Moldavite Wallpaper: Solitude Symphony

Carnelian, Moldavite, Mistrel Wallpaper
Carnelian Mangaka Moldavite Visual Novel Mistrel Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My fav work

i dedicate this wall for my friend phamthuha who inspires me to put more colors in wall, and in life..
^__~ thanks for your help sweetie

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  1. vodkamint Oct 15, 2005

    *blinks* I'm the first commenter? Woot! lol.
    This wallie is great! The colors are beautiful and the scan is *thumbs up*
    *sigh* how I wish I can make wallies like yours. ;_;

  2. SharinganKnight Oct 15, 2005

    hmmm...the whole concept is very nice, although a little cliched its good nontheless. The blending however, is a little off, and the birds don't really seem to belong, the planet is sharp, I like that, but the clouds could use some smoothing up. Nice piece.

  3. phamthuha Oct 15, 2005

    I have never seen such a beautifull work like that, Melon-chan huhuhuhuhu !!!! That is so beautifull and i don't know how to cry now, T-T ! you are so kind to me, sweetie! and this surprise is so, so , so.... oh, i can't say anything now, i am going to take anything next to me to clean my tears, that sure is your best best work, much more better than my Moonlight Angel, hix..... I made up my mind, Melon-chan, i will give you another surprise that i'm sure it will look really pretty OX The last wall i make for you maybe heavy because i put too much layer >_< This time i will do my best! And this is really my most love wall, i will never forget how much kind you send for me, Melon-chan!

  4. Acuni Oct 15, 2005

    i like the girl and the bg but not the right part of the bg but the effects are great
    keep it up

  5. PassionateLust Oct 15, 2005

    Wow, you really did an excellent job on it, this is on of my favorites and i really want to put it in my faves list but im stocked up.*sigh* anyway you did an excellent job on it, and the colors seem to fit perfectly with the wall. :) keep upthe great work. :)

  6. MizuhofanFFX2 Restricted Member Oct 15, 2005

    nice! effects good where the girl come from or you make her(if you know you will not put it in unknow caategory,he he)? so cute. good work. got my download.

  7. sandumirabela Oct 15, 2005

    I saw this scan used in so many walls...oh and all of them were beautiful...this one makes no exception^_^!Splendid work you did my dear!Hehe,I am glad to see your new wall in a more colorfull style(if I can say).Eh...your friend was right you should put colours not only in your walls but also in your life^_^!
    Lovely work^_^!Now what can I say more...I guess nothing,I can't seem to find my words!See ya!Big hugs :) !

  8. Kiako Oct 15, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the girl is pretty and her pose is good and i like the background, the effects you made are great.
    hope to see more

  9. ArtificialRaindrop Oct 15, 2005

    You chose a great pic and ended up making a beautiful wallpaper ^-^ I love the space effect in the background as well. Great work!

  10. Emma Oct 15, 2005

    I am so glad we became friends because I do love to see your work. This is very beautiful!! The grass is done so wonderfully! And the cloud right there is so amazing!! It looks like you painted it ^_^ The stars and the blue sky are so mystical with the scan. The blue of the sky matches just right with the blue of her. Very pretty wall!

  11. Rikimaru-jp Oct 15, 2005

    waw!!! what a marvelous background :) I am really astonished!!! you are improving a lot Melonburst ;) and this wallie is by far your best wallie till now !!!
    i really love the background it's so amazing and so charming !! it's full with magic!!!
    the stars are beautiful, the planet is outstanding really adds lots of beauty to the whole wallie!
    not to mention that the clouds you used are really great and suits the environment ;)
    the grass is well done and well displayed too!!!
    character is cute and well extracted and the outer glow really fits her so much but I must point to a small glitch on her hair it seems that there is a spot where it's not perfectly cleaned!!!
    but really this wallie deserve a favorite so I owe you one ;)
    keep up the great work!!!

  12. Rai1e Oct 15, 2005

    waow..... more great walls from my (cyber) onee-chan??? for me, the cloud on the right side seems a bit weird, but it doesn't affect the overall quality...great work.

  13. aoitenshi18 Oct 15, 2005

    wow this wallpaper is so ... so... peaceful and delicated!!!! i wuv it!!!! =D keep up your awesome work!

  14. xianghua Oct 15, 2005

    woow! another amazing wallie!i loove the bg it looks sooo real!^^
    great!! love it!

  15. bobobob Oct 16, 2005

    is this Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile? either way Awsome. im adding to my faves

  16. rituel Oct 16, 2005

    wow... cool. Great work, as usual... this says... what... "alone in someplace admiring the beauty of life"??? i think...
    great work! + fave!

  17. angelkagome Oct 16, 2005

    wow... very clean work melonburst! it's really pretty... but i kinda find the birds weird... they seem out of place??? but i'm adding it to my favs! :nya:

  18. kalau Oct 16, 2005

    aww.. nice color.. ^^

    well done with your work, sekarang udah bisa yang colorfull ya.. .. :D
    keep it up, fav ah.. .. karena ada usaha yang keras di wallie ini .... !! Ganbatte !!

  19. revontulet Oct 16, 2005

    Mm! I love it!! Its like a fantasy realm. I love how her dress is lightish at the end, whoa its so pretty! Well done again ^___^

  20. leosama84 Oct 16, 2005

    just....wow....all i can say, its too original to be a wallie, if i haden't seen this here, i'd think its a screenshot out of the anime series, with her Reiatsu (spiritual powers) surrounding her!

    i umm...don't know what to say! LOL
    a dedication is always the sweetest thing ;), especially if its something special to someone speacial ;)
    thanx for sharing! keep up the awesome work!
    and Happy Ramadan :D!

  21. Willem Oct 16, 2005

    I promised that I'll write a comment on your wall so finally here it is ^^ (have been so busy v_v)

    The scan you used (about the girl) is very nice. Colors, light effect you made on too. Grass and night, stars are good. The moon you put got its right place.

    What I especially like : The light effect on each element of your wall. Very good one.

    Just an annoying question : is it normal that we can see stars through the moon?

    Anyway, a really good one ;)

    About your description you highlighted a good thought: doing wallpapers, websites, design, .. or life whatever need colors, it would ever be harder to keep up a good job about light colors than bloody and dark ones. With light, defaults are and will be always pointed out.

    Sometimes we say by there : You can have a look at the night but not the sun..

  22. melonbrust Oct 16, 2005

    Quote by WillemJust an annoying question : is it normal that we can see stars through the moon?

    since it is not a fullmoon..ya you can see the stars throu the moon ..and its not an annoying question..I love when people give me comments or sugestions to improve my work

  23. midorinokari Oct 17, 2005

    Great work! Hmmmm... Can't hide its lonely side though? The scan and the moon lend to the overall athmosphere of the wall, the clouds, the colors, the effects, very properly placed... Add to favs! Hai! Over and Out!

  24. bbls Oct 17, 2005

    even though there's a lot of colors in this wallie, i still get a very sad, melancholy feel from her. i luv the direction of the grass because it all flows so nicely with her hair. but there's a part of her hair, at the very end where it looks like she's missing pieces and the hair strand looks disconnected. the clouds also have a very interesting and unique look to them, which i really like! i also luv how your wallie goes from light to progressively dark...that kinda adds a more melancholy feel to your wall.
    very stunning wallie!

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