Sousei no Aquarion Wallpaper: + Born to Love you +

Sousei no Aquarion, Silvia de Alisia Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

my first sousei no aquarion wallpaper....^-^**....
hope you all will like it....
well...same as usual...
no matter it's good or bad.... please leave some comment....

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  1. Prettysofticecream Oct 15, 2005

    i really, really like the glow effects..
    i hope i use it wisely..


  2. Milkiyo Oct 15, 2005

    beautiful wall but there's too much white around the edges
    the spirals around the girl looks awesome though
    looks like magic's swirling around

  3. Angel-on-Dragon Oct 15, 2005

    Beautifull wallpaper ^^ The bg looks amazing and this scan's cool and beautiful too.
    Thanks for sharing this cool piece of work ^^

  4. dalidadod Oct 15, 2005

    ^yea agree with Milkiyo ^...but it looks really awesome...i can feel tha magic n it ;) thanx for sharin OX

  5. spider-x Banned Member Oct 15, 2005

    hmm nice wall it has cool ef i like it nice work and love ur work

  6. Erinecera Oct 15, 2005

    The glowing effects are really cool. I like how the lines flow.
    Nice wall, shioriyukino!

  7. WateryAura Oct 15, 2005

    Awesome Wall and Scan! Nice effects on the lines too
    Added to my favorites ^^;;

  8. trinigirl524 Oct 15, 2005

    the effects done here are beautiful, i like the bright colors you used here to attract the attention of this wall. and the character blends great with the background. overall nice job ^^

  9. dvx Oct 15, 2005

    You're really good with starry type effects. It makes everything flashier, I guess. It's a nice wallpaper. :)

  10. TakamuraReiji Oct 15, 2005

    Great one. And like others said, it's really magical, and you can just feel it.
    Awesome. Love the bg effects. and the swirl thing around her.
    Great work. :)

  11. xerojby Oct 15, 2005

    wow cool effects, i like the ribbon like tha surrounds her, the bg can be more better but just a small complaint. well anyways thanks for sharing and i'm adding it to my favs.

  12. marcoskatsuragi Oct 15, 2005

    I really like the light effects around the character! ^^ REally cool, and the character scan are so clear and define cute! ^^

  13. Acuni Oct 15, 2005

    wow i like the wallie
    it is so shinie and the lights are the effects are great to
    but the fog is a litle out of place
    keep it up

  14. tian82 Oct 15, 2005

    What a beautiful and lovely wallpaper !! Like the background a lots and suit well with the character !! I love it !! Great work and thank for sharing !!!

  15. Shinobu13 Banned Member Oct 15, 2005

    hum i don't really understand the title but the effects are really nice
    i think it is a good wall but the scan doesn't fit really with the title but it is just my opinion

  16. Emma Oct 15, 2005

    Very enchanting!! My goodness it must have been a lot of work/layers to do all all those different types of stars and colors. And I like the bright ribbons you have placed dancing around her. So nicely done. Smart move on dropping the opacity a bit of her. It blended her in well and added to the magical-feel. Very pretty! ^_^

  17. chau-chan Oct 16, 2005

    The wallpaper looks beautiful! The effcts are nice and the glowing lines. The image and colors looks nice and clean. ^^

  18. Sunnyd29 Oct 16, 2005

    Great stuff!! Love the colors and background. The girl fits perfectly with the background. Love it!!!



  19. mughi Oct 16, 2005

    Oh, boy. I am running out of good comments here. As usual your wallpaper is pleasure to look at. You must have spent some time to do the backgrounds of stars and swirls of ribbon effects but the end result is that it added the desired result of enhancing the character pictured.

    Lucky will be the person who will earn her love. Thanks much for another fine wallpaper. :D

  20. tishdon Oct 16, 2005

    I think that this is one of your best walls yet - and no moon. I hate to sound simple but it is so pretty and sparkly :) thank you for sharing shioriyukino.

  21. SealedSword Oct 16, 2005

    Great looking background, nice colour too XD
    The effects make it look pretty and magical =P
    Also, the girl looks cute XD
    Great work, keep it up! = )

  22. zaira Oct 17, 2005

    wow!! nice efx you've got there i love the nice glowy thready around her!! and the scan fits the gracefulness of the bg!! i love it!! nice work!! XD

  23. jeffng9 Oct 19, 2005

    you did a very good job in the bg of this wal
    looks really good and matching with the character~
    Keep up the good work~
    :thumbs up:

  24. darn Nov 14, 2005

    Nice Background,.

    But too flashy, Slivia dont really stand out.

    Overall, a nice wallpaper, keep up the good work.

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