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Mmm, how I love this novel. If you have yet to read it, shame on you.

I knew from the moment I saw the poster for the upcoming movie, I wanted to vector it. And considering it's my first attempt at vectoring a real person and not an anime scan, I'm not exactly satisfied with it.

One a side note, I feel like I'm supporting the movie, which I'm rather reluctant to do as after I saw the trailer I had the feeling the film is going to stray from the book. (Damn you Hollywoooooood) Moving along, after vectoring, I picked out some patterns from Tama-Neko's pattern site and blended them into the mush you see now just as a filler. I also chose a memorable line from the novel itself to add some detail. Blue was the color I chose for the primary colors, because of the focus on Sayuri's "water personality" in the book.

More resolutions soon at Antique Fairy Tales.

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  1. teepoo Oct 15, 2005

    oo i love the vector and the backgroudn to go with it ^^ i quote its very meaningful i cant vector for beans xD

  2. SakuraCorazonn Banned Member Oct 15, 2005

    Waaoooo :) :) :D :D :D :D

    impressive work this that shows. I feel as a baby to your side... the truth is that I like much... ^^
    i love how you mix color and forms.


  3. candy-chan Retired Moderator Oct 15, 2005

    looks nice.
    about that vector, it does look clean but I would have added a painting layer to soften the sharp-ness of the lines. Like the mouth and eyebrows are definitely too clean and sharp to look good.
    Allthough ÀI like the pattern work you did n_n

  4. Sunira Oct 16, 2005

    aH, I can safely expect beauty and originality from all your works. :) This one is certainly no exception. Good work.

  5. ayaki Oct 16, 2005

    i've read this book when i was in gr 12 >_< and yes it was a really good book!~ i finished it in a few days....which was pretty amazing cuz i seldom read...LoL =_=a

    I really like the effect u've added to her hair, really interesting, it would be kinda plain if u left it all black...so this is a nice touch!~
    the vector looks a bit too sharp....which kinda makes the hair losing its flowiness.

    but still....impressive work u hv here @_@ great job ne!~

  6. Chopstickz Oct 16, 2005

    the vector didn't come out half bad
    and i like the pattern you used
    its a really unique wall and the red font looks great

  7. DREAM Oct 16, 2005

    i have nothing to say but she is simply ............ beautiful

    + favs

    i would love to wall her if only i could...

  8. DernierCri Oct 16, 2005

    mad props from me for the great wall...
    the vector looks awesome...
    and i can't wait to see the movie....
    damn i am out of faves...

  9. Milkiyo Oct 16, 2005

    even though i don't fancy white faces (they looked like ghosts) but the wall actually looks good here. good work!

  10. flyindreams Oct 16, 2005

    rockiee I think I liked it better when it was all black T__T I like the lines of text though, especially the last line of the book <33 Really great job with the photo vector of Zhang Zi Yi. I think you made her look a lot prettier and more "acceptable"... *cough cough* Not going to start ranting again. I just love the starkness of this vector XD really nice job rockiee! <333

  11. Yumi-Chan Oct 16, 2005

    wow rockie, this is nice. that vector is awesome >.< and the background, filled with fonts, its a good idea ;D nice colours too, actually there's nothing much i could say coz it's nice >.<... *faints*

  12. highknees Oct 16, 2005

    awesome. The text just work perfectly with the vector; somehow, I find this leaning to a grungy kind of wall x_x Maybe it's just me XD Anyway, +fav (you make great walls ^^)

  13. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Oct 16, 2005

    Wow this is somethign girl.... should read that book someday but the effects of the text reallly speak out really well. Especially love the eyes because you almost see the universe in it. But beautiful job as always! :P

  14. Yina Oct 16, 2005

    *__* may i call you master of the originality.. .__. wahh.. great work on the vector and composition.. >__< i love the way how you blended the text into the bg.. +fav (later >>)

  15. nhocxu Oct 17, 2005

    wo hoo she's so kool, cold ad ice, really love it, thx for sharing :)

  16. StoicDan Oct 17, 2005

    I haven't been on Minitokyo for awhile and then bam, I see that Rocki has made another awesome wall. I love this wall, like always your style is unique and amazing. Good job, adds to favorites.

  17. DeathAwaits Oct 17, 2005

    kick ass kick ass kick ass kick ass kick ass kick ass kick ass kickass

  18. fuyuu Oct 17, 2005

    VERY kewl. Nuff said. XD

  19. kucing Oct 17, 2005


    i know this book..i was going to buy it..but for lack of time to go to bookstore i just cant buy this book yet..

    anyway nice wallie

    p/s: go ahead and read this book without me woo~~

  20. theredchild Oct 18, 2005

    um whats the best way to describe this than with my jaw dropping down to the floor... beautiful . I love it :)

  21. pamkips Oct 18, 2005

    this is the most beautifully original wallie i have seen at the moment...wow the composition of it is amazingly beautiful!!!!! i love it and wow...i'm speechless!

  22. theredchild Oct 18, 2005

    so beautiful and original ... im still in amazement. awesome job

  23. nemsis2070 Oct 18, 2005

    (\ /)
    ( . .)

    its very interesting ^__^ .. i love it great scan!!^^ and the background is really cool :)

  24. Trout Oct 19, 2005

    Wow...This really caught my eye. It's so beautiful. I think I'll try using that on my next time around on wallpapers =O!

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