Haunting Ground Wallpaper: .:Haunting Grounds:.

Capcom, Haunting Ground Wallpaper
Capcom Studio Haunting Ground Game

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Just finished the game last summer...It was not the best horror game I came up with but it's also not bad XD It was pretty slow but I did like the art :) I know this isn't also my prettiest wallie but I hope you dl/comment on it anyway...more to come!

BTW....Belated happi b-day to Jaku!

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  1. alexiel01 Oct 09, 2005

    Spectacular! is this a b-day gift for Jak? Very pretty wallie!

    this I like! ^_^

  2. Akaiken Oct 09, 2005

    Ooooh... the kitty is back with a wall!

    Nice scan extraction and I really am much happy to see you making a unique bg, hehehe! I really am used at seeing that on your walls. XD

  3. AgataMare Oct 09, 2005

    This game has to be very cool, but it scares me! >_<
    i don't know if I'll play it...

  4. Shkira Oct 09, 2005

    My husband actually just started this game. Pretty creepy. This wallpaper, however, is lovely. The background looks awesome!

  5. ChibiFangirlie Oct 09, 2005

    Oooh, I love it! The background looks great with the picture. ^^ Nice work.

  6. nikorai Oct 09, 2005

    hi. a very nice wall. is the game called haunting ground. i heard there were talks concerning it being a sequel to clock tower (or so) series. played only Silent hill 2,3 of games in this genre

  7. BossMac Oct 12, 2005

    Thanks for the greets.

    Yeah, I agree, this game isn't that scary.

    Anyways, this one's awesome. Lacks some color but that's supposed to be the atmosphere, right?

  8. Ephemeral-Garden Oct 14, 2005

    Quite unique... I meant the background gives the old, sentimental feelings. And yes, the scan is quite suitable since they have quite the plain colour on to match with the background. But, yeah... one thing which bugs me that... sometimes it's always best to move the scan to the right. Most icons will mostly be at the left, and it kinda bugs me a lot to see through the wall just like that.

    Anyways, a very unique artsy work. ^^

  9. nostyle118 Oct 15, 2005

    Hi. Very pretty wallpaper you have here. I haven't played this game before but I love this wallpaper. It looks like an official one. Great job.

  10. Sakura0chan Oct 15, 2005

    Nice job again. :) The background looks good. :) I like that face of the girl and the dog (is that a dog?) blending with the background. :)
    Keep up the good work!! ^^ Thanks for sharing.

  11. the-okinawan-man Oct 17, 2005

    holy *@$#%^!!

    now that's a bombshell chick!!! O_O

    i love the way you fit the elements (background texture, title, character) together!


  12. Kusanago Nov 01, 2005

    very nice piece of art keep going

  13. glam Apr 20, 2010

    awsome picture, thanks for sharing!

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