Anime Wallpaper: Do you want to die?

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Do you want to die?
Toete oder du wirst getoetet (Kill or you'll be killed)

I watched a documentation about animals on TV a few days ago. In the animal world the most important rule is to kill or to be killed. But I think the humans are not that different... >_> though it's not always "kill" but "survive"...

The girl on the wallie is going to kill s.o. she really hates.. even though she is kinda young.. (maybe 17? 18?) and she won't stop killing until 5 of her enemies are dead... that's her goal.. and at the end she'll commit suicide.. a very sad story.. =__=

These are the images I used for the wallie:
image 1
image 2

I almost had to redraw the whole girl's scan.. it was tough but fun.. =3

More resolutions: www.Uchiki.de

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  1. Leaf Oct 09, 2005

    awesome ^^ Another great piece of work by you! XD lol anyways good job ^^ +fav (btw atrocity has moved... sooo... the link is on my userpage)

  2. Cajime Oct 09, 2005

    awesome!!! i love it, this is going to the favorites :) Even though it's just combining two pictures it's done very well, with great colour, and great atmosphere. Keep it up!

  3. chibikko Oct 09, 2005

    oh yes, this has been loading for some minutes xD the colors are real stylish and i love the brushwork~ well yeah the pic is also cool. but the pantsu... >_< uh xD anyway good job

  4. sukie Oct 09, 2005

    wow...this looks so cool!! pretty pretty colours!!! so it's like you merged the two scans together?? cool!! great jbo!! =D

  5. Angel-on-Dragon Oct 09, 2005

    Pretty cool wallpaper. The effects look great (und ich liebe den Titel ^^) and the scan's cool too ^^
    Thanks for sharing it

  6. Yue-Horrishino Oct 09, 2005

    Awsome... and you are right... kill or be killed...
    I love it ... adding it to my favs...
    Ja ne

  7. fukushuusha Oct 09, 2005

    this is very....yinaish XD
    u always make my day like this one Yina
    as for the wall; it's absolutely perfect for my taste...

  8. white-zero Oct 10, 2005

    Eh, no. I don't wanna die...yet. XD

    What can I say, another first class stuff from you. Hands down.

  9. Nayako Oct 10, 2005

    Yey!! It looks so great!!!!!!! XD
    Excellent work!! I love it !! It's so detailed and chara is also cute!! :D

  10. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Oct 10, 2005

    "To survive in the animal world its not to be stronger nor intelligent but to react to change..." ~ Charles Darwin Anyway its killer great and the movement of the flashes is stunning but yeah beautiful work as usual Yina! :P

  11. AC2N Oct 10, 2005

    hoooo no.... !! I don't wanna die !
    I really love this one... the girl looks like very good.... you did a great work on it...
    hope to see more !!

  12. DarkEVO Oct 10, 2005

    A gun fight with her would be cool. John Woo all the way with my double Berettas blazing.
    Cool wall. Dark and yet violent. Good stuff. The light's a good metaphor to show her gun.
    Let's go I'm ready for a gun fight.

  13. Nona Oct 10, 2005

    Really original. The theme is interesting anime world vs. human world, survive and the other thinks....it's hard. The wallpaper is really good, like always! :)

  14. Sandra Oct 10, 2005

    Yina ! I Love it i love it i love it !
    You know that i foun this scan some days ago ? I wanted to make a wall with this girl but me haven't got idea for composition and bg. And you made it just perefctly girl !
    This one rox ! You're the quuen of original style Yina ! Great stuff from ya ! As always ^_^

  15. Akira-san Oct 11, 2005

    It's a very interesting wallie, kinda different and stylish... Liked the story and the conception of "kill or be killed" very cool ^^
    Deserves a fav

  16. jinhui Oct 11, 2005

    wow you did a great job........................................................................(...)

  17. jingjing1208 Oct 11, 2005

    Ah,so great!!!I love it!!!

  18. Lenne Oct 11, 2005

    Wow...it's really good.I love the rendering.
    You did a really good job on this wall. ;)

  19. Sunira Oct 12, 2005

    Really nice wallpaper, Yina. The theme is interesting and the way you display your idea of the theme is also unique. :)

  20. MyrrhLynn Oct 12, 2005

    Oh cool! I like the emotion that you poured into this wall, it really helps to make it stand out more. I like the light effects as well and the sort of dark and grungy feeling the wall has, it's nice sometimes to not see the same "oh so happy and cheerful" walls. XD

  21. ayaki Oct 13, 2005

    haha i don't want to die yet >_<
    but hey, this wall looks super cool!~
    it looks very dramatic with the effect u've added..and the perspective is great!~

  22. DarkVirus Oct 14, 2005

    that is a really cool wall that u made yina
    i like the effects that u made on the wall
    keep up the good work :)

  23. acid-awakening Oct 15, 2005

    well isnt there juz one choice for a wall like this :D ;)
    instant fav..... ;D ;) nice work
    The background is very good and the light effects are also great
    Thanx for sharing

  24. Sakura0chan Oct 15, 2005

    Another awesome wallpaper here, Yina. :) You almost redrew the scan?! Wow!! That's really a tough job. ;)
    This is so good!! ^^ Deserves to have a fav!! -^__^-
    Keep up the good work, Yina!! I do like your style. :) You make wallpapers that are different from the others. And that's what I like!! ^_^

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