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Hidari Mangaka

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Passion, obsession, beauty, heartache.


When I first saw this image, I thought it was one of the most impossibly beautiful things I have ever seen. And I knew someday that if no one walled this scan, then I would. This wallpaper is dedicated to Jasmine, since I know she loves this image so much. Working on this wallpaper with a cinnamon apple candle burning in the background was just heavenly. By the way people, those are poinsettias, not roses.

I tried to recreate the background as close to the original image as possible. (Though if someone has a scan of lace closer to the original, please send it to me!) Instead of using the pen tool to extract the girl, I erased the background so the edges would be soft. And as you can probably tell, I spent a lot more time trying to harmonize the text into the wallpaper. I tell you it certainly took a lot of willpower not to put wings on the girl... though I eventually did just to see what they looked like. And thanks goes out to Rikimaru-jp, my "number one fan," for supporting me. :)

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Akira-san
Wall: Under A Funeral Moon
Reason: Dark, creepy, and a job well done!

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  1. Emeralis Oct 08, 2005

    I love this wallpaper! :)

    The flowers are so beautiful and the background is lovely

    Great work! :)

  2. LoneTenchi Oct 08, 2005

    wow this looks great..ya I know what you mean, when i first saw the scan to this I was like "oh my God...wow." Good job + fav!

  3. jasmine Retired Moderator Oct 08, 2005

    Oh my God! You actually walled it!!! :D Great :] Rikimaru has been tormenting me for the last few days saying that there is gonna be a surprise for me and ... of course he stopped at that, finding a real pleasure in reminding me of the "surprise" few times a day T_T But it was worth it XD and I would never have expected nor imagined that you would actually wall this scan ^^ You immediately won my desktop :P The walling process must have been a real nightmare with recreating all the bg >.< but as always you did a trully wonderful job :D The wall although so colorful is really peaceful. Wish I was better and giving constructive comments ^^; Thank you for this wallpaper and for the dedication. *Hughs*

  4. unicorn2006 Retired Moderator Oct 08, 2005

    ahh this is beautiful~! I love the original image, and I'm glad you decided to make a wall out of it. :) You've done such a wonderful job extending the image. It's impossible for me to tell where the original scan starts and ends. If anything she's a little slanted and the sense of balance is a little off, but that's okay. ^^ Thanks to you we can enjoy a wall with this image :)
    I think I'll fav this.. it'll be my first one in weeks ^^

  5. ShinnAsuka14 Oct 08, 2005

    ahh very nice!! i like the picture!!! great work as always!! keep it up!!!

  6. Rikimaru-jp Oct 08, 2005

    OH MY god!!! What a magnificent wallie, I can proudly say that this is the best wallie I've seen today! And it's really one of your best works congratulations Eliz-chan you really did a remarkable job!!!
    I really don't know where I should start? Because everything seems so ideal well I guess I will start with the background as usual!
    The background you've made for this scan is the best background anyone can ever imagine and I saw the original scan and I must say that it's hard to wall it that's why no one ever walled it yet ;) the red poinsettias look so charming and they suit the character's clothes a lot !!!
    You used very beautiful colors for the background! And outstanding effects I really like those shinning thingies that they look like they are falling from above they add this magical touch to the whole wallie!!!
    And now for the character I can't tell how much I find her cute and pretty :) and so innocent and they expression on her face is so pure and I think like she's going to cry but from happiness that gift really means a lot for her ;) and the environment around her suits the situation and the expression, and I really like the how her neck has been attached to those ribbons , she looks like she's a gift herself XP
    also I want to add that the text is really neat because the colors and the font fit nicely with the wallie!!! it looks like it belongs originally to the scan ;)
    Last but not least the extraction of the scan well you mentioned how hard it was and I believe you are right cause that scan is really difficult to extract especially at the hair spots but that didn't stop you at all you perfectly achieved the best result any could have ;) 10/10 on the extraction xp
    i really don't know what to say more I was really excited about this wallie and wanted to write more than that but I feel so speechless right now :) all I can say that I feel so proud to be your number one fan I really do ;) *hugs Eliz*
    And Jaz is really lucky to have such a wonderful wallie dedicated exclusively to her!!
    And she really deserve it because she's one of the best friends I have :) and the best mod on MT "No offense to others".
    The irony of all this that I wrote all this comment and I can't add it to my favorites :(
    Well I owe you a fav Eliz-Chan XP this wallie deserve more than just a fav but also to reach top one :) and thank you for mentioning me in your description Eliz and I'm really proud of you :)
    >>Your number one fan Riki<<

  7. angelwingz Oct 09, 2005

    O_O ah so beautiful and so cute i like it so much ......
    add it to fav....

  8. BlkLotus Oct 09, 2005

    this is so sweet looking. thank you for shareing this :)

  9. dezidez Oct 09, 2005

    Awwww..*big eyes*.....VERY LOVELY.....its great.....its a keeper...adding to fav, its so lovely....the colors and all....beautiful....keep up the good work XD ;) ;)

  10. CagalliYamato Oct 09, 2005

    very very very nice jobb!!*.* it nothes that u really efort o make it!!,,^^ the colors the scan..!! is an exelent wall! th background great..!! and the flowers are q very nice touch! ^^ congratsss!!!

  11. KaoruHimura Oct 09, 2005

    wow....the colours are perfect...the girl is so cute, but she look so sad...well, i lie it very much....good work^^

  12. gel-chan Oct 09, 2005

    Wow! Nice wallie there! The colors are just too wonderful! XD Its kinda like Christmas don't you think? :D Its great!

  13. extremeplayer Oct 09, 2005

    great wall lunaregina very colorful and the bg looks wonderful XD

  14. stellar Oct 09, 2005

    im luving this wallie. that image, its from jasmine's avatar and sig. >_< *reads on* and its for her too! xp~!!! awsome! lol this deserves my fav because everything is perfect, extraction is pretty good ad the bg is a soild 9.

    rate: 9/10

  15. unforgivenGoddess Oct 09, 2005

    w0w great wall!! it's very lovely and most cute!! i love how u made the colors work 2gether...nice work!!!

  16. suziechan Oct 09, 2005

    I love it :).

    the roses look so lovely and so beautiful.

    the girl is so cute and suits the background.

    it deserves a fav.

  17. melonbrust Oct 09, 2005

    very cute, beautifull color, well done luna.. ^^

  18. azndude88 Oct 09, 2005

    aww very kawaii and looks like she is in the mood for the holidays

  19. ventures Oct 09, 2005

    luna-chan always makes clean beautiful walls~
    and this wall is no exception XD
    the scan is indeed very beautiful ~
    and the haiiir~ it must have been so hard to etract :D
    and the text looks great
    u recreated all the bg ? it looks really good
    *fav for the good job XD*

  20. Norin Oct 09, 2005

    I love this image!
    She looks very beautyful!
    great wall good job

  21. yaxbalam Oct 09, 2005

    wonderful wallpaper the bg is fantastic it rules >.<

    Quote by gel-chanWow! Nice wallie there! The colors are just too wonderful! XD Its kinda like Christmas don't you think? :D Its great!

    gel-chan it is a xmas wallpaper ^_^'

  22. tripleG Oct 09, 2005


    Another beautiful wall! I love it also very much!! (I will plug it in my next submission!!!)

    Good job! Love the extraction and the way the scan blends with the nice bg!


  23. Haia Oct 09, 2005

    This is just great Lunaregina!!! Just amazing!!! I can't stop looking at it! Thankies so mcuh for sharing! +fav

  24. streetgurl Oct 09, 2005

    amazing lunar!!!! pretty amazing!!! adds it to favorites!!!
    keep them coming!!!!

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