Sakaki Maki Wallpaper: ~ Moonchild ~

Sakaki Maki Wallpaper
Sakaki Maki Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

today is the end of my school holidays,
so...this is my last wallie during my holiday....hope you all will like it...^-^**
same as usual, please leave some comment....no matter it's good or bad...
^-^ thanks....

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  1. teepoo Oct 16, 2005

    aww ur last wallie >___<" the scan is really nice and i love what you did with the background =3 Although the extraction is pretty much fine i find part of the outlines are darker then other parts when i enlarge it =3 i think the moon would look way better without the blur ^^

  2. ladyvampire Oct 16, 2005

    Its cute! :D I really like your gallery items to....very cool! :)

  3. Rhonda21 Oct 16, 2005

    This is very pretty. I really like the background. Its lovely. really nice job!

  4. Eimin Oct 16, 2005

    It's lovely^^ It looks a liitle weird when one of the ladies is huge and the other is smaller unless that's the way you want ot to look^^ It's an awesome bg :)

  5. Airiessa Oct 16, 2005

    It is so beatiful wallie! Well done! I really like it. And girls are so cute ^^.
    add to fav ^^

  6. royaldarkness Oct 16, 2005

    i really like the scans :) they are so cute! and the background is also very nice :) the small little rock is a little too sharp at the edges though, but overall very nice!

  7. Idril Oct 16, 2005

    woow this wallie is soo lovely , sweetie!! me likes your background and the river looks soo reall and weldone! congrats you for this great wallie!!

  8. Dufoe88 Oct 16, 2005

    so cute ^^
    i really like this one
    thanks for sharing..
    cyaa around

  9. bombaday Oct 16, 2005

    this is real nice...i really like it...too bad this is ur last wallpaper for the moment

  10. xXNarutoXx Oct 16, 2005

    this is a really good wall, i love it.
    the 2 girls are so cute, i really love the night sky background.
    too bad we wont be seeing you around until school's over :( we'll miss your walls

  11. tian82 Oct 16, 2005

    I love this wallpaper !! Look like you put a lots effort on it since is last day of school holiday. Really a good work and I love it !! Like the background and the girl look so cute !! Nice work !! Thank for sharing !!

  12. xerojby Oct 16, 2005

    great characters and i like your concept also the angle of the wallpaper.

    my only complaint is the moon, it can be more better but other than that its a great wallpaper.

    i am giving away my favs for your wallpaper.

  13. mirlune Oct 16, 2005

    the girls are so cute!
    the bg is also great, really like the piece of heaven ^^
    well done !

  14. SilentMasamune Oct 16, 2005

    Your extraction is good, but there are places in the hair that are rather jagged, and some of the hair could've used a color adjustment so that it blends in with the rest of the hair. Most of those problems are associated with the scan on the right. The moon is very blurry and it really should not be that way; perhaps you should use a different moon, a moon that you could find larger to begin with. The biggest problem between the starfield and the water is the spatial dimensions. While the star field looks very nice, the water field looks a little simplistic and it doesn't even conform with the scans either. Matching all the parts of the background to fit the overall spatial dimensions is key in making a great wallpaper, and hopefully, you'll know this for next time. The colors match very well.

  15. Kenichi Oct 16, 2005

    wow what a nice wally. i like the bg and the scan u use, its pretty~ :)

  16. Shinobu13 Banned Member Oct 16, 2005

    well well, it looks really awesome, the scan is really cute, the scenery quite nice
    just really, can't say nothing more ;)
    add to my fav

  17. phamthuha Oct 16, 2005

    WOW! Aweasome work >_< Can't say anything for this great wall >_< Thanx so much for sharing it !

  18. chau-chan Oct 16, 2005

    It's a really cute wallpaper.
    The starfrield is fabulous and beautiful, but the moon is fairly blurry..
    Other then that, it's a really cute wallpaper! XD

  19. SealedSword Oct 16, 2005

    This wallpaper is brilliant xd
    i love the background sky and moon, gotta love the sparkly effects =P
    And the water looks great, and the girls fit in really well, they look so cute too ^__^
    Awesome work, welldone = )

  20. mughi Oct 17, 2005

    Overall, I like this wallpaper but subjectively there are some areas that bothers me. The moon is very blurry. Was that the way you wanted it? To my eyes the rocks in the background seem to be not blended in well. These are only my visual impression so I cannot say it has merit. ^_^'

    But, I really do like your wallpaper. Your wall is always a pleasure to view. Thanks much.

  21. Emma Oct 17, 2005

    This is gorgeous! I love the stars and little swirlies you got going on in the backdrop. Very nice. I like how you have the bottom concaving like that. It is different! The scans are cute and vivid. I really feel like I am in outer space with these two and gazing upon the moon. Nice perspective!!! My only suggestion is to watch out with blurriness if you can. For example, when your eyes focus on something close, objects in distance blur. The moon is blurry and your girls are sharp. However, your water and rocks which is also in the foreground with the girls meaning at the same distance are blurry. I don't know if this would mean much to your wall, but I just wanted to give the tip ^_^
    Overall--Wonderful wall!

  22. marcoskatsuragi Oct 17, 2005

    Really cool! I like this beatiful background! And this too girls are really cute ^______^

  23. bbls Oct 17, 2005

    your spacescape is so beautiful, but i wish the moon wasn't so blurry.
    the concept is very nice with these girls relaxing in the water, and i like how the water has a dip in the middle that way. but it does look a bit too blurry, as well. and the rock in the far back looks too sharp compared to the other two. overall, this is such a gorgeous wallie! :D

  24. zaira Oct 17, 2005

    wow!! i love the bg!!! the scan is lovely too!!! i love the moon and other effx!! nice soft colors as well!! XD +fav!

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