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yep!! yep!! my new wallie is for Spring Season!! :)

I found this cute scan on 4chan.net three weeks ago and did it. I was tired of the darks backgrounds and this one is completly shiny and brigh! ^^"

background is all my own, not used a stock photo! well... just ~the floor is a texture and flowers is from a Sakura scan XP

hope you all likes it and comments are always welcome!! humm... favs and critics are apreciate too :)

kisses for all my dear friends!!

cya :)

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  1. staples Oct 15, 2005

    soooooooooooooo cute!!!! omg!!! i love it!!! i escecially love the buterlies! XD lol well i say u did a great job, but im kinda early seeing that u only posted this 53 secondes ago.... hmmm lol
    well amazing job as usual!!!

  2. lthnadml Oct 15, 2005

    Wow! sure is shiny and brigh XD Beautiful colors and all is very beautiful, very spring. :D The flowers the butterflies, the girl, the sea and the sky. And all fits together pretty good.
    Very good work. :D
    Thanks for sharing it. XD XD XD

  3. AngelKate Oct 15, 2005

    Oooh, pretty! I love the water!! It looks real. ^_^ And I know the scan of Sakura you got the flowers from XD that was a clever idea, they fit well with the wallpaper. :) Great job! ^_^
    *EDIT* Grrr I'm out of favorites. I'll have to come back and fave this one. :)

  4. Kitaan Retired Moderator Oct 15, 2005

    This is a bright change for you ^^
    i like the scan, I've seen if before but I'm not sure what
    series it's from. The sky looks very nice, not much clouds
    and the aqua color for the clouds looks nice ^_^
    The water to me look too realistic for the whole bg
    it seems to stick out more then anything else in the wallie.
    but I love the flowers and butterflies you have added and the fence
    could use some texture along with maybe a brown coat over it ^_^
    nice job Idril <3 <3

  5. Rikimaru-jp Oct 15, 2005

    Idril-Chan made a bright wallie XP I must say that I really loved your dark wallies they have this evil and mysterious look mouwahhahahha XP lol but this one really sooooooooo cute :)
    and so beautiful I believe that you are good with making bright wallies as much as you're good in making drak ones ;) what I like the most about this wallie that it looks really different from most wallies that I'm seeing these days! it's really original! and I give you lots of credits for that!
    first the background well you really made a fantastic job here the sky looks so peaceful !!
    the mountains and the water really done professionally and that's because they suits so much with the scan :)
    the fences look good but I think maybe you need to add some textures to them or maybe a little bit noise or maybe it's just me XP lol
    the roses are really a great addition to the whole wallie and make it more colorful ;)
    the extraction as usual faultlessly done!!! and the girl is blended perfectly to the background!!
    you really managed to create the best background for this scan :) they matches so much!!
    outstanding job Idril and yeah yeah I know I owe you another fav XP

  6. Kiako Oct 15, 2005

    nice wallpaper,the whole bg scene looks pretty good, kind of interestng the way you made the water. but the ground don't fit in that well.

  7. marcoskatsuragi Oct 15, 2005

    I like the kid things.... Parece aqueles trabalhos de arte de jardim... com colagem de papeis e fundos! Muito lindo! ^___^

    abraço :D

  8. Acuni Oct 15, 2005

    i cute i love the scen and the chara but the ground is totaly not fiting in and it is a litle unlogical to

  9. melonbrust Oct 15, 2005

    OMG what a cute wall..^___^ very bright too.. interesting idea with the water, but uhmm i dunno doesnt seem to fit well..

  10. chibichibikaukau Oct 15, 2005

    its so cute!! i like the background, the details... i love details!!^^
    i can feel spring with your wallie^^
    very good job! its very cute!!

  11. StarDreamer429 Oct 15, 2005

    hey girl!^^ whts up? i hav to say this is extremely beautiful Idril-san!^_^ although the fence kinda looks weird in the wallie...it still SO good!!! >_< perfect for spring...although winter's starting here T_T anwayz, take care and talk to u later, 'k? =^_^= bye =P

  12. Angel-on-Dragon Oct 15, 2005

    It's really a nice wallpaper. But to be honest, it's a bit too bright for me.....
    Anyway, nice to see a wall from you again ^^ Thx for sharing

  13. Kenichi Oct 15, 2005

    it feels like im in fairyland. x.x great creative wally. the bg is interesting. i like the flowers, the water, everything. it's very nice. :)

  14. tian82 Oct 15, 2005

    Look so cute and lovely !! Like the colour a lots !! So sweet and soft !! Great work !! Like the girl too, very adoreable !! Nice work and thank for sharing !!

  15. Emma Oct 15, 2005

    This is a really cheerful wall from your usually works, indeed =)
    i like how you made the water and mountains. They are very realistic-looking.
    And well, some tips ^_~ I see the flowers/leaves are casting shadows, but your main character, butterflies, and fence aren't. Also with the texture of the floor, do a transform>perspective to give it a more of a horizontal-feel. I hope this helps you *hugs* Overall, the wall is so adorable and the scan is really pleasant and cheerful. A definite spring-feel :)

  16. sukie Oct 15, 2005

    ...this...is soo not you!! but sure...why not...looks ok...the scan quality is getting there...the bg look alot like alot of stocks pasted together...a nice idea...good job!! your walls are so original!

  17. screenlooker Oct 15, 2005

    i love how you coordinate the colors
    good job

  18. RainOfStars Oct 15, 2005

    ^^ very pretty wall. It seems very very happy.
    o.o Spring? You live in Aus? It is Fall here.
    The water looks amazing. Great job on it.
    I want to ask you something though. The fence is really really puzzeling. The middle and top parts are floating in mid air. There aren't any connections between them. Really weird.

    Nevertheless, good job^^

  19. rafaellaGP Oct 15, 2005

    q amoooooorrrr!!!!! eu adorei as cores que vc adaptou no fundu, e o mar tb ficou bem legal!
    tb adorei a ideia do cata-vento ^^
    mt meigu! XD
    so naum escrevu em ingles pq sou mt preguiçosa para pensar XD e tb pq iriam fik mt pequenos _, _
    bejos... ´

  20. THE-DARK-PRINCE Oct 15, 2005

    Well.... Well... Well...
    Another great work from one of the best user of PS here in MT....
    My words can't describe how nice is the background, especially the sea or whatever u want to call it.....
    Good scan ^_^
    Overall, nice work and i like it...
    Hope to see more....

    :) :D :) :D

  21. Spookknuffel Oct 15, 2005

    it's very beautiful .. as usually XD
    great job !! :D

    thanks for sharing :)


  22. kajimamidori Oct 15, 2005

    Waaa it's the same scan I used! XD Well it's pretty Idril!
    Really nice colors! ;P

  23. hongrboi Oct 15, 2005

    First thing I noticed was the water. It was all rendered? I must say it loosk amazing. Teach me how to do water like that xD I think the fence/railing thing looska bit 2d though because the wall's perspective is partially overhead while the fence looks like it's from the front directly.

  24. acid-awakening Oct 15, 2005

    Kawaii!The background looks really nice
    i really like the water.... looks so real
    thanx for sharing

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