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Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Ichigo Kurosaki, Kenpachi Zaraki Wallpaper
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Artist Comment

WALLIE'S NAME: How many angels can you fit upon a match? (heheh it was too long XD)
Thanks to all the one that is guest or not a friend of mine that download(guests),coment or/and fav this wallie of ichigo that I love so much! (simple but beautiful)
let's start to describe:
I started thinking on the bg.....that I really didn't have an idea how to make (0 imagination), but then I put some random brushes and I use some filtres to make that little "bright" in those circles ( I love the bg....don't u??).then in the same bg I put other brushes(like those lines left-down and that grungy brushie that is near ichigo's head).
then I do the extraction part (sorry when I finished and save it.....I saw that i cut some part of ichigo's hair =P...do not worry about that) as u see this wallie is not blurred (I did many things to change a bit the quality of the scan...is better now =) ).
maybe u see it like a SIMPLE wallpaper... but this time I wanted to make sth like that.....and I put a lot of my effort in the extraction so please don't say that the wallie is 0 effort.
I made it in 1 hr and half. I made other things to the bg...but they are details that make beautiful the wallie (secret! =X).
How about the wallie's name: well this is a phrase of the song "Stranger than Fiction" that is ichigo's Music theme, but not only for that....I like those words 'cause of the expression of ichigo and also how's the wallie.
Layers: sorry =P I really don't remember how many I used...and now at 1:30 Am and with exams I'm not in the mood for that (ZzZ...). Please pardon me.

Name: Ichigo Kurosaki
Theme Music: Bad Religion - "News from the front" from [Stranger than Fiction]



better get going!
bye byee!

hey and also!!! please check out my other wallie!:The Angel of flowers]

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  1. Silvandragon17 Oct 13, 2005

    That's an awesome scan of Ichigo! :D hehe
    Also, I love what you did with the background! Looks really cool!
    I like it! Great job on this wallie whiteflowers! Once again, well done!!^^

  2. marcoskatsuragi Oct 13, 2005

    I like the wierd background! This ichigo scan are amazing! The reflect details on he sword, is original or you put that on this? ^___^

  3. strawberrt Oct 13, 2005

    I love the image of Ichigo! ^^ He looks so cool there. Great job on this wallpaper!

  4. zanarky Oct 13, 2005

    Background make me dizzy ><
    Nice scan of Ichigo and a beautiful wallpaper, kind of wakes you up a bit.

  5. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Oct 13, 2005

    i LOVE that scan that you used whiteflowers-san! it's so cool with the images of the captains reflected in his zanpakuto! the background is also really neat! keep up the great work! :D

  6. darknym Oct 13, 2005

    hi hi
    well i dont know a lot of bleach but this picture of ichigo is very cool
    Dark Nym

  7. animefairy Oct 13, 2005

    oooo.....this wall rocks!!! the title looks very cool!! keep up this good work!! :)

  8. k1ru Oct 13, 2005

    ^^ nice wallie!!! >.<
    i like it!
    the title was nice~
    and i luv that scans!!!
    thanks for sharing!!!

  9. redline Oct 13, 2005

    uhh wow,its amaizing flower,really really awlsome work,^^ ima add to favs to, i cant wait to see ya next one cutey ^_- lol

  10. smiels Oct 13, 2005

    wow i like this wallie whiteflower,
    i'm not too sure what series it is but I really like the background , and the guy looks very coolo_0 lol keep up the great work !

  11. Kitaan Retired Moderator Oct 13, 2005

    uhh ok, well the scan is nice, the bg is kinda weird, doesn't compliment the
    scan as much. The text could be in a different style I suppose...
    and the extraction can use some work as well but keep it up white ^__^
    *hugs* till next wallie <3

  12. Emma Oct 13, 2005

    I can finally download this wall =)
    Cool effects in the background! Nice play there with the layers and all. And the scan looks cool. I do seem some hair was chopped off on top of the scan. I know that feeling when you place the scan on a bigger backdrop, there is some areas of the scan that will show cut off. To fix that you will have to use the stamp tool. You can cheat too by taking that one strand of hair (third from bottom right) and stamp it, free-transform it to right size, transform-flip horizontally and could fit a piece of it at the cut off and blur it in. I hope this tip helps!! ^_^
    Other than that--this is a c-o-o-l wallie!!! :D

  13. nitetrain Oct 14, 2005

    oooooo myyyyyy gooodddddd its coooool i like it nice job flower ;)

  14. bbls Oct 14, 2005

    the background is very interesting...like it's gonna suck us in or something... XD
    the extraction looks great, but i wish the top part of his hair wasn't cut off.
    nice job, whiteflowers!

  15. naomi-akiyama Oct 14, 2005

    Wow!! It's a great job!! ^^ I like it a lot, The background is incredible!! Ichigo's scan is great, it's very clean ^^, keep on!

  16. hongrboi Oct 15, 2005

    Hmm...don't think this is the best you could have done. The wall looks like a typical effect with character on top wall>< The background effect is cool nonetheless. I like how you put the characters' reflection in his sword though. The hair looks a bit weird because it is cut off at the top ><

  17. ayane-heine Oct 15, 2005

    aww~~ this is the 2nd time of the day that i saw this scan being used. lolz.. XD
    nice wallie~~ but but.. ^_^' his hair wasn't being cut~~ x_x
    but nice concept of the wallie, whiteflowers.. :D

  18. fiababe Oct 15, 2005

    hi I like ur wally, very very very cool. I'm downloading bleach da now (can't wait 2 see it!)

  19. sukie Oct 15, 2005

    mmm...the bg looks too simple...but i like the title and the idea. how ever the extraciton and qality are pretty good...but the cut-off is a pain to look at! T.T
    nice wall!

  20. gohasuke Oct 16, 2005

    what can i say very coooooooooooooooool
    it's perfect
    keep up the perfect work

  21. Holt Oct 16, 2005

    Excellent extraction! Although I really think you ought to do something about the hair. :o
    THe background has nice effects but it seems a little blurred or grainy.
    All in all a good wallie. Well done :)

  22. akito85 Oct 16, 2005

    Wow thats cool.. I like the background good on you.. anyway
    do you more reso for that..? =3

    ^_^,, you did it well

  23. MayaNatsume17 Oct 17, 2005

    Wow this is a cool wall! I like the background. The image is cool too.

  24. Sakura0chan Oct 17, 2005

    NIce job with this wallpaper. :) I like the background. :) It looks cool. ;)
    And the reflection of the characters on the sword looks nice too!! xd
    i think that there's a problem in Ichigo's hair, it looks cut.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing this. And keep up the good work!! ^^

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