Erementar Gerad Wallpaper: Meet Me In Heaven (my 2nd wall)

Mayumi Azuma, Xebec, Erementar Gerad, Reverie Metherlence Wallpaper
Mayumi Azuma Mangaka Xebec Studio Erementar Gerad Series Reverie Metherlence Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yes, you are looking at my newest wall, that is at the same time my 2nd wallpaper in life :]


Details about the wall:
Title: Meet Me In Heaven
Time to complete: 9 days (do not make me count hours >.< definitely too much)
Number of layers: 53
Original psd file: over 38mb
Tutorials read to complete it: dozens about each: water, planet, clouds


Before I move on to the description of the walling process let me thank few members :D
First of all, I want to thank my great friend and great mod Keltosh for his support and objective criticism that allowed me and my skills to evolve and who pushed me to correct every mistake (even when I have been quite happy with the result ^^). It is thanks to him that I have learned not to push some things too much and value time, effort and patience :]

Next, I would like to thank two of my great friends here, whose continuous support, encouragement and help allowed me to finish this wall and not to leave it half-unfinished. They were with me through many times of my frustration and sadness. So basically without them this wall would not have come into being in this form (yes you know who is to blame:P). Anyway, thanks to Dufoe88 and Rikimaru-jp. They offered not only they words of encouragement but also took time to send me some useful brushes and so on :] So thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Ok, now back to the wall.

First my intention: I wanted to make a background with a dancing girl in the heaven. I got a clear picture of what it should look like, but finding the proper scan that would fit my idea was not that easy. I have spent over 2 whole days digging through galleries at MiniTokyo, AnimePaper and some others. Searching. At the time, also Rikimaru-jp and Dufoe88 engaged in the search process and were sending scans they thought might suit my concept for the wall. None of the scans did. Until, I found (of course as a last one) this beautiful scan from Erementar Gerad at AnimePaper.

So, I had my scan. I extracted it. Now will be the laughing part :P Since I am a C-o-M-p-L-e-T-e n00b at walling, I did the extraction the longest possible way. I used the pen tool. Devoted over 2hrs to the sole extraction, and then Riki told me I could have used magic pen to extract it since that bg at the original scan was all white >.< He killed me there. Then I cleaned the extracted scan to improve its quality. And then I had to extract it 2 more times, because at one time my computer crashes (and I did not manage to save the file) and again cause there was a glitch in the extraction.

Ok. I had an extracted scan and my concept. I had to learn how to create water in photoshop (since I never did it before, quite understandable since it is only my 2nd attempt at walling). I have read every tutorial there is about creating water. Tried them all� but the effect was not satisfactory. So I combined few tutorials to create it, among them: Shinta's water tutorial and Rippled Water Walkthrough tutorial that I have found at DeviantArt. The others I can't remember.
But I am really proud of this water (actually I am the proudest of water in this wallpaper)

Then I moved on to create clouds. I made like 10 versions in over all of them until I became satisfied with them. For the clouds I used various brushes downloaded from DevianArt and send to me by Dufoe88. I have also drawn from a scratch the cloud at the very front ^^

Then I moved on to create planet. I did it according to Greg Martin's famous tutorial. The result you can see :]

Ok then I added wings, stars, birds, magic, mist and finally all the reflections in the water (not necessarily in this order). It might sound easy for you but it was a hell and real torment for me. Now I present you with the final effect.

Please comment, fav if you like it. I will gladly hear words of constructive criticism as well :] Since I do not know what to write I will just end it like that ^^

Oh, if you want to see some steps in this wall making process, see this: Steps walkthrough

Oh, and please full-view to see all the details (esp. water)

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  1. Rikimaru-jp Oct 16, 2005

    I saw this wallie from the very beginning, we both searched for the right scan XP yeah we sure had lots of fun searching for the right scan and you were always unsatisfied XP you almost checked every single female scan on MT, and we searched through other websites until you have found you're "chosen" scan lol well I must say that it was worthy all that search because you really picked the best scan can ever be used for this background! It's meant for this background ;)
    It's you're second wallie and yet you managed to improve so much that you even surpassed you own teachers lol XP honestly I never saw anyone before that managed to improve that much only by making two wallies :) and I mean it!!!
    I watched you while you were making this wallpaper and you were always updating me with everything you did, you really worked so hard on it from all you're heart and made everything manually and you didn't use any stock images not even a mere stock image XP and that requires lots of work, lots of abilities and lots of talents and you got those ingredients ;) so people will ask what's so special about this wallpaper?... well I will tell you what's so special about it :)

    I will start as always with the background; well you planned to make this background from the beginning and you worked hours and hours on it and you really managed at the end to make a fascinating beautiful background that fits entirely with the scan!
    The planet is significantly gorgeous and it gives you this sensation of greatness and I must say that textures are done pretty good :)
    Clouds are really heavenly made, they look so fluffy and perfectly done and you chose the right colors for them and not to mention that you displayed them exactly on the right spots ;) and the front cloud is a brilliant idea because it adds to the wallie some variety and it breaks the boundaries of the wallpaper!
    The fog truly looks so charming and it makes the environment looks really peaceful!
    Oh and the birds are well scattered and make a great addition to the background :)
    Now to the best part of the wallie the water!!! When you first showed me the water I was really astonished and dazzled because you really surpassed the expectations, I really love the pond you made especially how it reflects the environment around it and the circled ripples look so real and so amazing!! I also wanna add that the color of the pond really gives me the chill brrrrrrr XP because it makes the pond looks so freezing!!!
    Now that I reached to the character part I want to congratulate you for the flawless extraction ;) you really extracted the character trice until you got this great result!
    And the butterfly wings you used fits properly with the girl! Not to mention that the magic effects that you've created suit the fairy a lot!
    What I like most about the fairy is her look… it has this tender look that makes her so innocent and cute :)
    Finally the text well you picked the right font and the right color for it and it looks so simple and matches with the atmosphere of the wallie so much!!!

    Jaz you have made a superb job and it's still you're second wallie I really can't wait till I see you're future works because I'm really sure that with this rate you're going to be one of the best wallers of MT :) and I fully support you because you really deserve it and that's because you're a hard worker ;) I wanna mention that what I've wrote here is what I really see and feel about this wallie and maybe because I was with you from the very first steps that you've taken to make this marvelous wallpaper :)
    Congratulations Jaz for improving a lot and I hope that you will keep it up!!!
    Well I guess I owe you a favorite XP

  2. Morphee Oct 16, 2005

    ^^ very nice! all the elements are well aranged and everything goes together perfectly! i'd say it's a very goes 2nd wall ^_^
    plus the character you chose is so pretty! ^^ it seems see is really waiting for someone! (love her hair :p)

  3. Sentinel85 Oct 16, 2005

    This looks like a nice wallpaper!
    The background and the moon is nice and the girl looks graceful on the ice, or water...
    Great wallpaper overall! :)

  4. Wslasher Oct 16, 2005

    beautiful scan miss!

  5. Emeralis Oct 16, 2005

    This is a fantastic wallpaper :d

    i like the purple sky, clouds surrounding the beautiful moon and the ripples in the water.

    Great wallpaper *thumbs up*

  6. MysteryAngel Oct 16, 2005

    Wow this is a beautiful wall. I love the colours you used. Great job!

  7. Dufoe88 Oct 16, 2005

    aaaa i was going to take the 1st comment!! XD
    damn riki made a huge comment lol!.. well to me.. i saw the wall step by step, so there is nuthin wrong in it the sea is great same goes to the sky and planet and the good thing is that the planet is made by jas XD not a stock one.. good work.. Aaa! you used a new brush for Birds!! where did you get if from XP :P
    ofcrouse your wall deserve a fav ^^ 2nd wall and its really really great! but the text down "done by jas bla bla" we cant see it well >.< you better make the color of it like sky or sumthin.. nevermind thats my opinion XD
    Good luck with your 3rd wall XD
    well not to me i wanna start my new wallie.. hehe
    cyaa around jazz ^^
    bye byee *hugz*

  8. bbls Oct 16, 2005

    oh, this is such a lovely concept...i luv how she looks like she's dancing in heaven on a lake in the sky. i think those clouds on the bottom left corner was essential to capture that look because without it, i think it would've just looked like a regular lake with low cloud cover. you did a superb job with the water because you can really see movement there, and the reflections of her shoes and moon were nice touches. and you really showed attention to detail by even including the ripple effects of the water on the reflections! there's a very soothing quality to your wall, and this is defintely visually appealing!

  9. Milkiyo Oct 16, 2005

    wah, too much description to read..*eyes gone blur*
    cool effects with the water, the girl looks like she's water walking :nya:

  10. Lilim Oct 16, 2005

    It's incredible Jasmine :nya:
    You've said that this wall will be better than the first and you were right. Every aspect of this wall, extraction, water, clouds, planet - they are all perfect. I see that you're learning how to use Photoshop very quickly ^^ Keep it up!

  11. Saikusa Retired Moderator Oct 16, 2005

    Jas, please don't hate me if I don't read *everything* you wrote ;)

    But wow! You've sure put a lot of hard work into this, and it's paid off. It's beautiful! Such a gentle and serene background. "Heaven" is the perfect way to describe it :) Perhaps the girl in the scan stands out so much because of her bold colouring, while the rest of the background is so pastel-soft? If anything... the background is more beautiful than the girl in the scan XD

  12. Akaiken Oct 16, 2005

    Ooooh... Madame Jas made a wall... ;)

    Oh well, the scenery's very light. Gentle one I must say ;). Btw, how does the girl float? Can you teach me how? XD

  13. Criox Oct 16, 2005

    Oh...Ren-chan! I wubbs the BG. It looks beautiful. Awsome job. The scan well extracted. n_n Well done. Keep it up.

    Ps: Sorry for the short comment cuz I am have an upcoming exam and I manage to get some time to come here here to clear my notification. All right cya around and take care.

  14. Silvandragon17 Oct 16, 2005

    *in awe* This truly is a heavenly wallie! :)
    I adore the overall effects and I especially love the water.
    It looks crystal clear and lovely! Awesome work with this and I simply cannot
    believe it's only your 2nd wall. I am very impressed! Keep up the excellent work! XD

  15. kyubinaruto Oct 16, 2005

    WOw! this is cool jasmine-buddy! You should start making more wallpapers, you've got the talent ^^
    i think you can improve on the text though. It's rather plain and not very noticeable

  16. Keltosh Retired Moderator Oct 16, 2005

    Well, you already know what I think about most things. A definite improvement compared to your first wallpaper. And about the last touch-ups, they are nice. It is not a perfect wall :P BUT! it's really an improvement :D

  17. Nane Oct 16, 2005

    That's one of the most beautiful wallpaper here. Congratulations

  18. tatsumaru-jp Oct 16, 2005

    i'll meet u in heaven jasmin.
    hey good work and very nice wall.
    have a nice day

  19. Emma Oct 16, 2005

    Very elegant and pretty work. Your clouds are very soft. And your water is serene. Perfect effect with the slight ripples--they match just right with the concept of just her one foot is hovering above. Your planet and sky bring out the colors of the scan! I love seeing how you chose that purplish color you emphasized in the planet that matches to the purple in her hair. And your scan is very vibrant in color, smooth on extraction and gorgoeous for the theme. The wings you put on her is so cute too ^_^ Wonderful done!! *claps*

  20. SilentMasamune Oct 16, 2005

    Hmm, maybe the scan is quite bold for the background, but it looks quite nice, really. Maybe the edge of the planet has a little bit of problem; I don't know if it was intentional, but there's a thin boundary line there. The colors match well, that's for sure. I hope to see more of your work soon because you are certainly getting better and better every time. :D

  21. Nona Oct 16, 2005

    I saw the making process, read your whole comment and I download the full-view image. I like the water really, it's very good. I'm working on make a water, and I get some ideas :)
    i like the clouds also, what brushes did you used? The wings are also good choose.
    Very nice for a second wall! Congrat! :)

  22. chibikko Oct 16, 2005

    I waited nearly an hour to load this page but now I finally can comment on this wallpaper. First, well it's not my taste, because it's so cliched xD BUT! I really need to compliment you. You're putting SO much effort in your wallpapers. You must see my second or first wall. It's just a bit messing around with Photoshop haha. You're looking for tutorials and doing your best to extract perfecty. Ah by the way, never extract with the magic pen. It doesn't matter whether the background is white or not. This way it'd be ugly and unclean. Only hardcore noobs use it. Anyway, the clouds are so fluffy and cute as well as the water. It's wonderfully done and the reflection is wrong but still looks good (because you should see the bottom of her shoe). But I won't complain any more, you're probably the best wallpaper beginner at Minitokyo and Animepaper together. And well, I can only offer one of my weekly favorites for you. Excellent job, jasmine!

  23. Willem Oct 16, 2005

    No more fav that I can make but I'll made one as soon as I can :) A really good job Jasmine, you can be proud of it :)

  24. flyindreams Oct 16, 2005

    Mmm, a definitely improvement over your last wallie. The background is really beautiful. Like other people have pointed out, the scan is rather sharp against that subtle background... I know the wings are supposed to be in motion, but they're a leetle too subtle. Same for the font... it's so bright that it's difficult to make out, which slightly defeats the purpose. The glow around the planet looks odd, and the reflections look kind of strange... I think they need to be distorted more. But otherwise, a very lovely second wall ^-^ The water looks really nice, and I can't say that about many walls I've seen u_u;; overall, lovely job jasmine!

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