Adumi Tohru Wallpaper: Freedom

Adumi Tohru Wallpaper
Adumi Tohru Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

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well....another simple wall from me...
i'm in a bad mood just now, so i made this wall....
same as usual, no matter it's good or bad, please give some comments...

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  1. sandumirabela Oct 15, 2005

    Oh...simply lovely!This is something to make my night dreamier.Such a clear wall,such beautiful buterflies,such beautiful flowers.
    This is terrific^_^!It looks so pure,so cute...I really don't know how to call it...I'm in shock^_^ but a good shock!Why aren't you in a good mood ?Well it happens to everyone I just felt today so out of place too...I feel so lonely sometimes although i'm not but there is always that feeling that something is missing in my life!
    Be optimist....the wall itself shows me that you are optimistic.i believe that making such a beautiful wall shows a little bit from your soul and your mood...I guess you want to fill your life with tenderness,peace,beauty,joy and freedom!
    Very nice concept for your wall!I so love it!Cheer up there is always tomorrow^_^ and who knows maybe tomorrow will be better^_^!
    Big hugs for you^_^ to cheer up!
    :) :) :)

  2. dalidadod Oct 15, 2005

    :hmpf: furst ov all am sorry that u feel bad >.< hope u get better sooooooon OX
    hmm about ur wallie i just love it really its amazing one..i like tha kolors, the effects and everything on it...its just gr8 ..the butterflys looks so kawaii ;)
    XO i hate this i cant add it to fava :sweat: oopsy !!

  3. lthnadml Oct 15, 2005

    E X C E L L E N T ! ! ! Everything is excellent. XD XD XD
    Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful work. XD

  4. SuspendedReality Oct 15, 2005

    Feel better soon!!! *hugs*
    Absolutley love this waller, the image is amazing and I love the butterflies ^^ they're the perfect addition. Great job and thanks for sharing, keep up the awesome work!!!

  5. Angel-on-Dragon Oct 15, 2005

    The wall looks really lovely and amazing. I like the colors and the mood of this wallpaper. And the scan is really cute ^^
    Thanks for sharing, hope you're feeling better soon *hugs*

  6. Mai12 Oct 15, 2005

    Very cute. A very pretty picture or wallpaper. It 's a very nice wallpaper. Good job!

  7. marcoskatsuragi Oct 16, 2005

    Simple? Huauhahuahu, the first thing... so cool and beautiful butterflys! ^^ Wow... and the character and also the background are amazing! Another cool wallie hum! ^^

  8. chau-chan Oct 16, 2005

    Great wallpaper!!
    I image looks clean, but I think you smart blur it a little too much. It looks fine other then that. ^^ The imge looks soo cute! GReat job

  9. Sunnyd29 Oct 16, 2005

    YOU CALL THAT simple?! x_x x_x x_x x_x
    I wanna see you when its complex, cause this wallie kicks ass! damn!! How can you call something like this simple?! Don't belittle your work! It seems to me that you worked hard on this. Great colors and background! simply AMAZING!!

    Thanks for sharing!!


  10. royaldarkness Oct 16, 2005

    this is pretty cool, it's not simple at all, it looks rather intriguing ;) very nice choice of colors. it looks like she's trying to swim through milk ^_^' or wait...is that silk? lol! very unusual

  11. Emma Oct 16, 2005

    Sorry you are in a bad mood *hugs* We all do get down or frustrated at times. Try to focus though on the good times and keep in mind whatever is bothering you won't stay like that forever. I hope this helps to some degree *hopes* ^_^
    Very pretty wall! I love the magenta-reddish color of the ribbons and butterflies. And the ribbon is pretty with the swirlies and all. The scan is lovely with the roses and thorns too. The wall has such a charming theme. I am just confused with the title. It says freedom, but being tied down with spiny thorns don't seem that free to me. Unless that is what the person is desiring which is to be free from their imprisonment of some sort. Well, whatever the symbolism is you have protrayed it amazingly through your art.

  12. TakamuraReiji Oct 16, 2005

    O.o Nice. Like the scan. Herm...you made the spiky thorns on her? Or that's just the scan?...
    Like the butterflies. Those ribbon, the flower-like and the swirl thing looks somewhat like vectorness to me. =P
    Simple, I should say, with white bg, mixing the scan.
    Good work. :)

  13. mughi Oct 16, 2005

    Bad mood? I'm sorry to hear that. I hope it is not serious and that it will pass away soon if it already has not.

    I suppose it is not far off to interpret this creation as your yearning to have more freedom? I got that impression by looking at the character's facial expression and what appears to be thorn surrounding the character. The butterflies flying without restraint is nice touch to the character and background.

    Good job and thanks much.

  14. dreamhunter Oct 16, 2005

    WoW *-*

    This is really beautiful and so... romantic *-* I really love color you used.
    Great job!
    Thx for sharing

  15. Kiako Oct 16, 2005

    great wallpaper
    the background is well done, i like the flowers and the buterflies.
    keep it up

  16. tian82 Oct 16, 2005

    This wallpaper is so sweet and lovely !! Like the way you create the butterflies and with the flower some more the flower around the character. Look so beautiful !! Good and great work. Although you said yourself having bad mood but you can make a such good wallpaper. You do really marvelous. Thank for sharing !!

  17. SealedSword Oct 16, 2005

    Nice bright wallpaper you got here
    The white flowers and roses looks beautiful, and the butterflies are a nice add on in my oppinion XD
    Nice wallpaper, keep up the good work = )

  18. zaira Oct 17, 2005

    wow!! so bright!! nice scan!! i love the butterflies and the other effx!! me really love the color combiantion + the ambiance! +fav!! XD

  19. Acuni Oct 17, 2005

    it looks great the colours fit and the bg is well done the buterflies are nice to
    hope to see more

  20. iarly Oct 18, 2005

    I love it... actually, this is the sweetest thing I've seen in quite some time. Let's see if I have a fave left... cause it certainly deserves it!

  21. jeffng9 Oct 19, 2005

    looks good!
    wow i'm surprise you can still do good work even if you are in bad mood....
    if i were you i guess i would simple make this wall a disaster ^^'
    Anyway its a very good wall~
    keep up the good work

  22. swtangelicnights637 Dec 02, 2005

    so beautiful and elegant. i love it ^-^

  23. siete Dec 12, 2005

    Very nice!

  24. Dream24 Dec 19, 2005

    Gorgeously done! An elegant vibe to it. The butterfly on the left side seems kind of blurred/unclear. Is it intended to be that way? Great work! though.

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