Ogi Wallpaper: Girls can DJ

Ogi Wallpaper
Ogi Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

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I found the scans of the girls in DREAMS gallery... this wallpaper contains three scans... you can find the originals here: http://browse.minitokyo.net/1090/ogi/
The girls were drawn by OGI, a Japanese artist and when I found them in DREAM's gallery they really caught my eye even though they were surrounded by all these wonderful Yoshitaka Amano Scans. But I wanted to try out vectoring... and somehow I don't want to vector Amanos artwork... I think it would destroy the special technique of coloring that he uses. So this was another reason why I decided for these scans.

Oh I want to thank DREAM for submitting all these impressing artworks and Misa for her pen tool tutorials. Before the pen tool didn't really exist in my Photoshop world... *lol* So thanks... I learned more in this wallpaper than with the three others I made before. Maybe that's why I was working on it for about three weeks.

Making this wallpaper I thought of all the people, including me, who almost never leave their house anymore without their mp3 players... So I wanted to place them in a "city setting". I thought of graffiti... but simply adding text on my background didn't work. So I used the pen tool again and tried to set my brushes in such a way to make it look a little bit like graffiti... I hope it turned out like this.

And the third girl on the poster is not a vector... I felt like adding this text but I wanted to add it in a natural way... so I thought of posters that you very often find on such walls in the city.

Well I tried to express my love for music... and maybe you can also feel me saying "yes, I like to be a girl"... *lol*
I hope some people like this wallpaper. It means a lot to me cause the more layers I added... the more time I spent with it... the more I learned about Photoshop... but even now I know... I am still at the beginning... *sigh* So your critics are welcome... but don't forget, I tried my best! *lol*

I forgot to write that the background photo of the wall was made by my boyfriend who studied photography. I am happy that he lets me use his photos as pieces for my wallpapers. His website is www.no-mad.com

And...I can dj, we can dj etc. is commonly used, isn't it... ^^

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  1. michel000 Oct 08, 2005

    hi again regenbogen ^^
    nice wally
    hhmm.. ok here comes the critisism
    all elements are really nice ^^
    the girls are to big... maybe make them a bit smaller and put them on the right
    the stock and the bg have a big contrast difirence...
    maybe change this by adding some nice brushes to the brick wall?

    and.. girls can dj? maybe you meant girls can be a Dj
    cuss the dj is a person not something you do
    the graffity is nice but the black of the girls and the green doesnt look right so close to each other
    now sorry for the critisism but i am just trying to help ^^

    overall: good job ^^ and keep it up
    waiting to see more

  2. himeno22 Oct 08, 2005

    sweet-o man that is awesome!
    girls so can DJ i think it would be fun to be a DJ :D
    i should look into that....
    well nice scan Regenbogen^^

  3. smilebit Oct 09, 2005

    very nice work. however, yes the contrast of the wall and the scans is rather off. maybe darken the bground wall a bit. dj'ing is something. one can be a dj, and one can also dj. the characters i find to be sized nice, and keeping them on the left forces all those pc users to move their icons to the right. the drop shadow on the text can go however. i'm sure you can blend the graffiti together with the brick better. try layering a duplicate layer of the brick on top of the graffiti and putting an overlay blend on it. just a suggestion. the vector is nice, a few rough spots, but hey, first time right? good job none the less.

  4. sacredsky Oct 09, 2005

    Kick ass. I really like the idea...but there is still some white stuff around the girl with the short hair.

    Keep it up, yah?

  5. akari-chan Oct 09, 2005

    that's a cool wall! i saw these two girls at Japantown in San Francisco. well, the lines are a bit jagged, but the background rocks. good job man.

  6. MizuKochan Oct 09, 2005

    Great work :D I really like it.
    It has own chracter and style :D That's woderful. You're original and I love it ;)
    kisssssss xxxxx

  7. Dero Oct 09, 2005

    I really love it :) very cool, I'm out of words, somecaind of yuri or something like that, no I not pervert but I really LIKE your work.

  8. Angel-on-Dragon Oct 09, 2005

    Nice work ^^ I think everything fits in nicely. The scan looks cool and the bg fits great too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Ancsa Oct 09, 2005

    Man siet dass du mit dem Wallpaper viel gearbeitet hast. ;)
    Es ist sehr gut geworden, and es gefällt mir sehr! :)

  10. prettymommah Oct 09, 2005

    i love the graffiti wall behind the girls...everything fits perfectly...you've done a very wonderful wallpaper and i just love it...really really love it :)

  11. flyindreams Oct 09, 2005

    Ah... cool <3 the city atmosphere is wonderful and all the different elements that you added work really well. The jagged lines and bits of white is a bit of a problem, especially for the girl on the right... I've recently discovered the smudge tool ^.^ That might help with smoothing out some of the edges. Like smilebit said, the graffiti could be blended better to make it look like a part of the wall instead of just being a layer overlay... I'm not sure if I like the filters on the brick wall because they look kind of metallic but not really... But again like the urban cool-ness of this wall XD and your boyfriend's website is awesome O_O I wish it didn't loop the music everytime I reloaded a page, but yah... found lots of "eye candy" for me today X3

  12. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Oct 10, 2005

    Oh yah this is cool :) I saw the original two scans and was impressed at how you put them together when you noticed they had the same clothing style :)

    glad the pen tutorial helped <3

    i think though the extraction is good, but the girl on the right mostly has her arms/ outline a bit lumpy :) But I think it might have originally been like that *not sure* but when extracting, don't worry about the outline on the scan :) You can extract even more than that as long as you keep the shape I guess, and keep the scan consistent (especially those scans with an outline on it- either keep it or get rid of it) so the people saying that there are white bits on her hair, just get the colour burn tool (I think it's two buttons below the brush tool, and if it doesn't show a hand, right click and select burn) and go over the edges. Warning! It's only for the darker parts of the scan- like her hair and her shirt :) You don't want her arms going black :p

    *EDIT* but you vectored it ... so... the white line is either an outerglow... or something I dunno @_@ But yah okay, ignore the extraction stuff I said, it's the lines that are jagged then- stretch out the pentool and curve it so it's smooth :) Practive makes perfect this is a great first vector ^.^

    i really like the whole idea of the poster and the graffiti :P

    *edit* your using three scans I forgot the poster :p

    i won't repeat what the other people have already said already, XP
    The idea's really good and it's so funky! Go girl djs!

  13. mentis Oct 13, 2005

    Thank you so much for sending me this piece in my email. I didn't realize how good it was until I got to see it fullscreen like that. Seems that this is true for many of your pieces :D. You have done an excellent job with this one, I really mean it!

  14. chikashi Oct 14, 2005

    oh... thig is cool and punky.... yo yo yo...n_n... \m/... love the graphics and all dat stuff...n_n

  15. 0mineaYu Oct 30, 2005

    kewl whacky wall
    the girls loOk pretti kewl ^^

    thx for sharin such a great wall XD

  16. RonWeasley Dec 09, 2005

    gefaellt mir voll gut! *add to fav*

  17. Helena44 Feb 13, 2006

    original and beauty :)

  18. Baloo Mar 18, 2006

    Nice work here. Can't see its made out of more scans, so the composition as a whole is really nice.

  19. jomjaikap Apr 26, 2006

    so smart

  20. hydetenshi Jul 16, 2006

    the greens and blacks look great on this wall! I love the flyer where they marked out "can't" to say "can" and also the writing that says "dance among the stars"... so much detail and looks like you put much thought into it.. great job as always! ^^

  21. llgod5 Dec 29, 2008


  22. bella-ella Apr 12, 2010

    Funny, reading the feedback that's appearing for this wallie, I have to say that I don't agree at all. For example, I feel that the graffitti should not be blended any further and the contrast between the scans and the background shouldn't be changed. While those things might give it more realism I think it would seriously detract from the fun vibe that pours out of this wallie; I think it would kill it just a little. Fantastic wp, I love it. Don't change a thing! ^-^

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