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Am i still here?
here upon thse unwished sins
Embered to your hearts
Nurtured by your obscurity
5 4 3 2 1....0
We become our own destroyers
we the human race
squanderers of the universe
nomads of our lives

death smiles before we die
yet all we do is smile back...

*Listening to Thriller ~ Michael Jackson
Hellraiser ~ Ozzy Osbourne*

After a long time MT is back without the gallery glitch. I finished this abstract wall a long time ago just before the site went down, but yeah since Thursday i was feeling like S*** since i have a mild cold with running nose and Cough- sneezing syndrome. But overall the making of the wall was done for a memory / death theme depicting the lost childhood memories of watching tv too much during my day, dark edged grunge, some recent photos of me and some friends and yeah all in all it was kinda crappily inspired by The Ring movie but what can I do.... Death sometimes lives within me like a dark fire that cannot be extinguished, i guess what im saying that my theory about life is that there is no true happiness and death is almost constant in our everyday life...and we can only grab happiness in a second when it is taken in a photograph.

So life goes on and im starting to get bored of computer life, might be coming less on here that i usually do now. Anyway hope you like! ^___^

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  1. Dufoe88 Oct 09, 2005

    Yo Oracle.. long time man XD..
    thats a pretty wallpaper you made! i like the floor, and everything else..
    nice job *thumbs up* ^^
    keep it up

  2. k1ru Oct 09, 2005

    Oracle-san!! XD XD
    zettai kakkoii yoo~ XD
    cool! ^^
    great effect there~
    <3 <3 <3

  3. Nyuu-chan Oct 09, 2005

    For sure it is original. Love the way you made it. Gret one!

  4. DarkEVO Oct 09, 2005

    I was just chatting to you on msn about 10 mins ago before I left to get something.
    Anyways, looks like a good grunge wall. Good tonal colours as well.
    And I see you've incorporated the image of Nivbed, your fav. artist in there too.
    Is it done by you or by Nivbed. Oh well... doesn't matter.
    Good stuff. +Fav.

  5. Liz Oct 09, 2005

    Wow that looks pretty cool love the colors they look great. Love the effects and the idea of your abstract is great excelllent work.

  6. magemaster Oct 09, 2005

    it's cool and awesome
    i like the idea
    nice work

  7. DarkIngram Oct 09, 2005

    Nice wallpaper here... I like the floors you've made... The effects are also cool..... :)

  8. Kiako Oct 09, 2005

    you did a good job on the wallpaper, i like the flor and the colors.
    keep it up

  9. kalicodreamz Oct 09, 2005

    nice one oracle. but i have a couple complaints. (dum dum dummmmmmmm)
    the floor...even though it's in perspective and all, it looks really flat theres no tonal change. it should get like...slightly darker as it moves back towards the wall.
    which would also help my other complaint. the TV. which looks like it was kinda just stuck on.
    those aside, i like it. the whole concept is really cool, and i've always been a big fan of sepia tones. even though my fav color is blue....go figure.
    wait..what does that have to do with ANYTHING?!
    -just woke up-
    yeah. so. thats all >_>

  10. ChibiFangirlie Oct 09, 2005

    Ooooh it's so neat. o.o So Silent-Hillish. xD I love it! Very nice work! <3

  11. chau-chan Oct 09, 2005

    It's very original and wonderful texture
    The floor looks nice and the grunge around the wallpaper, also.
    Great job!

  12. Electrastar Oct 09, 2005

    I love how evreything is different, but at the same time, it comes together so well. And of course, the grunge is top quality work. Great job.

  13. Akaiken Oct 10, 2005

    I see the natural environment was done pretty good and the texture's kinda realistic. So natural...

  14. ryannzha Oct 10, 2005

    astonish as ever b4 mate.. the gloomy theme which i felt from it is really deep.. damn!! i havta fav' this awesome work of art!! ^_^'

  15. Yina Oct 10, 2005

    ara ara.. *__* perfect work.. ne =3.. wow.. i love the font.. it looks so real.. XD nyaa.. but the wallie is kinda sad.. .__. nyaa.. it think I'm more often infront of my computer than my TV.. haha xDD never mind.. >>

  16. himeno22 Oct 10, 2005

    thats flippin amazing O_O
    man it makes em want to stop doing my walls cause (not that they were crappy to being with...) it makes mine look super bad :P
    thanks so much for sharing^^

  17. Tiferet Oct 10, 2005

    you never cease to amaze me sometimes...i really like how it looks like it'd decaying & such ^^;

  18. nhocxu Oct 11, 2005

    That is so great hehe
    , i lOve this style, , its special, love it must add fav

  19. Evanrued Oct 11, 2005

    I love checkered board floors XD my room is done the same way lol. But anyway. Grunge effects are fantastic in this one, and I like how it looks as if the grunge is eating away at the memory. Effects are top notch. The tv is placed nicely as well. But what are on the side of the tv? First thought I had were one eyes rabbits ^^;;;;; But overall this looks great OA

  20. pamkips Oct 11, 2005

    holy crap! i will agree with everyone...this wallie is abstractily grungefully beautiful! O_O like usual...grunge seems to leave me speechless.....wierd

  21. fukushuusha Oct 11, 2005

    adorable grunge and set of mood. people have to be zombies or something to not to like ur style
    great work as always man

  22. Dyvaith-Fyr Oct 12, 2005

    Hmm, the artwork is really cool. Not a big fan of...emotional poetry, but I still love the artwork. Very cool!

  23. agneslee Oct 12, 2005

    The effect is so great!! XD XD The feeling is soooo old!!! And what's the photos? It's not so nice.

  24. Sunira Oct 12, 2005

    I love your abstract walls, sir. :) this one makes me feel....something like half empty. If that makes sense.

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