Matantei Loki Ragnarok Wallpaper: Am Abend

Sakura Kinoshita, Matantei Loki Ragnarok, Loki (Matantei Loki Ragnarok), Mayura Daidouji Wallpaper

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Artist Comment

I got a kick out of using Neuschwanstein castle for the background of this wall. I used to live in Germany, and when I visited it, all I remember the tour guide saying was that the king who built it was nuts. (*^.^*) Bad things happen when you mix lead-pipe plumbing and in-breeding, ne?

Credit goes to Yo-kun for the scan.
Castle pic is from The Stock Exchange.

I'm working on making my sunsets more realistic, putting in clouds. I dunno what to think about my latest stab at it though...

UPDATE: 05 Nov 2005. Softened the edges of the scan and added more shadows so the couple looks more like they're part of the wall (hopefully...)

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Browse Matantei Loki Ragnarok Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. tripleG Oct 09, 2005


    I really really like it!! The bg is just amazing!

    Good job Sylvacoer!!

  2. Cleonick Oct 09, 2005

    The girl and the boy are really cute! and background is really nice! good work! :)

  3. eclair-chan Oct 09, 2005

    wow hehehe this is reall cute! I love the castle in the bg and the scan is great nice wallie! I'm faving it

  4. StarDreamer429 Oct 09, 2005

    this wallie is soooooooooooo pretty >_< i luv the pic and the bg matches SO good with it
    >_< continue making more wallies sylvacoer-san! 'cause i kno you've got skill^^

  5. rafaellaGP Oct 10, 2005

    Is so cute!!!!!!!! i really like this wall
    the bg with the castle is very nice...
    great work ^^

  6. Emma Oct 10, 2005

    LOL about the castle story! =d
    i really like the trees and their colors. And the scan matches the theme. They look like they fit the German-feel. Your sky is amazing!! You made the clouds bright near the sun. And I like the variety of colors with the clouds on the right. The purplish, pinkish hues do make it feel like a warm sunset ^^
    A very cute wallie!!

  7. moonbaby Oct 10, 2005

    Very nice i really like the bg... great work, u always impress me :P

    Loves ya!!!

  8. hongrboi Oct 10, 2005

    Yet another nice sceneic wall. I've come to expect these kinds of walls with the quality that come with them from you. I love the bushes behind them. It looks so realistic! I tried searching fore the stock on 'The stock exchenge' but couldn't. So I guess you made them? it looks great ^^The grass is nice and realistic too.

  9. hsh31 Oct 10, 2005

    Nice view, castle in the sunset (and it's a real castle "")
    It's so beautiful, I like it.
    Nice Walllpapers.

  10. Shinryo Oct 10, 2005

    Bang Bang!! *laugh* 1 point go to u!!
    nice job. the BG match with the scan perfectly
    keep it up!

  11. Acuni Oct 10, 2005

    i like it
    the scenary is great and the work on the bg is nice to but there are some trees mising back at the castle

  12. leosama84 Oct 10, 2005

    The Entire wallie is lovely! :D
    but mmm....the scan seems a bit..chisel hard...i dunno, its soft feeling seems like its gone! the background as usual is really nice, the idea is really cute ^_^...but i dunno, i would give it a 7/10 this time sempai...^_^ ne? i would love to add it to my favourites, but i'm at the limit this week :hmpf:
    bai bai!

  13. bbls Oct 10, 2005

    your scenic backgrounds are always so amazing and gorgeous! i luv the realism of your scenery, and the color gradients in your sky is so beautiful with the lens flares, which truly depict the look of a sunset. i also luv your concept of that castle in the background. but i kinda agree with leosama that somehow the scan doesn't quite match the background.
    as always, sylva, your walls are truly beautiful and unique! :D

  14. Millenia Oct 10, 2005

    WOW! O_O Increible background! lovely wallie! congratulations, it is totally awesome!

  15. IzumiChan Oct 10, 2005

    Very pretty! :D
    So, this is a sunset? I thought it was a sunrise ^_^'
    The sky is amazing ^_^
    Good job! :)

  16. walkure245 Oct 10, 2005

    This is really sweet-looking. The only thing is the scan. The lines aren't smooth around the girl's hair. But that's the only thing. I love the bg with a lot of flora and the castle looks great. You could give it more shadows so that the castle doesn't look entirely smooth. The sunlight's perspective is really well done. Give the plants a slight orange tint to show that's it is sunset. Coloring like this is usually more for sunrise. Does that sound weird? O_o Other than that, this is really amazing piece of work. XD Great stuff~

  17. Leaf Oct 10, 2005

    Awesome work! ^^ You made the castle look great with the background and your clouds are looking good too ^^ Although the scan doesn't really fit in as well with the background but it still looks nice ^^ Good job! XD

  18. fawna-chan Oct 10, 2005

    wow...looks like one of those castle-romance thing. it's so cute! the scan you used is nice too! great work! :) +fave

  19. tailai Oct 11, 2005

    the castel is so good.
    light in evening is so beautiful. i like this pic.
    thank you for sharing.

  20. k1ru Oct 11, 2005

    u make a great great great wallie again!!! XD XD XD XD
    luv luv luv ittt~~~
    :nya: :nya: :nya: :nya: :nya:

  21. Shinobu13 Banned Member Oct 11, 2005

    hum this wall could be very nice if there ins't a bad mix betwenn the bg and the scan, i explain me, the grass looks too realistic, and the blending between the sky, the grass and scan is really weird

  22. iarly Oct 12, 2005

    It's awesome... really. I can't find anything I don't like in this one, unless, maybe, the grass. Dunno why, but there's something odd about it. Still... goes straight to faves!

  23. Ephemeral-Garden Oct 15, 2005

    Sylva... you're getting good with green scenery backgrounds. ^^

    The idea of putting that castle was a great idea, coz it kinda matches with Loki's and that girl's outfit, which reminds me of Renaissance Era. The sunset isn't a bad idea, and that ray definitely is a nice touch to the work.

    The background is nicely done and the stock photo blends quite well with your "geen-brush playing" skills. ^^ But the only problem is that the scan itself. The extraction isn't so bad, but thetone of the character is. Maybe the colour is a little too... sharpened, you might wanna try playing with blendings? It's a little too sharp though.

    Overall, a great scenic work with very great brushings from you. ^^ Next time try blending mode for the character so it suits the background.

  24. badtz-maru Oct 15, 2005

    what's the deal with crazy kings and cool castles?? have you every seen or heard of a crazy king or evil villan living in a crappy house??

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