Aquarian Age Wallpaper: ~+ Frozen Tears +~

Broccoli, Aquarian Age Wallpaper
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Those Who Have Not Yet Broken...
Will Take The Hardest Fall.

Damn...I feel so sleepy...oh well...I gotta submit this today or never!!! Oh well...I need to make this quick! The scan is from the anime entitled Aquarian Age - Scorpion no Sadame just like the one wallie before. Took a few days...used brushes and well...stock photos. Oh yeah...Kudos to Cool_nd_Comfy Productionz *cough* for the help with the title *cough*...oh yeah...also to those other 2 people that gave their views on this wallie...Avie and Tiger-chan!!!

Dedicated to: Rikimaru-jp[^^d] and my B-Day friend Pangga[treat me laterz...]!!!

My cuz has just went through some 'personal' issues so I kinda went with that concept/idea.

The thumbnail is always crappy so full view is reccomended. Any comments...critiques...etc are highly appreciated! Laterz people...>.<...............Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

[edit] I barely made it...it's almost 12md...I need to adjust the size like...4 times...that's why it's looks kinda cramped...sorrie about that...this is my last wallie for the year...I have to focus on school and finishing my website...I'm pissed and I'm sleep-deprived...damn...

[edit2] Okay...since I can't find anymore time to edit this wall to fit it's dimensions...I'm just gonna provide a link for you guys to check out the original version of this wall...if you want to even see.

By the way thanks to all those who fav and commented on my last wallie!!! It's all very appreciated!!! >.< Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

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  1. IcyBlade Sep 30, 2005

    wow!great widescreen wallie.thanks for sharing. :D :D I'm waiting for your next wallpapers.

  2. astarothdta Sep 30, 2005

    Its awsome it looks cool i really like it send some more okay !!!

  3. Rikimaru-jp Sep 30, 2005

    Oh Haia-Chan ^_^ I am so happy that you dedicated this outstanding masterpiece to me :)
    i feel so special and so lucky :) *hugs*
    the background looks sooooooooooo charming and so magical I love the mist a lot it adds the mysterious beauty to the wallie, the clouds look so real and they are done smoothly!
    the building and the lamp on the background suits the background a lot and they are nicely blended!! and the glow that's coming from her hand is really awesome how did you make that?
    the outer glow you used on the girl is really a good idea because it suits the environment!!!
    last but not least the extraction is flawlessly done as usual :)
    thank you Haia-Chan again for dedicating this lovely wallie to me it means so much for me :)
    and always know that I fully support you ;)
    keep up the great work!!!
    oh and this wallie is going to be added to my favorites for sure ;)

  4. chichiri1907 Sep 30, 2005

    Absolutly stunning job!
    you are correct the thumbnails never show the beauty and the dtail that the wall has,
    so i gave your wall a chance and downloaded it to see the full version and i was just stunned on how beauitiful a wall could get, their was nothing wrong with it! i triend to think what you could have done but i saw nothing only perfection ^____^
    Im kinda glad that those other 4 resolutions didn't work because since you had to crop and resize the image to fit the dimensions it gives the wall a more edgy and mystery aura about it which is so cool >.<
    i love how you did the mist comming from the clouds and how they are all differnt colors, thats a big plus in my book. What made me drawn to this wall is how unique and creative it was and it seemed that you took all your effort into makeing and desighning this wall which paid off very well.
    I also like how the scan kinda fades away in the bottom as if shes a lost spirit or a ghost or somethin like that.
    Anyway great job this wall deserves a fav. mainly because I just love it so much! >.<

  5. Kenichi Sep 30, 2005

    wow i really like ur widescreen.
    its pretty kool what u dun with the transparent clouds and such.
    fav. XD

  6. Kaanehimizuho Banned Member Sep 30, 2005

    so good, this nice one, i like it.

  7. lunaregina Sep 30, 2005

    Oh Haia the quality of your walls never cease to amaze me. You are absolutely correct in the fact that the thumbnails never show the true beauty of the wallpapers.

    I love the mixture of hues in the clouds - they are just so harmonious and work perfectly together. I love how the girl fades out towards the bottom - it really gives her an ethereal feel, as does the sparkles. The outer glow I feel is a bit too pronounced and maybe if it's wider it won't be as obvious.

    The street is a fitting background for this wallpaper as it emits a sort of empty/lonely vibe. The little phrase you put with the wallpaper is fantastic as well. I hope your cousin is ok and that things will start to get brighter.

  8. sylvacoer Sep 30, 2005

    *pats Haia-san on the head* You go ahead and rest, hon, this wall is a fantastic parting shot. Absolutely lovely!

  9. Angel-on-Dragon Sep 30, 2005

    Beautiful widescreen wallpaper ^^ I love the colors, everything seems so warm....
    Thanks for sharing ^^

  10. PAche Sep 30, 2005

    haia!you're just great at this!girrl, you're improving by the piece.how'd you draw that lamppost?i've been tryng to draw stuff but all i can draw is a moon <_<

  11. Bla-demer Sep 30, 2005

    Great work again. :)
    I really like this one toothe background looks really great.
    The chacter looks great. :) The angle of the picture is great. :)
    Background purple is really nice and the fog in the back is good choise too.
    The sky fit well and look great in the back the street lamps fit there as well
    So keep up the good work.

  12. TrinityLi Sep 30, 2005

    Wow! So pretty! I love the cloudy background and the sparkles. It's so nice; lovely colors, too. You did a great job! :)

  13. Kumiko-Sakamoto Sep 30, 2005

    Aww! Haia-chan it's so pretty! :D Your very talented. :nya: I hope to see many more from you in the future!

  14. LordStyphon Sep 30, 2005

    I like this. The colors look great, as does the mist. The sparkles and the general mistiness that surrounds the character look great when cotrasted with how sharp the lamp post is. Great work.

    Kind of odd dimensions for a wallpaper, though, I think.

  15. Rhonda21 Sep 30, 2005

    wow. Its very beautiful. I like the mist and everything. love the background. Great Job!

  16. ventures Oct 01, 2005

    haia this is such a beautiful wallpaper XD
    the dark sky and the shiny misty cloudlike fog is plain amazing .
    I really love all the colours u've used to make this wallie ~
    and the scan with her misty coours n how she seems to be fading a lil makes her look a lil like a ghost XP or as if she's in some sort of dream ~ (my own translation :p)
    i really love it

  17. marcoskatsuragi Oct 01, 2005

    Ha... really cool one! ^________^ I see this now on full view... so beautiful! ^^

  18. lapuk Oct 01, 2005

    whoa. nice wall kabayan.... just that i won't be able to use it cuz its widescreen..damn...hehe great wall..

  19. Akaiken Oct 02, 2005

    Aba... para kay Riki pa! You know what, Rikimaru-jp's our fellow flip member!

    Oh well, very nice like your last walls! Good!

  20. royaldarkness Oct 05, 2005

    oh wow...this is...simply amazing ^^ you did a very good job on this :) i adore the scan, it's so cute! and not to mention the colors of the wall...it's very beautiful!

  21. FluffyNeko Oct 05, 2005

    Awsome widescreen wall! Love the clouds and all the effect. So purty!

  22. Rikimaru-jp Oct 05, 2005

    Quote by AkaikenAba... para kay Riki pa! You know what, Rikimaru-jp's our fellow flip member!

    Oh well, very nice like your last walls! Good!

    thanks Aka :) and by the way Haia Congratulations for reaching the top 6 :) I knew it XP
    good luck!!!

  23. rosepoet Oct 05, 2005

    Beautiful image and beautiful wallpaper, very well blended and I really like your background as well as the added effects with the snow and mist. The glow around the character's body is particularly noteworthy, since it really gives her an air of mystery and brings her out in the overall wall. Nicely done!

  24. DepressedYoukai Oct 05, 2005

    I think you did a really great job with this one. I like all the sparklies and the way the clouds are all put together, X3 The blending ish especially good, ^_^ *Fave

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