Fate/stay night Wallpaper: Fairies Dance

TYPE-MOON, Fate/stay night, Illyasviel von Einzbern Wallpaper
TYPE-MOON Studio Fate/stay night Series,Visual Novel Illyasviel von Einzbern Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I've been busy with comic deadlines again, to be honest I shouldn't have done this but I'm trying to ignore the deadline as much as posible.

Yes, sorry this is very typical. I must try harder. I have some things up me sleve but it's a lot of trial and error and I've made a lot of wallpapers which haven't made it online so I wanted to do something that would.

I'm hungry now ^^;

More resolutions on my website Angel-Soup.com

EDIT: About the planets, it's supposed to be one planet and 4 moon orbiting that planet. So it's not quite all moons in such a small space of sky. Planets do have more than one moon. Plus it looks nice to make more than one.

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  1. DarkEVO Sep 30, 2005

    As always a beautifully done wallpaper from you, Cajime.
    I like how this wall is done with the colours and the effects plus the background.
    But there's just so many moons.
    As always beautiful. +Fav

  2. rythem Sep 30, 2005

    oh wow so pretty ne cajime-san~ ^_^ I love the colours n the magical effects r lovely ~ I think u did a great job .. the textures adds a nice touch to it .. the textures on the planet needs to be softer though .. but overall .. very nice~ ^^ +fav

  3. LordStyphon Sep 30, 2005

    I like the sky you made here, and the colors and shading you used are great. I'm also glad to see this character scan get incorporated into a wall so quickly. Excellent work.

  4. dead Sep 30, 2005

    Whoa!!, beautiful job Cajime, the BG is great and colours seletion are really, really perfect, I love the sky that you made it, with the stars and planets fading in the sunset, you made a great wall, thanks for sharing this masterpiece!!!, sorry for my awful english :sweat: :sweat:

  5. knightstar3 Sep 30, 2005

    wow...this is such a beautifull wallie!!! XD
    the bg looks looks awesome with all of the cool effects and colors matching so well. :)
    very pretty indeed. ^^

  6. TakamuraReiji Sep 30, 2005

    Hey, this is cool! But really, 5 moons!? ^_^'
    The bg's cool. I pretty much like what you did with the thing that's around her.
    And so is the fonts.
    Good work. Must add to fav. XD

  7. nunuimut Sep 30, 2005

    Wow!!!! Another great picture!!!! Though I don't know the model that you use...... I like the cg....

  8. animekai3 Sep 30, 2005

    It is very cute you did a job well done i give a million thumbs up! keep doing a lovely job^_^

  9. ventures Sep 30, 2005

    it may be typical but its really very beautiful cajime-san XD
    the planets and the moons that rotate around it really looks sugeee xdxd
    i love the lighting and the light coming from behind the rocks ~~
    the sky looks very lovely too.
    *fav from me for cajime *

  10. tareren Sep 30, 2005

    Hmmmm yeah I agree this is typical >_>
    But I think this one is done nicely.. I love the starry sky, as well as the glows around her..
    You blend the color really well too.. Only complaint is that the right side of the wall is empty, even though it has text... maybe something on the ground? Oh, and somehow the proportion of one of the moon looks a bit out, but it is not a big concern :) Well done with this wall :D

    p.s. I hope you meet your deadline XD

  11. jaderabbit Sep 30, 2005

    WOW, i really love it. Your an expert in these types of wallpapers ^_^. I hope t see more nd ill see ya around "i can't favorite as i have reach my limit T_T

  12. Nayako Sep 30, 2005

    So beautiful!!
    I love the combination of pink and violet colors on it!! XD
    Really great work!! - as always!!! ;)

  13. Angel-on-Dragon Sep 30, 2005

    Awsome wallpaper ^^ Really beautiful. The colors look great and the bg is simply awsome ^^
    Thanks for sharing

  14. Kiako Sep 30, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the girl is very pretty and the bg is well done, i like all the effects and the planets. and the colors aren't bad either. the scene is good.
    keep it up

  15. fukushuusha Sep 30, 2005

    yup...a trendwhore...but a quality one ^^
    love the blending, soft noise effect and use of pink (although I hate pink XD )
    especially the mountains are my fav in this one. they look so natural to me for some reason. the moons...well...a bit overused but they are not disturbing at all.
    a nice piece of work.

  16. SharinganKnight Sep 30, 2005

    its a great concept, but it needs a lot of work, the character is too bright and doesn't blen with the background because the light source is reversed, the star field needs some work...but tahts personal preference. The planets, especially the big one is too sharp at the edges...maybe some inner glow would fix it, and the title needs a better font, no ouline and no shadow, I really like the texture you used though.

  17. jeffng9 Sep 30, 2005

    A very beautiful wallpaper of fate/stay night Cajime
    you did a really good job
    the whole concept is great and everything looks good~
    the effects are great and the colors are very well matched!

  18. babyboy0852 Sep 30, 2005

    p.i.m.p damn i really like it man....nice work for real....=) I love the background and the whole concept...FAV definitly...

  19. hikarinotenshi Sep 30, 2005

    wow this is what i call a wallpaper wall done! ...maybe there's too many moons...Xp

  20. Dufoe88 Sep 30, 2005

    pretty welldone wallpaper you made! the sky look really great.. same goes to the moons..
    the mountains is made well, i like what you made around the character..
    nice work ^^
    keep it up

  21. azndude88 Sep 30, 2005

    bg very good quality and awesome pose everything is amazing ^^

  22. flamealchimist Sep 30, 2005

    awsome wallpaper!
    i love the bg and the girl is cute.
    adding it to my fav. list.

  23. Rikimaru-jp Sep 30, 2005

    Cajime-Chan, this is the first time I comment on one of your wallies and I'm really surprised how a very high skilled waller like yourself never been caught in my sight before! Well I better get back to the subject here XP
    This wallpaper has lots of creativity and it needed a great imagination to be done this way! Not to mention it also has an artistic side :) I will begin with the background as usual; the stars you made are marvelous I really like them because they suit the space environment a lot and you managed to display them wisely!
    The planets and the moons are miraculous because they caught the eyes right at the first sight and that's because they look so charming and they are perfectly blended into the background ;) the colors you used for this background match with the girl a lot that gives the impression that the girl and the background like they were done by the same artist! And that's the key for this wallie!
    The character extraction looks great and flawlessly done! And the glowing effect you used around the girl looks cool, nice touch ;)
    And last the text you've used for this wonderful wallie really suits it a lot and the title is nice but the girl doesn't look like a fairy to me XP
    You really shouldn't be hard on yourself that much because if your wallie wasn't as great as I described it wouldn't reach the top 6 in only 17 hours! And received 28 favs in that short time! I really want to congratulate you for doing this excellent work :)
    And of course I owe you a favorite because I can't add it now to my favorites!!!
    Keep up the pleasant work!!!

  24. paladin3056 Banned Member Oct 01, 2005

    Nice wallpaper did made it from my scan or you got Illiya somewhere else! Just wandering you made it so fast I just submitted Cinderella Mythology04 yesterday about 24h ago according to the clock! Any way it's a great wallpaper add it to my favs!
    like the effects of the planet the purple background blends well with Illiya!Nice title as well Fairies Dancing at night I get it! :D :) see ya

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