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Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Ichigo Kurosaki Wallpaper
Kubo Tite Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Ichigo Kurosaki Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I've always doubt that I'll finish this wallpaper in time for Uchike.de's Bleach Contest. Glad I finished it =D
The whole wallpaper was a tough one, I really think it's one of the most difficult wallpapers I've attempted to make. Too much vectoring for me lmao, I'm not that kind of vector person. Got the original scan from MT as usual, vectored using Photoshop CS. kinda got inspirated by Zephiris's work of vectors, so I wanted to try out something like hers. Honestly it's not easy for me haha. Okay anyway, the background is half taken from the scan itself, and again it's been vectored/re-cg or whatever you call it. Actually the right side of the wall looked extremely plain, I didn't know what else to put in. Almost thought of placing the sunset on the right side, but I changed my mind ._. Those dumb net-like fence thing annoyed me most. Looks so messy, I decided just to leave it like that. The jetplane, XD it's just some stock image I found on google, my guess is that I got too lazy after doing all this work. 46 layers and time taken to finish, i duno XD a week, on and off. Not sure if the title fits this wall =/
I'm quite satisfied with the result, when I had this on my desktop just for viewing, i really think Ichigo's hand is EXTREMELY big in the wall, bigger than mine ==;;..
okay okay, at least I made it in time. Since my finals are coming in a fortnight time, i always think that my mom wouldn't allow me to use the pc all week. which made me wonder how was i able to complete this damn wall ._. haha forget that. nowadays i haven't been myself, too tensed up with exams and a few personal reasons.

Enjoy the wall, i hope lmao.

more resolutions at digikb.net (not so soon, probably around november u_u digikb's dying anyway)

p.s: oh yea this wallpaper is specially dedicated to my koibito for our 1st year anniversary that's coming pretty soon ^-^ *glomps*

i think im getting obsessed with another online game called GunZ, should just stop by now and study the hellouttamybrains. =__=..

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  1. DarkEVO Sep 29, 2005

    A new wall submission.....!!! What a coincidence that I submitted my the same time as well.
    Well... what can I say? Still a good wall from you. Always good with the scenic type. (I hate you... lol. Just kidding)
    Good luck in the contest.

  2. irix Sep 29, 2005

    Hi... how long!!! this is a good vector... not really realistic... but with a good feeling!!! :nice:

  3. pamkips Sep 29, 2005

    oh wow what a beautiful wallpaper! XD good luck to you!!!! i'm so impressed by this wallie its vectorized nicely and the BG is so beautiful....gotta love the street style! XD yep great job and good luck

  4. Nayako Sep 29, 2005

    Ichigo looks awesome here!! Great wallie!! XD
    So colorful and bright!!
    I'm sure that every Bleach fan will love it!!
    Good job!! ^___^

  5. sukie Sep 29, 2005

    ah...what a pretty wall! the veacot is nice...and the bg with the pretty clouds are so...pretty~!~ i love it!!
    reach and bleach!! it ryms!! =D
    great wall!!

  6. fawna-chan Sep 29, 2005

    wah! ichigo looks so cool...the vector is super good too. great wallie! :)

  7. Rella Sep 29, 2005

    Wow, that wallpaper looks really nice! I love vectors and yours look great! Good job! ^^

  8. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Sep 29, 2005



    this wallie rock rock rocckkssuu.. T_T i hate yu for being able to vector.. ;_; im still stuck trying to learn >O< *DIIIEEESS*

    u_u all in all, i love this.. green barb thingiiee ish kinda ugly though.. ><

  9. gundragon Sep 29, 2005

    Ride on men XD HA HA HA

    i wish i have the adobe T_T
    it looks great and keep up the good work YO

  10. KittyPuchiko Sep 30, 2005

    Great wall of Ichigo! He looks so awesome. The wall is so colorful and bright, which I like a lot in Bleach. <3 :D

  11. eden13600 Sep 30, 2005

    hey yumi-chan, a nice wallie done by you lol.... nice vectoring for the character and a nice background.... i think it's a difficult background isn't it? but nice work on it and the colours too! anyway, nice wallie! :)

  12. DarkIngram Sep 30, 2005

    nice scenery and vectoring of your character.... the colors are good also....

  13. rythem Sep 30, 2005

    it looks really nice yumi~ *w* the vector is well done n the perpective is uber cool ~ XD *does a high-5 with ichigo* everything looks very neat ..the lighting is nice.. no critiques from me . lovely work :) +favie~

  14. cycyli Sep 30, 2005

    this is a cool wallpaper !!!>< ichigo is my favorite character in bleach.... this wallpaper reli captures his characters!!!

  15. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Sep 30, 2005

    Woah its like coolness with stuck out homie G madness... wish the font was graffitic in nature but overall the vector and bg rock! awesome job as always! :P

  16. jaderabbit Sep 30, 2005

    excellent wallpaper. ++ adds to favorites. Looks like it took a very long time. The vector is magnificant and the bg is awesome. great job on it. keep up the work.

  17. TakamuraReiji Sep 30, 2005

    Hmm...like you said, the hand IS extremely big. XP
    Not a good vertor are you? Well, by my looks, it seems too good. You've made well, you know. ;)
    Ichigo looks cool wearing a gogle that's in pink. XD
    Great effort.

  18. Midori-chan Oct 01, 2005

    wow!! ichigo looks so cool!!!!
    i just love the sky and bg^^
    and the vector is awesome!!!!
    great job!!! ;)

  19. Nyuu-chan Oct 05, 2005

    OMG! Awesome wall! Colors suits with scan and you choose nice scan with Ichi! +favs

  20. Electrastar Oct 06, 2005

    Awsome work.
    Love the backround and how you made it work with the perspective of Ichigo. Very spiffy and indeed. Great work and good luck with the contest.

  21. LEMONSareMYfav Jan 06, 2006

    i like the wallpaper and all its sweet but his far off leg just plain scares me
    i dont mean to sound mean but i just wanted to say that

  22. Vercetty Oct 13, 2010

    Thanks for the wallpaper ! ^^

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