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Pronunciation: in-'sa-n&-tE
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -ties
1 a : a deranged state of the mind usually occurring as a specific disorder (as schizophrenia) and usually excluding such states as mental retardation, psychoneurosis, and various character disorders b : a mental disorder
2 : such unsoundness of mind or lack of understanding as prevents one from having the mental capacity required by law to enter into a particular relationship, status, or transaction or as removes one from criminal or civil responsibility
3 a : extreme folly or unreasonableness b : something utterly foolish or unreasonable


I guess there's no such thing as a last wallie is it....? Well this is a wallpaper out of.............curiosity...a wallie that had no point on anything whatsoever. I just loved the scan when I first saw it soo.....here it is!!! I love the colors of it...added some random brushes...to give it a more...scientific...idk why....feel into it. Hope it looks okay though......^^; I still have a binch of other stuff to finish...I should stop on this right? I dunno...it cools me down for some weird reason....I wanted to add clouds...but it looked...weird for some reason....hmmm...oh well...hope u enjoy this one at least!

Comments are appreciated!!! Sorry...for me still haven't been able to thank people for commenting and faving my wallies before. So sorrie!!! For that I dedicate this for ALL you guys!!! Thanks so very much again!!! >.< Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

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  1. sukie Oct 15, 2005

    mmm nice...i had my plans for that scan too...but now...it all dust in the wing. T.T
    anyho...this wall looks nice...*did i say that before?* i like what you did to the scan...very interesting...

  2. Nona Oct 15, 2005

    I wanted to make a wallpaper also with this scan :D Really good, it has a nice feeling :D Fire! :D Good work as always! :)

  3. Rikimaru-jp Oct 15, 2005

    Haia-Chan :) really this wallie rocks!!! it's so beautiful and so mysterious!!! I like the colors alot they are HOT XP the background as usual it's unbelievable and very astonishing :)
    the fire effects are really beautiful and attractive !!!
    the character position really adds this crazyness to the wallie but this what makes this wallie really rocks ;) and not to mention that the dark clouds are really freakin' awesome!!!!
    great job my friend and keep iy up!!!

  4. Sunira Oct 16, 2005

    Haha! You're right! This is kind of a crazy looking wallpaper! She looks like a bottle rocket. x) Its pieced together quite nicely. Good job.

  5. PAche Oct 16, 2005

    thats a strange way of using such a scan...with fire.i would think some night scene was better...

    Quote by SuniraHaha! You're right! This is kind of a crazy looking wallpaper! She looks like a bottle rocket. x) Its pieced together quite nicely. Good job.

    my thoughts exactly, a rocket gonna take off XD

    as usual your bg and fire are pretty but the scan doesn't fit.then again maybe its just me

  6. marcoskatsuragi Oct 16, 2005

    Really wierd one... but i like... a really great job on this fire effect and the scan are nice! A diferent one :D

  7. sylvacoer Oct 16, 2005

    Looks like the character's been made into a bottle rocket...


  8. Akaiken Oct 16, 2005

    Naman, binibigay mo talaga yung favorite ko! XD

    The effects are very great! That's what I like on the whole wall. The girl is like a rocket there... XP

  9. Nayako Oct 16, 2005

    XD Nice work!! I just love the flames on the bg!!
    Chara is also quite interesting!! ^__^
    Good job!!

  10. Bla-demer Oct 16, 2005

    Really great work very nice looking.
    I like those flame effects and angle of the character is really good idea. That background
    is magnificent the colour in it are great. The look of the character is kind of scary and it
    fit in mood of this wall. Those marks in the wall looks great and I don't know what they are or
    what they meen I would still say that they are fantastic looking. You have done great job.
    So I hope your works will succeed in future too. So keep up the good work. :)

  11. Yina Oct 16, 2005

    isn't it hot there in the fire.. o___o;; nyaa.. never mind.. XD the sky behind her is a bit too dark i think.. but apart from that.. nice effects.. ^^ the fire looks great.. *__*

  12. Kitaan Retired Moderator Oct 16, 2005

    My god Haia you're gonna drive me crazy with you're uber awsome wallies x_x
    I wuv this one so much ^__^ dunno if it's the scan that I like so much or the bg >_<
    but the texture is very nice and the effects are flawless ^.^ I really think
    you did a great job and you're getting so much better way too fast XD
    great work ;)

  13. Rhonda21 Oct 16, 2005

    It looks really cool. love the colors with the fire and the darkness. nice job!
    i think it matches good with insanity!

  14. OceanAngel01 Oct 17, 2005

    It is very interesting. I love the flames, I think it really fits because is is in contrast to the darkness in the background. Looks great! It is a very scary concept of insanity, but I think it is food for thought. Thanks for sharing! See you around MT, my friend!

  15. bbls Oct 17, 2005

    wowie...that's a spectacular looking background, and it does have a very crazy atmosphere!
    and she does look like a bottle rocket, which is so fitting because she looks like she's gonna explode from all of this insanity! :D

  16. OniJin Oct 17, 2005

    Very artistic!!
    I like it. It reminds me of work you can see in museums.
    I really do like it!!

  17. astarothdta Oct 17, 2005

    thats just plain cool i really like it wow you are really talented. :) its awsome^_^

  18. Sakura0chan Oct 19, 2005

    Cool job again, Haia. ;) ^^ I really like the fire. :) It's very nice. :)
    The girl looks creepy to me. XD
    Keep up the good work!! ^^ Thanks so much for this one. ^^

  19. crimson-blue Oct 20, 2005

    waaaaaaaaaaaa haia sama arigatou ne ^^
    konna ii wp sukutte nante yappari haia sama sugoiiii ^^
    sore ni kono wp tottemo ii desu yo ^^
    thx and have a nice day ^^

  20. MoonlightEternity Oct 20, 2005

    *entranced* ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fireeee! XD i love the colours, the effects you put in are amazing haia-san! awesome job, i love the scan (i have it too! ) XD great job! thanks for sharing ^^

  21. Deathent Oct 22, 2005

    woo.. woo.. very cool wallies you got here..
    i really like it.. thanks for sharing.. :)

  22. eonir Mar 21, 2006

    Really, perfectly, insanely INSANE....

  23. Ansur Mar 24, 2006

    BG and character‥ it's very nice!
    Thanks for sharing!

  24. animekim126 Mar 30, 2006

    kool nice background its flamey :)

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