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Figured that it was kinda rude leaving without saying bye to all of ya so I made this.

* No. This is not some cheap play on those iPod ads.'
* No. This is not some attempt to trendwhore my way back
* No. This is not an excuse to procrastinate. Well, I was studying Japanese while doing this.
Namely listening to music. That's my second exam. A gruelling 3 hours listening to male/ female dialogues, answering 9 of them, 2 comprehensions and like writing 3 essays in Japanese. Woo. Fun :P

Don't believe me? Click here for a 300 ji article on "Group Pressure in Australia" :)

*EDIT* I left out a hiragana 'u' after the kanji 'i' before the two kanji 'ryoukou' not that anyone would notice *whistles*

* No. This is not an indication that I am going into ecchi walling.
* No. This is not the best thing I've made, but give me a break. After "uncertain memory" there was a big gap and after "with love" there was a big gap as well. I can't wall that well anyway.

Layers: Maybe 40-50 *shrugs* PSD: 23 MB Time spent: 2 days with study squeezed simultaneously.


This wallpaper came to me pretty naturally, funnily enough. The building is a school, which I based on the school buildings from some screen caps from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
The steps were just something to entertain the eye, but I guess it's an indication of how I feel school is like. You've got to work your way up. I'm kinda stuck where she is at the moment. If only I felt a bit motivated to take those very few steps to the top, who knows, I could top all my subjects.

And this was the scan which helped with my shadowing and colours:


Yes, I do scope out entire galleries and read signatures :)

I admit that I put a lot of emphasis on my colours and textures, but I suck at getting the *right* colour. I've never done anything bright like this because I don't like bright things.



The reasons for the big blank in the wallpapers submitted by me include (1) The miserable lack of heart to wall anything after being incredibly tired with just everything~ I was probably a bit drugged from just crap. I went into walling first as a hobby to pass time and learn something else while I spent my long hours on my computer everyday. Then I went into walling to forget about the bad things in my life. My 17th birthday was the worst, and was ruined by two very close friends who have probably brought to me the most laughter, most frustration in my life. It's no wonder then that (2) I found myself walling scans I absolutely hated. That's right. Most of my gallery is consisted of wallpapers I do not like myself. My past, present and future favourite, was, is and will still be SHIBUYA HYBRID, which is why I named this SHINJUKU BABY. Why? Because this is a scan for a very long time I have felt really connected to and really wanted to wall. I haven't felt this for a very long time.

I admit, Shibuya Hybrid was not a wallpaper I put the most effort, thought or emotion into it
(that would have to be WITH LOVE) - but sometimes it that quietness that is enough. Just the quietness.

Here is the link to the original scan:


I don't really know what this category is (duh, a studio, but y'know), but when I first saw the scan I was kinda sickened by it. I am not an ecchi fan, and I am not going into ecchi.
For some strange reason though, when I saw it, I really liked it. The pose was probably the most striking thing I liked about it, and I realised that I would never be able to find another scan in another category with the same pose but better clothed.

You may not believe it, but I am a very conservative person. Possibly a crazy at times, but really. You would possibly think I was a dag if you saw me in person.

So I thought, why not just fix up the scan myself.

AND PS: when i went back to the category I realised how different this scan looked compared to the other ahh... swirly stuff :) This will be one those wallies which will be overlooked for simplicity but oh well.

I decided to dye/ streak her hair like what I did with the Shibuya Hybrid one to show the fashion. I lengthened the skirt and reconstructed her shoe. I only added in the iPod/ walkman/ headphones to show the technological advance or retreat (depending on your iPod/ walkman preference). I left it black for it to stand out and disappear at the same time.

Why have an outline?

Shinjuku baby : everything shibuya hybrid is not

I remember when I was walling Shibuya Hybrid, she gave me a feeling that although she is trendy and fits into her surroundings, she was never clearly defined and seemed like she was lost and on the search for something more spiritual. The background also had no outlines. There are outlines, but they have been blended in, or in some parts like the bridge, non-existent.

When I saw the scan for this, I was also struck by the outline on the original scan. She stood out, was bold, and had a definition. She knows what she wants, or at least, where she's going and where she belongs.

All the outlines were traced by me. They were not done by blending modes>> stroke. It was pixelated when I did that.

The name

Why Shinjuku? No reason. It's close to Shibuya, and the 'shin' in Shinjuku means 'new'. I guess it's just a way of feeling. Never seen any photos of Shinjuku, so unlike the Shibuya one, the background is not from the place in the name. I guess this is also trying something new.

Why baby? I don't know. It's either the music lyrics cutting in on me, or either it just sounded like it had a swing. I always tended to name my works after song titles or lyrics (or at least tried to)

Music listened to in order to survive through all this

Trying to renew my music, I decided to go backwards.

I dug out my Asian Kung-Fu Generation mp3s I received from one of the friends who ruined my whole mentality towards everything. The effect listening to this stuff isn't all that pleasant, but the music's really good. Really good.

Kimi to iu hana (the flower called 'you')
Mugen Glider (infinite glider)
Siren (track 1 and track 2, esp track 2)

I'll be changing my playlist after this for sure, if I don't want to feel like I'm internally bleeding >_<


I would like to think I was dedicating this to someone. I admit I'm a bad communicator when it comes to gratitude or feelings. This is for whoever who can feel my presence lurking around in it. And needless to say, if you know I love you, this is nuh duh, for you. (you should know who you are, and if not, if I have ever passed on weapons of mass destruction to you, or, have given you an XD anywhere, count that as love ;) ) I kinda realised that I can't hate anyone more than a
year. Happened during graduation when I made up with a long time enemy (she hated my GUTS, period.) Blah.

But anyway, that's a really long-winded description for something as simple as this, but yeah.
That's that. And as spirit-chan knows, Misa always tries to get at a point and always misses it :) But hey, I wrote a mini essay ^_^ You don't get many of these in gallery item descripts.

So I leave you with a lyric from "kimi to iu hana"

Oka no ue kara mieru michi ni saita
kimi to iu hana mata sakasu yo
kimi rashii iro ni

From atop a hill, I can see a flower called "you"
That has bloomed in the city, and will bloom again
In a color like yours...

OH YEAH. The point was I'm leaving until 4th November. You'll probably still find my name floating around in the member index, but that's just to read some posts in my groups and stuff. The chances of me actually getting to look at your gallery items I'm afraid will probably be a 10% chance, so I apologise in advance for being absent.
Apart from leaving this behind for everyone I left something on my userpage as well. If anyone ever goes there. Or reads this. Or cares.

FINAL EXAMS. I'm guaranteed pretty much my third preference into Uni, but my first two (same course, just at different universities) would have to be a different story. I don't want to rant about the education system here on a gallery description, but all I can say is that I'll be trying my best. To me, getting into my first two or my third doesn't matter that much. I'm guaranteed one or the other. (my 4th to 9th preference are all jumbled, and, I hate commerce/ economics) so hopefully I get into my combined law or my (guaranteed) architecture :) Go all the subjects with high entrance marks!! Anyways :) Anyone who wants to hear me rant can contact me, if not, I'll curse the people at my own leisure ^_^



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  1. Regenbogen Oct 10, 2005

    Hello Misa... I am here again... *lol* Unplugging didn't last toooo long...

    You're leaving until 4th November... I already read that on your userpage but in this description it sounded really dramatical... :( Well I am looking forward to see you back on November 4th then... and maybe I can really find your name floating around in the member index every ones in a while... ;)
    i love reading your descriptions... ^^ I don't really know about the Australian school system... but Good luck for your final exams!!!

    Now about ur wallpaper... :) You changed her skirt... yep but it turned out well... I also don't really like these girls showing all their underwear... ^^ What I love most about this wallpaper is that you added the mp3 or walkman... with the headphones... and how you did her hair... I LOVE her hair! Maybe that will be the fashion of the future? No longer one haircolor but a mix of many... so I don't see why you are writing that you "suck" in getting the right color. Oh and what I also really like is the way you added "shinjuku baby" into the wallpaper... :)

    The background showing the school might look simple... but it creats a special sort of style. It emphasizes the girl... and she looks like the moving point of the scene... dancing while listening to music on her headphones... :)
    So I like your new wallpaper... ^^ More more more... *lol* Well I know now it's exams time... but I am looking forward to "more more more" that will hopefully come in November... when you are back...

    Hope to see you floating around soon... ^^

  2. kakitsubata Oct 10, 2005

    ooh! i really love the concept of this wall; it's amazing how much thought you put into each of your walls. and i'm glad you twitched the character. i'm not a big fan of ecchi either. ^^" the sky is wonderful, her pose is great, the type for shinkjuku baby is so original the hair, oh the hair is just, wah! and the white grunge rocks my socks. so, no complaints. best of luck for your finals!

  3. PAche Oct 10, 2005

    i though tyou said you weredone walling?-smirk-looks its not the end yet.LOL.well as all your other wallpapers tend to be, its great.who cares about it being...empty.simplicity rules.PLUS you drew everything freehand, which is quite a feat already, i'm still struggling to draw a straight line.so there.dont let those bad comments bug you ^_^

  4. daisuki-daisuke Oct 10, 2005

    I'm really impressed how you turned it from ecchi to not. The background is really well done and your freehand drawing rocks. I'm still learning how to draw a 'perfect' curve.. The concept is really unique and the colours are great! Take care, and see you around! ^^

  5. Angel-on-Dragon Oct 10, 2005

    I think that's a really cool wallpaper. The colors are nice and it's really amazing how you changed the original scan. Though I have to admit that I also like ecchi wallpaper....
    Anyway, this one's wonderful just how it is ^^
    Thanks for sharing *adds to fav*

  6. spektro Oct 10, 2005

    me inclino ante usted....este wallpaper esta muy kawaii....jejeje

    thank's my friend !!!!!!!

  7. Terra-chan Oct 10, 2005

    This is wonderful. Simple... sweet and the background and setting is lovely, the colors are well executed... I can't complain...

  8. Keltosh Retired Moderator Oct 10, 2005

    Ganbatte! :D
    And this wall is not bad at all, you know?
    And also, do come back! Don't dare to disappear :P

  9. shinsengumi Retired Moderator Oct 10, 2005

    First of all, as a member who is not particularly fond of ecchi, I still have to say that this is a very nice wallpaper. . . I think I'm going to toss it up on my desktop. It has a certain elegance in simplicity as well as a certain grace lent it by your layout and the pose of the subject. More importantly, however, best of luck with exams and the like. And, as keltosh said, do remember to come back to us!

    Take care, keep in touch, and keep it up! See you November 4th :)

  10. Rikimaru-jp Oct 10, 2005

    WOW this is the largest description I ever saw XP you said that you are leaving :( oh..... well I really hope this wallie won't be your last one!! because you really have agood taste in wallies !
    anyway about the wallpaper I really like it it's simple and pretty good!! the background is well done nice job!!! the girl is very hot!!! and it fits in the background perfectly!!!
    I really hope that we will be able to see you around from time to time!!!
    take care of yourself and wish you luck in your life!!!

  11. Kidder Oct 10, 2005

    Another great wall and also super description. It's like taking a look inside your head while you made the wall. I don't know the first thing about walling but I wouldn't have known that you added more "skirt" if you hadn't mentioned it. Very tasteful :P

    Anyways good luck with exams. Don't stress yourself too much and see you when you get back to MT.

  12. AlexXan Oct 10, 2005

    *Yay* there ^^
    Hi hi everything important to this nice wallie is in previous comments so i just say
    realy nice work on this.*waves* Thanks for sharing *adds to fav*
    ps.:incredible long wallie description ^_^' hi hi

    Take care and Cya soon. ;)

  13. swiftsword420 Oct 10, 2005

    i hope your not really done walling. i like the wallie, its not governed by the lewd clothes that comprise all ecchi wallies. ill miss you until the 4th when i can talk toyou again. you know, you should really write a book. theres your road to success! id read it if you wrote it. ill talk to you on the 4th though. and dont stress yourself out too mcuh on those exams. as long as you have confidence than youll be fine.!

  14. EvoIIICE9A Oct 11, 2005

    well done I like the plain-ness it suits it more than if it was busy. It draws more of a focal point to the girl. And also thanks for the read :D if you feel the need you can do my 1100 - 1200 ji assignment for me hehehe. Suprisingly I have nothing to complain about this wall, the background fits, she is well blended with her background, the excellent use of brushes to add more depth. And I told you freehand rocks :P

    Great parting gift misa and good luck with those exams

  15. melymay Oct 11, 2005

    Hey an iPod! lol, nice job in covering her underwear. I can't even tell you changed it ^^ I can't believe you made the background freehand..So cool :D Anyways, nice wall :)

  16. Kenji18 Oct 11, 2005

    Yeah, same goes with your modifcation of the dress^^ the image is far better than what it should be! I really like the angle that you have chosen to represent this image with! Congrats!

  17. Akaiken Oct 11, 2005

    The pweettie, weettie, preechie, and the one I forgot to tell you on your userpage, cuutie Kuri's gonna leave! Ack... T_T

    Enough with this, I'll just cry more! Why call it simple Misa? Yeah, the wall's kinda simple but the concept is not, hehehe! The angle of the whole wall is pretty well balanced. Good job on editing the scan, hehehe!

    And who's the one you are dedicating that wall? Sorry, no clue...

    EDIT: I almost laugh very hard on the contents of your description! Damn, so much for cramming?

  18. bbls Oct 11, 2005

    wowie, misa, you did a fantastic job in frreehanding all the buildings and the steps!!
    the look of your background truly matches the look of the girl, as well!
    and kudos to you for recreating her skirt and making it longer...she looks so much better now! and the part you added on looks absolutely flawless.
    that was brilliant to add an ipod/walkman to her because it really matches her pose, and she appears to be swaying to the music, as well.
    and i also luv her mutli-colored hair...i want that, too now... XD
    oh, and i have to say that i luved that little disclaimer or farewell note on the bottom of your wall...it really cracked me up and gave me a good laugh... XD that is so you, misa!! lol!

    and of course, good luck with your exams!!
    hearing about your school system really makes my head spin... XD

  19. slivermoon Oct 11, 2005

    nice creations in the bg look cartoonish, goes well w/ the scan
    and the modifications on the scan are well done too
    though she does seem more dramatic than the rest of the wall
    the white grunging is very nice on the buildings and stairs, they create a nice texture
    but the grunging in the sky make it look like sparkles o_0 kinda strange
    but wonderful work and see u again next next month!

  20. icebrand Oct 12, 2005

    nice wallpaper. you did a good job tweaking the original scan and the backround works well with the wallpaper in general. good stuff

  21. tareren Oct 12, 2005

    Okay, am in a rush to sleep, I need to wake up early tomorrow, and now is past 2am...
    Anyway, i think this is nice, I think you chose nice colors (despite what you said about you sucked at it) and this is not *that* bright hehe :)
    One major complaint would be that I do not really like all the texture that you put in.. I know it is supposed to enhance the wall, but.. I dunno, it kinda make it... erm... Well, maybe that;s the way you want it :P (and no this is not about the white color of the texture)
    Anyway, I like the simplicity, I think there are few things lacking here and there (such as a more 3D feel on the sign and building), but I cannot really go into details right now.. do ask me if you want full comment on this one :D
    Oh, and please come back after your exams and... ganbatte ne !!!!

  22. angelrhea Oct 13, 2005

    very lond explanation you got in there but i see the essence of your wall. very nice not your usual ecchi stuff and you are just great, really great. congrats for this one and yeah pls do come back. good luck on your exams and wishing you all the luck.

  23. Freya-Elda Oct 13, 2005

    hi long time since I came here to write in your gallery
    I hope you're doing well.
    So this is it by the way don't forget to awnser to me.
    I like your wallie it's very cute and a little bit sexy.
    ;) ;)

  24. Sandra Oct 14, 2005

    How this could be empty ? It's totally full ! Full of awesome talent ! It's really amazing wall !
    I love the sky and the building.. me only don't likes the txt. Everything other is perfect 4 me.

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