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Carnelian Mangaka

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LOL, yes yes another from me. The Sakura wall I submitted earlier got deleted so I figured it wouldn't hurt to add another one.

This is my first time with a Carnelian scan. They're so pretty and I wanted to make something with one. I found this cute one here on MT and immediately thought of a school theme because of the book she's holding.
Here is the scan - Carnelian Scan

So I tried my best to make a chalkboard on a wall. ^_^ I know the metal outline doesn't look very good but I did my best with that. I wanted to make a little tray at the bottom but I couldn't figure out how. :( The white on the chalkboard is supposed to make it look like it's been erased on once. :)

I made the poster on the bottom to fill in that part since it looked plain. The little book on the poster is the only stock image. I googled for a book pic! :D I thought it looked cute there. :) Here's the little book pic for credit purposes - Little book XD

I made everything else. The lines on the wall are supposed to make it look like it panelling, I hope it looks okay. ^_^

I know the lighting looks kinda funny but if I didn't do anything with it it looked really flat and I thought the lighting helped with the perspective a bit. I hope that looks okay too.

Well, this has about 15 layers O_O, that's a lot for me XD and I hope you all like it and that it doesn't get deleted. T_T

Sankyu for looking!

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  1. miraku-spike Oct 16, 2005

    OMG! This is a great wallpaper you got there!! I love this one. You did such a great job on this one! But I dont like school very much. XD

  2. ryohekigi Oct 16, 2005

    it certainly won't get deleted, angelkate, coz it's so nice!!! XP XD
    u've done a great job here!n the blackboard is fine. :)
    keep up ur good work! XP ;)

  3. Rikimaru-jp Oct 16, 2005

    Well so long school for me XP lol even though I really miss school times I really had lots of fun there with my classmates :) so I hope school is going well for all of you ;)
    anyway KAyour wallie really looks good and well done as usual :)
    the board you made looks awesome and I like how you added the white dust on the board really great idea ;) the teacher is really cute wish we had one like her XP
    you did a wonderful work KA ;) so keep it up!!!

  4. acid-awakening Oct 16, 2005

    Great work
    cat, dog Lolz
    This looks really awesome :D ;) XD
    The lighter green colour on the chalkboard looks like it's been used b4.... makes it look really good.... nice work
    Thanx for sharing

  5. phamthuha Oct 16, 2005

    Oh god! This is such a simple, clear and pretty wall OX i love it so much to say anything, keep up your great work, AngelKate-chan !

  6. animanga Oct 16, 2005

    LOL really cool!
    It got deleted?!! ...nothing good ever lasts...
    Good job, reall kawaii!!

  7. Devastation Oct 16, 2005

    OMG hun, this is great. It all blends in great. The reading poster does draw your eyes away from the picture, but other the that great JOB.

  8. Nayako Oct 16, 2005

    Back to school?!!! I don't want to!! hhhheeee!!! XD
    btw...Cool wallie!! I know this scan and you have created great wall with it!! ;)
    Great job + great concept= great wallpaper!! :D

  9. Bla-demer Oct 16, 2005

    Really nice wall.
    Even though I don't really like school But it doesn't spoil the
    picture. Becouse it really is great looking. The light gomming from up really looks nice
    and remind me about summer. In the middle of finish dark, wet and cold autumn.
    So it really is great piece of work. So keep up the good work. :)

  10. royaldarkness Oct 16, 2005

    this is cool, but it reminds me too much of school, lol >< but very nice wall!

  11. bbls Oct 16, 2005

    omigosh angelkate...this is such a different kind of wallie from you and i absolutely luv it!!
    this is such a wonderful concept to create a school theme!
    i luv your chalkboard...oh man, i wish i had nice handwriting like her... XD
    and i think you did a superb job with the wood paneling and textures.
    but the panels aren't the same size...not sure if that was intentional.
    and one of the brown lines of the panels on the top of the letter "t" is a tiny bit off.
    i like your light source because i can imagine it coming from one of the open windows on the side of the classroom, so it was a very nice touch!
    you did a fantastic job on this wallie, angelkate!!
    will come back to fave later... :D

  12. Sumomo- Oct 16, 2005

    That wallpaper is just wicked AngelKate! I love how you did the chalkboard, especially when you made it look like its been erased on before - such a cute detail :D
    And even more, that poster being posted up with little tapes!!!! That detail is awesome XD

    Definitely one of the best walls I've seen from you!!! :)

    Have to fav this one!

  13. Silvandragon17 Oct 16, 2005

    Absoultey love it! :) The theme is great, you don't often see a school theme, which is nice and refreshing! I think the scan is incredibly cute! Glad you decided to wall it! I looooove this wallie! I like everything about it: the chalkboard, the erasing effects, the panelling, the cute little poster, and the lighting effects! You've done an awesome job! I loooooooove it! *must add to faves!* Keep up the excellent work Kate-chan! You rock!

  14. DarkIngram Oct 16, 2005

    The blackboard is awesome :D Nice concept.... the backgroung really fits to her..... she's so cute :)

  15. Kitaan Retired Moderator Oct 16, 2005

    Ahh I hate school >_<
    Kate-chan seems to like it >_> <_<
    lol it's very nice, I would say it's a good improvment ^_^
    i love the texture you made on the wall, it's very fitting ^.^
    You're extraction is getting better too, but yes still needs work.
    and well the concept and idea is very good as always <3
    great job kate-chan <3 <3

  16. Nona Oct 16, 2005

    hehehehe...beck to school???? lol, what a wallpaper! Teachers would be use it :D :D (and others of course also!) Nice idea! :)

  17. akazookin Oct 16, 2005

    wow!!! pretty pretty wallie!!! XD XD
    school theme!! woot!! it's veri unique angelkate!! XD
    lol wish i have suck a lovely teacher teaching lol XD XD
    great job!! :)

  18. GearStalker05 Oct 16, 2005

    Awww....that is pretty. Once again you've proven to be a brilliant artist, AngelKate.
    Keep at it, and never lose your cool.

  19. tian82 Oct 16, 2005

    This wallpaper look so cute especially the black board with the chalk writting and the background. Look so lovely and cute !! The girl look cute too !! Nice work and thank for sharing !!

  20. skysong Oct 16, 2005

    aww pretty wall Kate ^^
    the girl is so cute, and i like the Reading is FUNdamental XD
    great job, i'll add it to faves!

  21. THE-DARK-PRINCE Oct 16, 2005

    Very Very nice idea....
    Tha scan is absolutely suits the background...
    Nice work on this...
    But i really hate the title >=( for some reasons and i think u know ;)
    Keep it up...

    :) :D :) :D

  22. Akira-san Oct 16, 2005

    Wow, what a nice wallie xD
    It's very different as usual, nicely done too. I liked so much this wallie... the scan, the blackboard and the "thing" (damn bad english >_<) saying "reading is FUNdamental". Awesome work kate-chan ^^

  23. lunacrystal Oct 16, 2005

    omg this is a great wallie that everyone could relate to! fav!

  24. ZeroNightShade Oct 16, 2005

    This wall is good but i cant say i like the theme (lol school......j/k) but overall its a very nice wall hope to see more. later ;)

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