. overall great job ^^

  3. Sumomo- Oct 17, 2005

    LOL you made an autumn theme right after me huh ;)

    As all of your walls - its gorgeous! I really like the trees in the background.
    Great work! I'd fav it - but dont have anymore fav's to give >=(
    *mumbles: stupid friggin rules*

    Oh well, I'll fave it next then!

    Edit - HEY! I was allowed apparently! *goes on a random fav spree for those I did not get the chance to fav last time I went on a spree*

    Edit 2 - :( can't go on any spree after all, I only had one fav left LOL :)

  4. RainOfStars Oct 17, 2005

    ^^ Very beautiful autumn wall. The sky and grass is exceptional. The tree that is te front looks very out of place for some reason.
    Nevertheless, a great job well done^^

  5. Janelloyd Oct 17, 2005

    You did a great job with this wallpaper. It makes me want to go read a book under a tree...

  6. Marsup Oct 17, 2005

    Wonderful job, it's really really well-done. Only thing that shocks me is the tree behind her... It doesn't get well with the rest. o_0

  7. melonbrust Oct 17, 2005

    emma >_< its lovely.. the colors are wonderful..so autumny (<-- is that even a real word)
    it deserve a fav, but i maxed out mine yesterday T__T so sorry

  8. AngelKate Oct 17, 2005

    Its very lovely. ^_^ The colors are beautiful. The grass is really well done and blends very nicely. The leaves in the grass are a nice touch. I don't like the big tree behind her though, for some reason it doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the wall. Maybe its the color...I don't know. But everything else is really beautiful. ^_^ Great job!

  9. IzumiChan Oct 17, 2005

    Kawaii ^__^
    It's yellow, but it's still peaceful :)
    Very cute ^-^
    Bye-bye :D

  10. Rhonda21 Oct 17, 2005

    wow this is so beautiful. nice background the character fits great with it. Lovely Job!!!

  11. SealedSword Oct 17, 2005

    Heey, it's another wallpaper by Emma ^__^
    Love the colour you used, and the leaves look great, really fitting with the title and everything XD
    The little white effects on the wall makes the wallpaper look very pretty and beautiful-er XD
    In a way, it's a very nice serene looking wall =P
    Welldone, keep it up Emma! = )

  12. Amythyst Oct 17, 2005

    very nice wallpaper, I like the trees at the background and I also like the scan its very cute ^^

  13. rafaellaGP Oct 17, 2005

    is so lovely. the colors and bg are wonderful^^
    i really like
    good work...

  14. azndude88 Oct 17, 2005

    ah breeze feels nice but when you are in brooklyn it is really coll brr... lol aweosme wall i'm ready for the long cold months ahead ... :)

  15. justducky Oct 17, 2005

    :) oh everything is wonderful! The sky is amazing and you did it by hand! The grass is great its makes me think of wheat and horses, heh. I like the trees but the one to the right behind the girl looks a lil funny but it can be easily overlooked with all the prettiness of this wall. Nice job on the leaves, lol, this is great.

  16. tsubasawingjing Oct 17, 2005

    :) nice color of the background...
    looks very softly..
    just c also fell sleepy aledy..haha..
    good job!! :D

  17. maldita42 Oct 17, 2005

    =o!!!! nice wall Emma! nn!!! I like your work..

    I have this pic in the original version but... this is better!!

    Good Job!! !!


  18. SilentMasamune Oct 17, 2005

    Other than the tree, as AngelKate pointed out, that is behind the scan, everything else checks out wonderfully. The problem is that the tree seems a bit too smooth on the edges, but it's really not a huge problem. Your wallpapers need more recognition, seriously. I claim you to be one of the better artists of the current day. :D

  19. phamthuha Oct 18, 2005

    This sure is pretty good, Emma-san >_< I do love it! And the way you make her dress fill like being in the grass is so cool >_< I am doing a wall that the scan has a dress too and having alot of difficutly make it comes out pretty. And you did it! very cool >_< Hope that my fav still work OX

  20. DancingBlades Oct 18, 2005

    the background goes well with her! and the leaves... the purty looking leaves, i want one! ^-^ Lol, over all, it looks wonderful! Keep up the good work girl! +fav

  21. MagicianFairy Oct 18, 2005

    Ohhhhhh..Fairy loves it!!
    i love everything, the colors, the bg, the scan!!! XD
    the most i liked were the sky and the trees XD!!

    good good!!

  22. chibichibikaukau Oct 18, 2005

    its so cute!
    the colors are so cute, she looks very sweet and everithing together is so relaxing and nice...
    very beautiful!!! keep doing so pretty wallpapers!

  23. teepoo Oct 18, 2005

    hehe i really love your style of wallies ^_~ every wallie is different xD
    the wall seems almost perfect except the tree she's leaning on looks a bit weird because it appears kind of flat to me >__<" just my opinion though =3

  24. winged Oct 18, 2005

    Very pretty wallie Emma!! Trees are very real & the sky is beautiful, especially the clouds, did worth ur time on them! ^^ Scan fits in with the bg, can feel autumn is coming ^^ +favs & great job there! *huGs*

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