Noir Wallpaper: Where Am I?!

Noir, Kirika Yuumura Wallpaper
Noir Series Kirika Yuumura Character

1152x864 Wallpaper

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Happy Early Birthday Ginthetwilightswords XD !
Brushes: Thank you to:
Note: Why not clouds on here? I wanted it to be "original" XD! I've done over 80 layers on this, despite having been terribly sick(high fever ;_;). I'm dizzy from the drugs XD! Anyways, this is what an honor student was doing instead of studying XD.

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: macky
Wall: Infatuation [WAR]
Reason:I was shocked when I saw this. This is shocking O_O!

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  1. Citsitra Oct 10, 2005

    Wow...this looks truly amazing! The background looks awesome!! Purple always looks so totally cool to me, hehe ^^ Lovely effects and colours! Definitely a fav for me =)

  2. kagoem Oct 10, 2005

    This does look good. I really like it. I would also like to say happy birthday to Ginthetwilightswords even though i don't know them and it might be a bit early to be saying that.

  3. trinigirl524 Oct 10, 2005

    wow beautiful effects. the background looks so enchanting with the galaxy dust, planets, and such. the colors here look so pretty too. wonderful job ^^

  4. Orangina Oct 10, 2005

    I think this is a really nice wallpaper, it looks very well done.. Though, I dunno if I'm alone on this one but I think it'd look better without the text. >_>

  5. xXNarutoXx Oct 10, 2005

    wow, i really love this wallpaper, u did such a nice job!!
    I like how u did the background and those comets, soo good!

  6. sangel99 Oct 10, 2005

    Wow it's very gorgeous ^-^ I really like those icy type things....mountains? ^_^' It's totally awesome great job :) +fav

  7. sherry777 Oct 10, 2005

    Wow, what a wondeful background! It looks so mystical! XD
    I like the constrast between the Earth, represented by the water and the lotus flower, and the space, represented by planets and comets.

  8. AngelKate Oct 10, 2005

    Wow, awesome background glassy! I love all the little details and effects. Wonderful job! ^_^

  9. moonbaby Oct 10, 2005

    WOW I think thats just amazing especially since i like the color purple alot XD ... well Great Job, just lovely... it came together to well...

    Loves ya!!!!

  10. hongrboi Oct 10, 2005

    Another wall from glassy after such a long time ^^ Glad to see you working so hard on...um...schoolwork xD Anyways, the colours on this are simply amazing. Then again, your walls are always so colourful so it is to be expected-another masterpiece. The amount of planets in the background is bugging me but I guess it fits into the title.

    EDIT: just noticed she's holding a gun xD it doesn't fit but I guess you can't help it...

  11. iiwa Oct 10, 2005

    wowie! awesome job, glassie-chan! :nya:
    and happy bday to ginthetwilightswords, too! :D

    aww man, i hope you're feeling better, glassie-chan! anyway, fav! :D

  12. semanga Oct 10, 2005

    ohhh my good that is my fav wall from u
    it is definitive your best wall in my eyes
    it is take my breathe and it goes to my desktop bg XD
    gomen nasai that i can not add to my fav ( limit is fool)

  13. mughi Oct 10, 2005

    Let me see your latest work....wow, another fine piece of work you have done. You did over 80 layers? This tells me you are a perfectionist who will not stop until you're satisfied and you did it while you are ill. You are truelly talented and amazing waller.

    The background you picked is awesome. All that stars and planets as well as the mountain behind the character. Also, the effects beneath the character (water?) is very nicely done. Combined it gives me an impression of unforgiving place that you do not want to end up with.

    Great job you did but please get well first.


  14. spektro Oct 10, 2005

    maldicion se ve kawaii!!!!!!!! T_T lloro de felicidad y no se porque jeje ^_^' ....


  15. kurodousama Oct 10, 2005

    wow... nice wallpaper... i think the layers and time payed off for this one.. kirika looks super cute in it too... thanks

  16. Rhonda21 Oct 10, 2005

    This is absolutely beautiful. amazing background. Everything is just so great!!!

  17. jingjing1208 Oct 11, 2005

    Haha,so amazing works!!^_^ @_@ Wonderful!!
    Happy b-day,Gin!^.~

  18. sylvacoer Oct 11, 2005

    This is awesome! (*^.^*) You really outdid yourself with this wall, hon. It's like being lost in a lonely dream... (@_@)

  19. DarkIngram Oct 11, 2005

    Awesome wallpaper again glassheart.... the background is really nice.... great job on your planets and ice? XD

  20. bbls Oct 11, 2005

    this is such a gorgeous wall, and the combination of colors here are so beautiful!
    i luv the water effects on the bottom, and the star field is also very lovely!
    i also think the scan blends in seamlessly into your background, but did you mean to put those "stars" on her, too?
    but i think the text could be improved, and i'm not too crazy about the black border... ^_^'
    your wall is absolutely stunning and is a visual treat!
    and please get better soon!

  21. pamkips Oct 11, 2005

    well that was a wierd explination XD j/k anyways gotta love your little style you always use...it sooo upliftingly beautiful! ahhhhhhh yes....kudooossss too ya! great job! ^_^

  22. slivermoon Oct 11, 2005

    too bad to hear that u'r sick, get well soon!!
    well the bg is very original, looks almost like an abstract art piece
    the girl blends soo well w/ the surrounding back
    nice work ^-^

  23. Cagalli22 Oct 11, 2005

    This is really pritty glassy! the flowers at the bottome are really nice as well.
    Great work...haha, lol same here, I realy should be studying for my Algebra test..but ^_^' I'm not oviously :D

    By the way~Nice new ava! (Maybe a sig too??)

  24. GintheTwilightswords Oct 11, 2005

    *jaw drops*OMG XD XD XD XD !!!!!!!!!!! Gah, I, errr, uhhhhh....it looks so beautfiul XD ^uu^!!!!!!! Mere words cannot describe how extravgent and radiant this wall looks :) .The brushes that you used for this wall must have been of a veyr high quality, because you busted out some visual effects that I've never seen before, or even seen so splendidly and wonderfully done :D. The bg is just so gorgeous,it totally looks like something out of a dream or a game or-or-it just looks so awesome t-t~* (tears of joy). The whole interstellar planetscape is incredible, you did an overwhemling,wonderful job creating the bg and everything in it-the planets, the stars,the mountains, and the vastness of space just look so stunning, makes me wish I were drifting through it (heck, I wish I were there with that cute girl,lol XD). The lighting and colouring for the wall is just superb, everything is so vivid and can actually be seen need of sunglasses, hehehe XP . The fg, good heavens, the fg looks amazing :) . The ripples in the water look wonderful, and the way you have the colours from the entire sky and landscape reflecting off its surface is absolutely genius. I also love how you have the lotus submerged beneath the water. And the girl, man, she graceful and and beautiful like the moon reflecting off the water :) . The extraction is great, I like how you have her outlined from the colours in the rest of the wall, and she's also partly translucent XD ! That's cool, waaay more than cool, it's just awesome. My opinion, and not just saying this because it's a gift for my b-day (ok, maybe I am-forget you all XP !), this is probably the one of the best walls you have done to date, even with the amount of layers (80 XD XO) The whole thing really stands out and has such a unique and orignal feel to it that similar walls to this type would pale it its splendor :D .Astonishing and magnificent work, Glassy, I really adore this wall that you have done for me :) *big,super-duper,gigan,mega, signature silver glomp hugglez*
    P.S. I might be stretching this lot more than I probably have with the staggering size of my comment, but I'd be willing to bet you'll see this in the Highlights soon ^uu^ ;) .

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