Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Another Heart And Soul

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yay!! another creation from the wonderful stellar!! this drawing is from the anime Gundam SEED Destiny. of course. im not fond witht he shading though but yet....>__< i luv her pose. its so sassy and glitzy. lol ok and let me set this straight, this is MEER CAMPBELL!!! not lacus clyne.

so dont think she went umm...yea u know wat im talking about. XD

oh and this is for shyxsakura aka saki. XP

song: EMOTION by Rie Tanaka

EDIT: uh hm. =_=' yes, my name is Jenny Nguyen . anyone that has a problem with that.....u know wat i mean. XP

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  1. Criox Oct 08, 2005

    Hi Stellar! Gosh....its exactly the same. Oh..my....you are good. XD Who knows you could become the next gundam generation director? XD Nice nice. Keep it up!

  2. Dufoe88 Oct 08, 2005

    i wish i can draw like this :(
    great great drawing stellar ^^
    keep it up

  3. asianspirit Oct 08, 2005

    great job, stellar!
    your drawing skills just keep getting better and better.
    there's not much to critique other than it's great!
    keep up the good work!

  4. gundragon Oct 08, 2005

    wow it look like the real thing nice job drawing it
    Great job and bla bla bla
    u know how it goes

  5. sukie Oct 08, 2005

    oh what pretty shading!!! i love it!! you rock at gundam seed destiny art!! =D
    great job! =D

  6. kyohimura Oct 08, 2005

    She looks lovely, the shading is very good and the eyes are just... AWSOME.
    Thanks for sharing your work!

  7. lunacrystal Oct 08, 2005

    once again its gsd... -.-' oh well but anyways its good! ^^

  8. Nona Oct 08, 2005

    yay! :D "Lacus-chan" :D I like your drawing, very much, this is also a very nice work! :)

  9. dezidez Oct 08, 2005

    hey there stellz... wowiez...haha....loving this drawing....keep up the good work you are very skillful...its a keeper

  10. kajimamidori Oct 08, 2005

    wow really cute ^-^ the only thing is the face is a little bit weird O.o;;
    but still really nice XD good job

  11. Hasaki-Keissi Oct 09, 2005

    Good job...I like it a lot...but of Meer, I do feel sympathy for her tragedy, but....eh....

    But overall I like it.

    You have an excellent hand for these things.

  12. iiwa Oct 09, 2005

    superb one stellar chan!! :D shadings and her pose - awesome!!

    hehe... btw, whats the ''Jenny Nguyen' there? lol stellar-chan's name? OX

  13. CosmoStar Oct 09, 2005

    Congrats! This is the only thing I have to say! The shading is terrific! Meer is looking beautiful! You're wonderful, stellar! I love you! Bye!

  14. walkure245 Oct 09, 2005

    Very cute drawing of Meer. ^_^ It really looks like the real thing. Her body and hair looks exactly the same but her face is slightly different. Don't worry. Not in a bad way. Her nose is a lil small in comparison to her mouth and face. Making her nose and mouth a lil bigger and some shading will help with that. Other than that, the shadings is really well done and I love the quote. Really nice work!

  15. ventures Oct 09, 2005

    waaa ~~ stelly-chan ~ I love how u shade XD XD
    and meer looks so cute.
    I love her pose too XP
    very nice drawing

  16. Akaiken Oct 09, 2005

    My sister stelli! That's the one on your userpage, right? You sure have a talent on drawing... very good! ^_^

  17. volrath77 Oct 09, 2005

    Whoa! Hey, very nice sketch of Meer you've done here. Great job. I like it, thanks.

  18. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Oct 10, 2005

    kyaaak >.< stellar drew miiiaa for kawaii pwincess saki?
    *lovuu lovvuuu*
    kekekeke, T_T saki wishes saki can draw tooo... ;_; now sing! sing sing sing for saki <3


  19. bloodsorrow Oct 10, 2005

    Excellent drawing. The shading and detail on this are great. You are a very talented person.

  20. yunapro1 Oct 10, 2005

    well done! that is really look like Lacus....
    Cant I draw things like that T_T

  21. Holt Oct 10, 2005

    Beautiful drawing.
    I agree, the pose is exceptionally sassy and seductive ;)
    Brilliant work. Keep it up!

  22. darkheartknight Oct 10, 2005

    wozers O_O its looks exactly the same as the orignal *faints* *wakesup* o_O really nice! Your a really good drawer!!!

  23. Gundam1 Oct 10, 2005

    nice job stellar
    the shading is realy good too and you mad
    meers pose realy cool ...

  24. GintheTwilightswords Oct 11, 2005

    Uhhh, Miss Klyne looks hot, I mean hotter than usually 0_o . I don't where you got the scan to do the drawing, but it looks good, and you did an excellent job drawing it :) . In my opinion, you did a great job not only shading, but also detailing it, you can see all of Lacus-and I mean "all"- of her features. Plus, I like the lil saying you did, very poetic of you :D . Marvelous work Lacus ;) .

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