Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Different Dreams

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Lacus Clyne, Cagalli Yula Athha Wallpaper

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Different Dreams
It took me forver to complete this wallie. I finished it and saved it but the next thing I knew, I accidentally overwrited it with another file! AHH!!! All my hard work gone! So I gotta make another one. Its almost the same...only the moon doesn't shines brighter enough and the background was a total disaster. *sobs* It still looks a little different though...*sighs* My bad...Now for the details~
The quote on the wallie was picked from GSD ep 45 but I changed it a little...well not a little...but anyway the meaning is still the same. Its from the asukira conversation. Kira:"Everyone has different dreams."
Athrun: "No...we all have the same dreams, but nobody realizes it."
Haha..sorry if the quote is a little different, I took it from the english translation of the japanese one.
I put Cagalli and Lacus pictures instead of Athrun and Kira because I think they're more inspirational...and more suitable...haha...
A big thank you to Miss-K for letting me use her work for my wallie. *huggles* So this one is dedicated especially for you! You're such a talented and nice person!
The background is the same as my Yzak one but I added the moon in the middle. Don't ask me why I did it, I just put it there...Reaching out for the moon, maybe? So basically, the whole wallpaper's theme is blue...suitable for the moon, eh? I even made the characters blue to blend into the background. Sorry Miss-K if you're mad at me! Added some mists at the bottom to create a mysterious atmosphere...Dreams are the most basic things of life. It makes us wanna reach for our goals...Keep dreaming! Lol...

To all who commented for my previous wallies, Prince of Ice and You're my Fairy tale and even added them to their favvies, I'm terribly sorry for not replying coz I'm extremely busy at the moment...Hope you all dont mind!

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  1. Blueheart Oct 14, 2005

    very cool wall. coll colours! I love white. and the girls are nice!
    and it is truth. we all have diferent dreams, but in the end, we all want to fnd happiness

  2. Idril Oct 14, 2005

    wwoowo wonderful!! I luv this colors!! they looks soo freeze and cold!!
    and your work is just great!!
    keep ut the excelent job!

  3. LilLaoRyo704 Oct 14, 2005

    nice job, love the images of lacus and cagalli, love the icy cold background too, nice job, looks great, ja-ne

  4. Yureika Oct 14, 2005

    hello.... sugoi !!! ...ahhh !!! blue....its a cool and calm colour !!!! and it looks kinda freezy ...oo chill...!!!..anyway the bg was great....all the spakle shiny stars makes it look even better....*yay... :D :)

  5. uchiha-heine Oct 14, 2005

    that's a wonderful one

  6. phamthuha Oct 14, 2005

    Really like bg ^^ But i like color chara than none color >_< Your idea of this wall is extremely good and you are really aweasome, my friend OX

  7. Rikimaru-jp Oct 14, 2005

    cool wallie it's really neat and nice :) bakground suits perfectly with the characters ;)
    i like the concept it's freezy XP it gives this cold and freeze sensation even thought there's no ice but because of the colors!!!
    keep up the good work!!!

  8. eternally-asuka Oct 14, 2005

    Wow this wallie is amazing! you rad it?!: amazing! i LOVE the misteryous background! You know the all wallie expressed the exact feeling that i wanted to do writing a fic of GS on FFN! You are very talented! Enchantressinthedark also Missy K I love her works! glad somone made such a great kawai, sugoi wallie!

  9. MasterPivot Oct 14, 2005

    Whoa! Awesome work! It looks great!
    Adding to my liist of favorites, now...

  10. sandumirabela Oct 14, 2005

    I am going to remain with my mouth like a big "wow" if I see all the time such beautiful wallpapers!For all the walls that I comment on I can't find anything not to like at them...they simply look lovely,perfect to me!I am ashaemd that I can't say more in a comment but a simple "wow" :( but I just can't critisize the great work of you,the ones that make the walls!Hmm...interesting clothing the girls have don't you think ^_^' !This is simply dreamy,superb,extraordinary and I could continue till tomorrow if I find adjectives to fit with my oppinion :) !Simply irresistable!(Please excuse my writing if I make mistakes of spelling).Hugs^_^!See ya! :)

  11. walkure245 Oct 14, 2005

    I like the bg and I'm glad that you reused this for them. It gives them a ice princess-look. The moon looks good to me and the placement of the girls are good. The wordings look good here. This is really well done. Great stuff~ Good work!

  12. starpandangel Oct 14, 2005

    i like this one...and good use of Missy-K's drawings! and i love the bg you chose too! thanks for sharing and keep up the good work! :D

  13. teepoo Oct 14, 2005

    hehe ur wallies keep getting better ^^ this is the best yet
    i still think it would look so much better without the text though >_<"

  14. chau-chan Oct 14, 2005

    REally nice wallpaper.
    The image looks crystal clear and with the backgound.
    And the text are ok. ^^;

  15. rubenz Oct 14, 2005

    wow it is really cool i like the color and images that u used, btw do you have the original images for this wallie? thank you ^^

  16. Wavealien Oct 15, 2005

    That's so cool, Cagalli and Lacus look so cool in it.That's excellent ,great job!!!!

  17. xianghua Oct 15, 2005

    wooow! very nice! love the blue bg u made! and the scan is not bad too!!
    great work!!

  18. Cress Oct 15, 2005

    oie, so very pretty.. very monochrome and ethereal-looking ^^ very good job, please continue your works !

  19. zen8192 Oct 15, 2005

    Good thing I caught a glimpse of this one!
    It has a ery nice BG and reanimation of characters... but one thing doesn't correspond with the wallie! The font needs some work, brcause it stands out more than the characters! It's clearer shade makes it more attracting than any other aspects of the wall!
    Anyways, keep it up!

  20. swordfighter Oct 15, 2005

    good job. i like both these characters. i like the blue/white colors, its soothing.

  21. strawberrt Oct 15, 2005

    Wow.. what an awesome wallpaper!! I've seen many walls with the MissK artwork, and they all looks nice ^^ Wonderful job!

  22. nicestangel Oct 15, 2005

    awesome! Love it!
    i love the colour white and it really suits the whole title
    keep up the good work

  23. Athrun Oct 15, 2005

    Hey, this is pretty awesome. I think those are the two fanarts are by (I think her name was Missy K?) right? Much better than some of the official art if you ask me... so excellent choice in scan! And the BG rox my sox, so you get points for that too. :P

  24. royaldarkness Oct 15, 2005

    ooh...pretty background @_@ that's really pretty ^^ i like this wall, it looks somewhat cool and serene :)

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