Blood+ Wallpaper: Blood+: Chi no you ni akaku

Production I.G, Blood+, Saya Otonashi, Vector Art Wallpaper
Production I.G Studio Blood+ Series Saya Otonashi Character Vector Art Source

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yoh, it's been a long time. Urgh, I'm always saying this phrase...but it's true hehe.

I originally planned on making a Speed Grapher wallpaper, which fits the mood of the series more than the first (urgh >_<). I promised Falh already, but there's not a single scan I could use. So while SG ended lately, a new series aired - Blood+. I couldn't help but walling Saya in her half-open class room. The wall doesn't get destroyed in the first episode, but who cares haha.

1. Scan
Member: paradisekisslady from AP, thanks! Yes, I like it.
Scan: Blood+ scan
I vectored it and added some details, but not many haha.

2. Idea
I know how much you people love pictures, so no comment, just follow this link:
Raw sketch made with mouse.
My beloved GT, r.i.p...

3. Help and thanks
Thank you, Dokuro-chan! Your rocks rock socks. Bref, c'est le shot-screen: Screenshot of Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan
Again thanks to my brother for helping me with the vanishing point looks like whoa!
And I need to thank Yina-senpai, for your advice and help every time =3

And I didn't thank the members who commented on my W.A.R. 1 wallie. Omg you may hate me now >_< you all, eva-san, Yina-senchou, Sandra-chan, ayaki-san, kai-san, fuku-san, Shuei-san, tian-chan, nona-chan, OA-san, sema-san, kyuzo-chan, Skillz-san. Thaaanks so much for your support/advice/help/comments.

4. Credits and stuff
Text: Japanese in romaji ''chi no you ni akaku'' - ''red like blood''. Part of a poem by Kubo-sensei.
The scan link is above, brushes (except from the blood, they're mine) from various sites can be found here: links

More resolutions at www.uchiki.de. Contest is over, thanks a lot for participating. Now people, count how often I said 'thanks'.

Wow I didn't expect so many comments and especially so many tips how to make it less 'cartoonish', like some people said. I saved all the critic-points and edited the wallpaper. The outlines in the very back are now light, the outlines of the wall have a different color and opacity, added textures on the walls and glass and someone suggested some dust, also added.

Since the Update doesn't work here's the link for the improved version: http://uchiki.de/site/wp/bloodplus/1_1600.jpg

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Browse Blood+ Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Kiako Oct 17, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the effectsa re very good and i like the chara's pose and the bg.
    the scene is good too.

  2. Oshii-Rion Oct 17, 2005

    Its very nice!
    I like Blood+. I watch 2ep today! :D

  3. Yina Oct 17, 2005

    yeah it's up, it's up.. *___* nyaa.. excellent work as always.. XD nyaa.. you're getting better and better.. as well in vectoring as in compositioning.. >_< and the blood looks "lovely".. haha XD

  4. SharinganKnight Oct 17, 2005

    very well done, you've exploited the most difficult sections of photo editing, and you've done it with style. touche ;)

    p.s. we need more Blood + walls :)

  5. boogybro Oct 17, 2005

    Excellent wall. Ever vector there looks to be done really well. Loving the blood and the huge shadow in the BG. Dont really see completely vectored walls with this much quality, so great job, and of course fave.

    Havent seen Blood+ yet, but I seen it on every site I've been to today >_< So I better watch it.

  6. Sanzosgirl19 Oct 17, 2005

    Hey there. Just got finished commenting on this wall on AP. You have some real talent. I love this wall. I'm a big fan of your Full Metal Alchemist wall also. Thank you for shareing it. I put a better comment on the post on AP but it still doesn't change how I feel about this wall. A+ and a fav!!!. Keep up the mindblowing work. (*^_^*)

  7. SealedSword Oct 17, 2005

    Ooh, nice evil looking wallpaper you got here XD
    Love it, keep it up! = )

  8. fukushuusha Oct 17, 2005

    WoW! x_x bow down to the skillz!
    amazing vector work here chibi. The quality of the wall is almost screaming to me. The textures, composition, shadowing....everything seems absolutely perfect...o.k I ll think twice when I submit a wall from now on. >_<
    amazing job chibi...

  9. Nona Oct 17, 2005

    wooow. Blood+....I'm afraid, when I look at the wallpaper :D. Amaizing vector, really good work!

  10. Nyuu-chan Oct 17, 2005

    Oh! It is a great wall my dear! It looks like it is taken from anime! The background is really amazing work! Excellent one!! XD

  11. Hix Oct 17, 2005

    I love this wall great job on this one ^ _ ^ I have a new wallpapers on my deskop ^ _ ^

  12. ayaki Oct 17, 2005

    OMG a blood+ wall!!!~!~
    just watched the first two episodes...and i love it >_< so bloody wahah

    this wall is excellent....after looking @ the sketch..and ta da~ the wall X_X
    the perspective, texture, color and the whole composition...i just don't see anything wrong with it.

    sugoi chibikko!!~ ^^ awesome wall!~

  13. dans Oct 18, 2005

    the textures look the same everywhere ( the glass, wall, etc ). u should try different textures.
    also the character doesn't look blend enough. the bg has more... 'cartoony' feeling than Saya.
    and the lines on the wall are too thick. maybe you should reduce the thickness and reduce the opacity to 80% so the lines don't look too bold.
    i think i talk too much. :p
    anyway, this is a very cool wall. :D

  14. Nayako Oct 18, 2005

    Yey!! Saya looks so cool here!! I already love Blood +!!
    Too bad you didn't include Cello man here !!
    :nya: Anyway, good job! Great work with the bg!!

  15. DarkEVO Oct 18, 2005

    Looks like a good detailed wallpaper.
    Properly done as well.
    This anime...? is this a spin off series from Blood the Last Vampire movie?
    Looks ok for the character design.

  16. semanga Oct 18, 2005

    god that looks great girl u have everytime walls what i have never see befor u are a great waller and a idol for everyone here keep it up u r one of my fav waller

  17. Sandra Oct 18, 2005

    Are my eyes ill or i really see such a great work from my dear friend Chibi O___O
    My eyes are ok .
    AHhhhhhhhh !!
    awesome !
    Blood ! Me loves blood !
    And there is blood on the wall !
    It's so cruel
    So evil !
    She killed someone !
    She's a monster !
    And she's lookin through the window..........meaby because someone can saw what she did !
    And then... shwe will kill another person....
    It's so scarry !

    It's my story of this wall :P
    Meaby you like it Chibi ^_^

    Well nevermind

    About wall : It's awesome, perfect ! The textures , idea, brushes...
    everything so clear....(i mean the chara is well cuted)
    Absolutly amazing Chibi !

    Me loves it !

    Blood !
    Blooooooooooood !

    As i said i like bloody walls !
    And this is my private fav :D

    Sehr Gut !


    Keep it up !

    Want more blood ! More blood !!! :D
    Thansk 4 this one Chiiibiii :D

    Ok bye :P

  18. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Oct 18, 2005


    I saw this wall and I just had to fave this immediately. Though, due to a somewhat busy schedule, I haven't been able to comment on it until now. After seeing the first episode of Blood+, I'm looking very foward to this new series and I was very happy to see that you made a wall of it =3.

    First off, the scan. Well I do have to say that they did change Saya just a bit, but it's not like it's a bad change. First off, you chose a great scan of Saya and her pose is just *_*. I do also have to say that the addition of blood on her sword was just a wonderful idea. Though, I'm not too sure if blood would flow down the sword like that, while the rest of the sword is clean, but psssssh, I have to say that I prefer it the way you did it. It really does look very nice and the dripping off of the tip of the blade just topped it all off. A simply gorgeous vectory, Chibikko. You honestly never cease to amaze me with your talent.

    Second, the background. I won't lie, I was somewhat surprized when you first started making bg's from scratch, but you have greatly improved with each and every wall you made. This is just simply amazing. The whole classroom has been done just beautifully and really does show the after-effects of a battle that took place (since I've only seen the first episode, looking very foward to the second one) and just how you showed the effects in the scenery; the broken glass, the destroyed wall in the classroom, the blood on the wall. I honestly have to say that this scenery is just lushious. The only thing I would possibly say is the door to the classroom, well..not really existing. Of course, since a battle took place, rather obvious it got destroyed, but more of doesn't show any signs of being removed. Though~ I won't lie, I prefer it as is. (My apologies if a door is there, it more of looks like it's just showing a view out to the school hallway) I have to say that everything has been just done beautifully and the destroyed wall was just a wonderful idea. I really have to say I love how dark the wall is, yet not too dark, but yet just enough to be a truly perfect fitting scenery for the scan. Overall just coming together so very nicely for a top knotch wall, even with the shadowing you did an amazing job. Oh yes, I also have to say I love how you blended the text into the background and put it above the door frame, excellant placement and it's very fitting with the scenery :).

    What can I say? I'm inlove with this background. What really won me over was how you made the classroom look as if it had been in a battle and then showing the after effects, even with the blood on the wall and her sword. You have become an outstanding waller, Chibikko, and I do look very foward to seeing more of your work in the future. This is my fave of the month, no doubt about it. Simply a breath-taking piece of work.

  19. elomar Oct 18, 2005

    this series looks like it'll be so good i'm so happy to have found a wallpaper of it thank you so much great work!

  20. ebichuhamster Oct 19, 2005

    love the girl's shadow on the background,,
    also love the blood effects just as everyone here has said

    nice job

    (i dont know anything about vectors or vectoring nor anything closely related so if anyone knows a good link or tutorial on the subject or something pleas send me notice or something)

  21. zaira Oct 19, 2005

    woot!! nice scan!! i love the blood all over the wall behind!! hehe
    for the vector totally awesome! great work! XD

  22. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Oct 20, 2005

    Wow this is some cool movement and the broken glass and dry wall is pretty made easily. Nice use of blood splatter and the eyes are hellish cool! Great work Chibi! :P

  23. tian82 Oct 20, 2005

    This wallpaper look so awesome !! Like a real scene from the anime. Great work !! Like the blodd stain at the behind and broken glass and wall.. Really look so cool plus with the girl look more 'killing' !! I love it !!

  24. lthnadml Oct 22, 2005

    Cool ! ! ! Very nice bg, very good effects . . . I like the blood. :D
    Thanks a lot for sharing it. XD XD XD

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