Yoshitaka Amano Wallpaper: The Abyss

Yoshitaka Amano Wallpaper
Yoshitaka Amano Mangaka

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

how vast a connection with other human being can be...
how deep is the abyss of our feelings...
where is the point where I end and you begin...

*listening to Pyramid Song by radiohead*

scan by DREAM: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/185888/

enjoy, reflect and visit www.NuclearSeasons.com

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  1. DREAM Oct 16, 2005

    i believe this is the first wallpaper from "Le Roi De La Lune".

    your interpretation is interesting in that you sort of changed the original vibe of Amano's work, which gave off by a sense of convergence; in yours i feel a sense of progression. The artwork emits a kind of neutral feeling which is neither negative or postive but just "is". like the flow of life and death or the cycle of life/nature.

    beside the excellent composition; i feel your use of blue was an excellent addition as it truly complements the green and set the tone.
    of special note: is the blue in her hair.. i love it...

    once again my friend - great work.
    absolute defintive favourite.

  2. ayaki Oct 16, 2005

    wow i really like the mixing of the colors here.
    it kinda looks like they are under-water
    great job @ rendering with the scan to make it into a wallpaper....
    and damn...the title fits perfectly well. i suck @ making up titles.... =_=
    one little complain is the resolution, it's a bit small >_< haha

  3. omni Oct 17, 2005

    The concept is interesting. There are two major, extremely conflicting ideas that hit the viewer upon first seeing it, centering around the concept of human relationships. A worthy subject, and true.

    The first of the two ideas is the obvious one, the idea that there's a huge gulf between two people, suggested doubly by the title. The other is subtler, introduced first in the unity of the color scheme, and the rendition of light passing through water that covers the design.

    There is significant space between the participants of the design, but they're still connected by this uniform sea of water--which is something that is quite literally in our veins.

    Thus, the primary concept that I'm getting out of this is the contradiction of the gulf that separates people, and the connectivity of them all. I really have no idea if that's what you were aiming for, but it's what's hitting me. When I first looked at your design, I thought to myself that you have a very different philosophy than I do, but now I'm not so sure...

    Artistically well executed, it leaves me wishing for a tad more aesthetic coordination, though it's still excellently done. The complaint: the shapes of the two characters are made stranger than the original scan's version, either by the angle of the piece in one case, or, in the other, the obscurity of some lines through the editing.

    Don't get me wrong, the aesthetics are excellent, they just don't quite reach the same levels as the artistic endeavor does.

    As much more time as I could spend commenting on how nicely everything does fit together, I'm sure my sentiments in those areas will be covered by others, and there's no point in reading the same things over and over again. I'll agree with DREAM's comment conditionally: This is no progression. The core concept corresponds to the model of yin and yang perfectly, with people drifting closer and further--much in the same way that the ocean sweeps things along. In the end, no progress can ever truly be made, which is, perhaps, saddening; but many of the important things in life are thus, and we can only fight vainly against destiny to make our way in a universe that cannot change in the ways we expect it to.

  4. tecnophreak Oct 17, 2005

    i love the colors and textures, lol. wish i had as much inspiration as you do dern, i think ive lost my touch

  5. drell Oct 17, 2005

    Like everyone else I like am addicted to the colors as they mix together perfectly. +Fav

  6. candy-chan Retired Moderator Oct 17, 2005

    colors! lol
    Yeah as everyone said, you did a great job. I was sure I was gonna hate the font by looking at the thumb but in the end, it matches quite well. I like the oldschool style~
    and Amano pwns all, so this cannot not be good :D

  7. omni Oct 17, 2005

    Who said anything about addiction? They work well with the concept, you damned druggie.

    I'm, uh... I'm just joking here. C'mon, people, I can be funny. See?


    [does the funny dance]

    Note: It's one of the clock at this particular moment in time. In the morning. I am no longer required to make any sense whatever, thank you.

  8. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Oct 17, 2005

    Wow this is really something, almost synthetic and wymsical in design since it looks like a fairytale sensation in to this wall and all together it is beautiful. Great job as always! :P

  9. DarkEVO Oct 17, 2005

    Looks like a painting type wall. Good and decent. Great job on it.

  10. rocketapolo Oct 17, 2005

    it enchants your work to me, this is one of the best ones than I saw... I congratulate to you... XD

  11. bluSake Retired Moderator Oct 17, 2005

    Love the coloring/texturing: really gives it a whistful, floating feeling. Very atmospheric. & the title is perfect. XP

  12. polar Oct 20, 2005

    it's very pretty~the bright colors work really well. very lively picture~~i like it~

  13. anji Oct 22, 2005

    This is a really nice scan to start with. But you greatly emphasize the beauty of it.
    I like work that make me think of watercolour, one of my favorite technique in art.
    In this wall, colors manage to mix themself together in a very nice way.
    I would maybe see the text a little bigger but Font fit well in this.
    Thanks for sharing!

  14. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Oct 22, 2005

    One thing I really love about this is how you managed to keep the style of Amano like this was something he drew... I mean the texture... it looks like that raw, watery texture you find in Amano's works... wow :)

  15. kakitsubata Oct 22, 2005

    oh man. the colours are just absolutely wonderful! and i love the text: "where i end and you begin". it reminds me of something i can't remember, but it makes me smile from the bottom of my heart. thank you so much for sharing! ^_____________^

  16. markjo Oct 23, 2005

    I couldn't miss faving this one, could I? Actually what I like best about this wallpaper is not the fact that it uses Yoshitaka Amano's art as base (though it definitely didn't hurt ;) ), but the watercolour-like quality of the wallpaper. And the colours are great!

  17. strawberryghost Sep 22, 2007

    very very nice. the shading and watercolor like quality give this wall a beautiful overall look.
    thakyou for posting!

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