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^^ So here I am with another drawing of mine.

medium: The original drawing was in pencil, which I then scanned and imposed the gradients on the lines in Photoshop.
time: I'm not sure how long it took - I don't sit down and work on my drawings, but pull out my papers randomly whenever I feel like it. So don't ask >_<

I'm pretty sure it's obvious what I was going for, and where the drawing's strengths and weaknesses are. Basically I was imagining a fairy-like figure sort of lifting off from whatever imaginary surface below her (which I sort of drew in my original but decided to take out). As for her being cut off on the left, it ended up that way because I ran out of room in my spiral notebook. ^^ I have class in a few hours and need to get in a couple hours of sleep, so I think I'll leave it at that.

Please, comments/suggestions greatly appreciated. :)

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  1. squid Oct 17, 2005

    ahhh!! O__O I am speechless!! You draw so well!!!! I love her hair!!!

  2. RainOfStars Oct 17, 2005

    Simply beautiful. Too bad that you ran out of room on the page.
    Great job^^

  3. metuyet Oct 17, 2005

    wow!!! what a cool drawing!! OMG! ur so talented!!! and i like how you added the reddy-purple colour to the outline!!!
    really cool!!!

  4. jasmine Retired Moderator Oct 17, 2005

    Hi Unicorn ^^ This drawing is simply beautiful. I like your style. You are very good at drawing sketch type of doujinsh, cause you really have a great command of pencil and your lines are drawn very professionally. They are not scattered (a whole, flowing lines) and you also apply to them "the strength"... if you know what I mean. Anyway your technique is amazing and the idea to retouch the drawing in photoshop certainly paid off ^^

    That's about the technique, but the drawing is not amazing just because your faultless technique. The proportions are good. You draw clothes perfectly (smth I always have trouble with cause mine look too flat and one dimensional) and I love the hair (how it is scattered through the wind XD) Good work :]

  5. Rikimaru-jp Oct 17, 2005

    Oh my first comment on your doujins Unicorn-Chan ^ ^!
    This fairy is fantastic :) I really like the way she looks!!! you really have an outstanding imagination to be able to draw this out of the blue!!!
    the drawing is really excellent, and the lines are perfectly done you're shades are made professionally and well displayed!!! you drew very small details such as the hair/ear/necklace/ etc... the expression on her face and even her body expression are alive!!
    the color you used to line the doujin is cool ;) nice choice !!!
    Unicorn you are indeed a talented artist ;)
    this masterpiece deserves a favorite ;) "I owe you one"

  6. Dufoe88 Oct 17, 2005

    not baddd !!!! :o this is really awsome i love it!!
    1st time i guess to see a doujin from you.. and its really great i'm ganna fav it now if i can >.< wish i can

  7. eden13600 Oct 17, 2005

    hey unicorn, it's been a while and here's another great doujinshi done by you.... well, i like it much, like i say, you're a talent artist.... nothing to say about it.... nice job for using the photoshop to imposed the gradients.... everything is going to be great.... most importantly, the lines are not messy.... and the work on the flowing of the hair are a great job for it.... anyway, nice work, waiting for your next doujin! :)

  8. SilentNymph Oct 17, 2005

    She is so delicate and beautiful. Congrats! This is a wonderful doujinshi.

  9. Kiako Oct 17, 2005

    great drawing, the charas pose is very good and the colors you have used make it look even better. but her hand is too long.

  10. Keltosh Retired Moderator Oct 17, 2005

    NOt much to suggest here. Great drawing by you. I love everything of it, from the outlines to the colors. JUst.. well.. keep going :D

    ANd if you by chance were to learn how to color in the future... come back and color this :D

  11. Kitaan Retired Moderator Oct 17, 2005

    I love how you drew her face ^_^
    looks very angelic and pretty <3
    i love the dress too, and its detail with the creases
    so that was also a good job :)
    her hair looks very beautiful as well,
    I have no suggestion or problems you did a great job <3 <3

  12. nitetrain Oct 17, 2005

    OOOO myyyy GODDDDDD.....

    ummmmmm its sooo good ya got talent i can tell ya that much

    ya rendered me speechless O_O

  13. 1darkangel Oct 18, 2005

    That is a really great drawing! I love it. The coloured outline is a really nice touch that suits it well. Good job!

  14. vampyre Oct 18, 2005

    wowwww o_0 love her hair a lot! XD really great done but...umm..... thought her arm a bit too long for me...or legs too short...??? confuse.. ^_^' just feels a bit strange..... or maybe this day i'm too tired from my work ^^" if nothing wrong, so sorry for this ^_^'

  15. evasion Oct 19, 2005

    Wow! Beautiful pic! I love how you did the folds in the clothing (I suck at drawing folds, XD) and you did a fantastic job with creating a sense of motion. Incredible well done! She's a tad thin - but that's alright :) Definitely worth a fav ^_^

  16. walkure245 Oct 21, 2005

    I really love the coloring in your lines. It's really pretty and add to the magical feel. The drawing is really clean and the curves are really nice and flowy. I love the flow of her hair. The only small thing is her left shoulder. It feels a lil huge in comparison to her slender form. Other than that, amazing detail was really quite beautiful. Her fingers are really drawn well. I wish I could draw them as well. Really pretty work~

  17. Midori-chan Oct 21, 2005

    wow!! the way you drew the hair is really nice!!
    and i like her outfit too^^
    the line colors are very sweet^^
    great job!! ;)

  18. moonelf313 Oct 21, 2005

    WOW! Your art is spectacular...I really love this one...she is so pretty! Keep up the good work! Its great seeing more drawings from you! I love the coloring!

  19. AnimeAlchemist Oct 21, 2005

    Really amazing.. but i think the wings a bit too high..maybe it's it just me. everything else looks great XD. can't wait to see more from you ^_^

  20. vanilla-n-ice Oct 23, 2005

    gosh!! this is so fu*kin amazing
    there's no flaws on this man believe me
    i only wish i could draw original works like you
    jealous o_O
    but saves*
    keep the excellent work XD

  21. tareren Oct 30, 2005

    This is beautiful, I think you could do pencil sketch very well... hmmm, I cannot critisize you cos I think proportion wise everything seems fine, and that I myself cannot draw so I cannot really give ya pointers or something like that hehehe :D
    Nice work in this one :)

  22. pegassuss Nov 06, 2005

    Lovely drawing! You have a very clean and neat style. I like how clear the lines are and how you put them color. It's a very nice touch and it gives a very calm and magical feeling to the drawing, which I think it suits the doujin very well, since she is a fairy and all ^^ I just love her expression O.O so peaceful and beautiful, she really looks like a fairy ^^ Wings look simple but elegant. Beautiful work on her hair, it look gorgeus. Also really good work on the clothes, I love how you created texture on the piece of cloth hanging on her waist by adding shades, really nice. Also the dress and foldings are nicely done ^^. I think some more shadings would make it look even better and I think her back is a little too tiny, maybe the line should start a bit behind. Apart from that I think this is a lovely drawing and I really like your elegant style ^^ Keep it up!

  23. flyindreams Nov 07, 2005

    Pretty :3 Kudos for great job with the lines... and her hand XD Lovely colors for the outlines, and it WOULD be nice to see this one completely colored :3

  24. mukAi- Nov 08, 2005

    Awesome. I just love the different colors, and the drawing looks sick! Nice work
    *adds to favs*

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