Get Backers Wallpaper: Emperor of Lightning

Rando Ayamine, Studio DEEN, Get Backers, Ginji Amano Wallpaper
Rando Ayamine Mangaka Studio DEEN Studio Get Backers Series Ginji Amano Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

First of all many many thanks to anji for her help with this wall. ^_^ Not only did her Gundam Seed Destiny wall help me figure out what to do with the background ( GSD-Field of sorrow by anji ) But when I was almost done with this I had a creative breakdown and she was able to give me lots of good suggestions to make it better. :D So thanks Anji!

I like Ginji but I like his alter ego (this guy) even more. XD It is really too bad that we don't get to see him fight more when he is in this form. *sigh* So I vector traced Ginji, and then I used another Getbackers scan for the sky in the background. The buildings are traced from the same scan as the sky. Then I added in some fog around the buildings. I know that technically fog is not textured like that, but I think it looks nice that way. XD The scans are not from here on Minitokyo (but I can't remember where I got them T_T )

So I hope everyone can enjoy this wall! Poor Ginji doesn't get many walls and he gets even less walls of his Emperor of Lightening form, so hopefully everyone who like him like this (just like I do!) will like this wall. ^_^

bishounenwallers vectory

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  1. suntiger Sep 30, 2005

    never seen the series myself, but I do want to see it ^^ I think you did an *awesome* job vectoring him (hes gorgeous o_o).

    i also like the background you gave it, gives him a nice mystic imho ^^

  2. anji Sep 30, 2005

    You're welcome MyrrhLynn :D *shy*
    This is probably one of my favorite from you....
    Ginji gives a nice emotion to the wall, so sad...
    I really like the fog city in the background that match really well too with the sky.
    Great job for vectoring all this, there's a lot of details :)
    Good work XD

  3. qwerty89 Sep 30, 2005

    That's some tight vector work you did there.
    Definetly one of my favs <3
    Cheers for sharing.

  4. CoolBlueX Sep 30, 2005

    OMG! raite! lol i love him more than ginji too XD
    my friend's so gonna flip when she sees this (she lurvs ginji/raite to no end ^_^' )
    i think the bg's way cool and totally awesome, it suits raite very well :D
    argh! i want your vectoring skills! i probably won't have the patience to do walls like u do ^_^'

  5. dans Sep 30, 2005

    lightening or lightning ? ^_^'
    vector is good except the eyes. the eyes look weird. x_x
    the bg is nice. though i think it will be much better if you add a few light on the city.
    it looks like a dead city to me. :sweat:

  6. kokorodaisuke Oct 01, 2005

    O_O I envy your vector skillz~!

    *drools all over poor Raitei* Mmm, bishie-licious. I love his hair so much. ^^

  7. Midori-chan Oct 01, 2005

    it's amano ginji / raitei !!!!! XD X3
    he's so cool!! your vector skills are great!!
    the bg of the Unlimited city is great too^^
    the fog looks fine to me^^ i like it^^
    do you have any wallie of akabane kuroudo or mido ban?? they're my total favs too^^
    another awesome work MyrrhLynn-chan!!! XD

  8. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Oct 01, 2005

    Awesome text, character and blending of all the wall effect. Love the cityscape and cool atmoshpere. Nice job as always! :P

  9. sukie Oct 05, 2005

    wow!! the bg is soooooo cool!! i love it!! the scan is nice too!! wow!!!! sooooo cool!!

  10. Athrun Oct 05, 2005

    Huh.. I think I missed about 4 or 5 wallpapers from you. o_O That's... not good... What can I say? I'm a lazy bum who's practically banned from his computer cuz of his grades. XP

    Anyway... nice vector. Very clean and well done. The also rocks because it's dark, misty, and it suits the angst the guy is giving off. But cuz he looks too pretty-boy-ish, I didn't like it. :P But that has nothing to do with the great work you've done, lol.

  11. Sanzosgirl19 Oct 06, 2005

    Ohh I love Ginji this is really well done you brought out his features really well. And the Limitless Fortress in the back looks great. One of the best Ginji walls I've seen. He's a really sad person in a way having to deal with the burdon of having the Lightning Emperor inside him. I loved the fight between the Lightning and Dr. Jackel in the Makubex arc. Sorry for going on like this. Great wall to me there are not enough walls from Get Backers. Thanks for shareing it. A+ and a fav.(*^_^*)

  12. maho-ho Oct 06, 2005

    Good work. I like much the work that you made to obtain the vector. It is really seen very well. The bottom the this either and colors very or! Nice work! :D

  13. naomi-akiyama Oct 07, 2005

    Om.....I like a lot this background, the guy is very, very cute ^^, but I think Its too dark ...
    Anyway Its great job!!
    Nice Job!!

  14. shinorei Oct 07, 2005

    Hey, he looks okay! I hated his spiky yellow hair in the original series and he's always seemingly attached to Ban like glue. But now, he looks...independent. XD Good job!

  15. WhiteRider Oct 07, 2005

    omg, love this...it is just so "quiet
    and indeapth looking ^_^. and omg, this one he looks so different his usual hyperactive self lol, but i think i like this version of him better, loved getbackers! one my favs!~

  16. Nkabee Oct 12, 2005

    omgg, this wallpaper rockksss,
    gingi looks soo sad here tho =(
    *poor Gingi-san*
    i really love this tho, keep up the nice work
    and thank u for sharing :) XD

  17. Dakiel Oct 15, 2005

    wow, que imagen ta perfecta, o_o no pueden scar una asi de Dr. J, pliss, Si es ques se puede, aomeone neee?.

  18. kesshin Oct 24, 2005

    Oh, wow. Ginji looks so good when he goes Raitei. I really like the background! Thanks!

  19. kouzen Dec 13, 2005

    Nice picture! Raitei's pictures are very rare, thx for sharing it! ^^

  20. nekogirl333 Feb 26, 2006

    i have to agree, there should be more walls in Ginji when he's in Raitei mode!

  21. Gomen Feb 27, 2006

    i like ginji in emperor of light form; so cool! the normal ginji is so anoying...
    the emperor of light is good for ban, not the other (just kiding, lol)

  22. Meredy Jul 10, 2006

    Wow, this wall is so beautifull that I can't stop looking at it.
    It looks so cool, thank yo so much for this.
    My fav!

    Ginji-kun is kawaii! :D

  23. kaorex Jul 14, 2006

    Oh Ginji look so shine and the background combine with him, I wait this but in 1024 x 678.

  24. silverdragon Sep 08, 2006

    I've been pretty obsessed with getbackers these days, I finally got my hands on the episodes and I've been devouring them :D You're right, Ginji's alter ego is so cool, I can't get enough of him... too bad he doesn't make that many appearences :(
    Anyways the wall is really cool with that beautiful picture of the emperor of lighting (it's one of my favs) in wich you did a very good job vectoring :) And the bg also goes very nicelly with everything :)
    Great job OX

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