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Quote to ponder upon: I will love you a day more than eternity.
Original version in chinese: Wo hui an ni bi yong yuan duo yi tian.

My friend thought about this, so credit goes to him. This quote is originally his, and he deserves respect for making such romantic quote.
Eternity is already limitless, but if you add a day to it, isn't it a day limitless to eternity?


A couple who wish to be together, alone and faraway from their village. This is a special doujinshi which I specially made for *coughs* 2 special person. *coughs again* I made this for them not that they should be taken notice in MT, it's just that... well... just trying to make something special. And with this, I present both of you, Destined For Eternity. ^^

[Scan/Original Character]

Drawing and cg-ed by me. This is my first time putting so much effort in squeezing my time to actually cg the characters. I knew it would take a long time to complete cg-ing them, but I don't mind, really. I enjoyed making them, and I wanted to make them as flawless as possible by not using any traditional method of colouring. (Such as markers I used previously).

Male Character: Hell Knight

Representing Akaiken. By eyedropping several Fire Emblem knights who wear red cloaks and armors, I tried to make this Hell Knight as red as possible because... Well... Akaiken admits himself to be a Hell Knight, and he love red colour... A LOT. About the knight design, it was a mix from Ragnarok Online's Knight class and Fire Emblem's Paladin class. And I believe he has black hair instead of brownish burgundy, but I'm trying to make something different from reality. And I'm not even sure if you have spiky hair either. ^^

Female Character: Dark Wizard

Representing Misa. Also by eyedropping several Fire Emblem shamans and druids who wear black cloaks. However, I tried to make her black not because she likes black, it's because she's a "dark element user", and I'm trying to portray how a dark-element user looks like. But since she's a student of dark-element in here, she's wearing a uniform-like outfit instead of those heavy-looking and scary looking cloak design. Hair design was kinda followed from the Eko Eko Azarak's Kuroi Misa, since Misa did mentioned about having almost the same hairstyle as Kuroi Misa in the story. But I dyed her hair to blonde instead of black, and I'm positive that you have black hair too.

The White Horse

After looking through several scans of animated horse, I've decided to eyedrop Aquarian Age II Saga white horse instead of Fire Emblem's brown horse since white gives a feeling of purity, gentle and gallant. The horse in the picture belongs to Hell Knight. By adding a little design from Fire Emblem to the horse, you can see a ring at the horse's front left leg. If you're asking where did it's front right leg went, it's because the horse lifted it's leg and is covered by Hell Knight's cloak.


This time I tried to make the background less tutorial-based and simple. The scenery in the picture takes place in a marsh region. And that's why the ground is as such. And I believe the marsh area which is near water sources aren't full of grasses. I tried to remember and pictured a marshy region from Final Fantasy IX, and this is what I can only do, unfortunately. My limited skills only allow me to do this far.

The only thing which is tutorial-based is the river. Well, I don't have much to explain about it since it's not my original touch. The only brush I used in here is only the default grass brush.

The sky was done with clouds filter, placed a mild lighting affect and also added a bit of rays. The mild light is situated at the top right corner, while the ray of lights are around the clouds. The rays aren't really that visible, but it's there.

The bridge is made of a sandstone texture instead of wood texture. (I don't have a wood texture) and the grey outlines were embossed to make the bridge to look more realistic instead of flat.

You might think the horizon background looks linear and empty, but I'm trying to make a scene of the medievel era, and I believe there's not much structure that time. I'm kinda sick with all these urban and modern lifes, so I tried to make something more to past-related.

[In-depth techniques and status]


Ground: By using 3 different colours and setting them to underpainting filter
Bridge: Pentool for designing the structure, colour bucketing and used a sandstone texture from texturizer.
Clouds: Using the cloud filter, adding some rays by using radial blur and faded the colours since the colour before this was too strong and dark.
Shadow on the bridge: A little rough pastel filter at the edge to blend with the bridge.


Date started/ended: 24th August - 29th September
Editting: 15 days
Drawing: 1 night
CG: 18 days (6 days working, 12 days slacking off)
Completed background in: 1 night
Time to write this description: 1 hour 30 mins
Listening to: Final Fantasy X-2 - Eternity [Memories of Light and Waves]
Current time: 2.46 am

Here's the first version, it was done on 14th September, but it looked so bad, so I've decided to make this one, but here's a picture of the first version anyways:



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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Sep 28, 2005

    Wow! This is awesome! I love the coloring and shading and the characters are great!
    "i will love you a day more than eternity"... wow, that's so... wow.
    Anyways, excellent job, as always, Ephemeral-Garden!

  2. Kiako Sep 28, 2005

    well let's se, the girl doesn't quite look like she would be sitting on the horse, but floeating somewhere in the air. and you need to practice more on drawing the eyes. now the clothes don't look that bad, but there are things that one could change.
    the arm of the guy looks a bit strange because it looks like he wouldn't have an ellbow and the top part is biger then the lower one, and his hand is too small.
    the horse looks pretty much ok except of the legs.

  3. Acuni Sep 28, 2005

    ok this is what i call hard work and that what you call a description i would call a novel Xd so much for the joke
    now to the doujinshi
    you can draw clothes but you have to work on the colouring i mean vectoring it because i don't like that black grey lines there and trei to be more precise with the colours themselfs
    and you definitly missed the smile of the both charas and their eyes and you once again missed the knights hand well now it is enough of criticues
    i like the charas clothes the red and the black both fit wery well and i hope to get more nice clothes charas to see and you can sand me some of this pictures to if you have time for that
    and the bg looks nice a litle tedious but what can you espact in the marsh regions ^^
    hope to see more and i mean that realy

  4. zanmato Sep 28, 2005

    Nothing to say about the persos : nice chara-design, wears etc... Colors are pleasant too. The background is sooo nice, I like it *___*
    But there is a problem with the texture of the sand and the bridge : you'll have some progress to do on it I think. It don't fit so well with the other things.
    Globally, it's a really nice work : good job Ephy :)

  5. sylvacoer Sep 28, 2005

    You're excellent at clothing design - I mean, the detail is fantastic! But like Acuni-san mentioned, you need to work on cleaning up your line art, just so that the inconsistency does not take away from the rest of the picture.

  6. tevi Sep 28, 2005

    Ooh! Great work! <3

    The lines are cleaner in this than the first version [or maybe it's just me?] Question : Do you scan at a higher res, colour and then shrink the pic back down? Because I don't know why, but if you've got a lot of layers, and then shrink the image, it tends to leave white lines around the outline [*stabbing motion*] ... I'm not sure if you're having that problem, but it kind of looks that way for the guy's hair... Anyway, if that's happening, merge the layers, and then shrink the image, and it shouldn't happen anymore ^^

    i like how you've done the shading, especially since it doesn't look messy [i.e. that you've put the shadows where they're needed =P You would be surprised how many people can't do that...] But just something to think about... If you're going to cell-shade... You should use that throughout the whole picture... Don't just swap when you feel like it, because it looks a bit lazy =) [*points to the shoulder cloak attachment thingy* 'cause you used soft shading there...] I doubt many people would notice it though, so don't worry about it too much ^^

    Hmm, the slant of the bridge doesn't seem to work with the characters... Hmm, it's hard to explain the slant that it *should* be at... *wants to get out a pen and draw it in, but realises you won't be able to see it...* Okay, well, take a look at the horses's hoofs [Erm, is it missing a leg, or is that just me again?]... Anyway, draw a line from the front hoof to the back hoof... That's the angle that the bridge should be at =) And the texture of the bridge doesn't seem wooden enough... At the moment, it kind of looks like long tiles...

    And the shadow... Okay, look at the shading on their faces, and that's the way their shadow should be going as well, right? And generally, shadows aren't all *that* dark... And they usually have a slightly defined form [I'm not very good at shadows myself, but what I do is just copy the picture, paste, flip, rotate and then... Preserve transparency, get a brush and black out everything, change the opacity to whatever looks good... Oh, and do minor adjustments with skewing and perspective]

    And the colour of the water seems a bit too bright... Most rivers have darker water, because they're not deep enough for the reflection of the sky to take place... And the sandiness of the bottom shows through...

    Oh, and silly me, I forgot the original picture ^^; I'd say that it looks great overall, just little things need to be fixed... Like maybe the fact that the eyes seem to be a bit off, considering the angle their faces are at... Other than that, I applaud you for great hands and feet *claps lots and lots* =D They look great *is envious...*

    And the other day, I saw this great tip for CG'ing... After you've CG'ed everything [assuming you've done everything on a different layer to the original picture, and I think assuming that you've gotten rid of all the white], you can hit preserve transparency, and then using a slight darker colour than what you've used closeby, colour over the original outline... That way, you don't get the thick black line which looks weird ^^

    Hope that helps ^^

    - Tevi

    P.S. Teach me how to cell-shade? I really have no idea how to...
    P.P.S. Sorry if I sounded mean ~_~ I really do like this picture! <3 It's going on my favs, muahahaha~

  7. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Sep 29, 2005

    teeheehee fancy me having blonde hair XD I'm afraid I'm not that skinny either XD

    would post some pics but they won't let me direct link ~_~

    Onto the doujin!

    *SO* much effort has been put into this... and you stayed up so late to submit this! *cringes from guilt* I have no complaints whatsoever cept for the mysterious greyish outlines *throws them aside* XD That is one good looking horse... I can't draw animals O_O The clothes are uber funky too... *I want those clothes*What I don't fit?! >.<* XD OH mannn... I promise I'll make you a doujinshi one day... but it'll be after my finals okay :)

    *knows what she wants to do already* XD

    wahahahaha Ken looks like he's wearing something TM Revolution would wear... I'm sure he'd like that XD

    Kudos Kudos Kudos!

  8. Chocosuke Sep 29, 2005

    wow.. the colouring is really nice! i love the clothes that they are wearing.. XD lol..
    and i like that phrase "I will love you a day more than eternity" X3 so sweet.. XD
    i love the girl's hair.. so pretty.. XD
    i like the clouds.. XD feels soft and good..
    the shadow of the clothings are done well..
    hm... drawing itself has a few problems.. but it's quite easy to fix it.. xD

    the boy's hair is too high up.. it makes his head seems like big and oval-ish..
    the boy's left hand looks like it's missing an elbow..
    the horse is pretty.. XD but the legs looks a little weird.. the neck is a little too skinny, and the back part looks a little weird.. to me.. the horse doesn't seem to be balance.. >__> like the body and the legs..
    the girl.. O_O is floating.. lolx.. put her up to the horse more..
    the people's eyes make them look like they are sleepy or something..
    the background looks weird to me.. especially the soil? =_=;;
    the shadow.. hm.. i dont see the girl's shadow..

    you know.. i like the first version better.. XD .. according to the background!!~ xd
    xd keep up the great work!! XD

  9. Akaiken Sep 29, 2005

    Oh great... now I saw it. T_T

    To tell you the truth, I hate having my hair got colored cuz black colored hair means everything to me. I hate hair dyes! SCREW THEM! But I thank you for giving a lot of effort doing that. I'm very impressed on the final product! Just a question... where's the blood? Nah... just forget about it!

    And I thank you too for making Misa the greatest! I know she's not blonde but she's very beautiful. Oh boy... now my day before I leave MT for a couple of days will be filled with so much happiness.

    I guess I have to agree with Chocosuke that Misa's floating. ^_^'

    There are little problems on them but the I must say that you made the most touching doujin I ever saw. T_T

    Arigatou Gozaimasu! *bows head* I promise I'll get back the favor someday!

  10. Midori-chan Sep 29, 2005

    wow^^ the doujin is nice^^ i just love their outfits!!
    and the bg is nice too^^ peaceful and calm^^
    the girl looks like she's floating :\ and the horse's leg is a little too long^^ the body and the face is nicely drawn!! *i can't even draw animals OX *
    and the guy's left hand look a little off, the upper arm looks a little too long.
    other than that, it's great!! once again....i just love their outfit!! XD XD
    hope to see more romantic doujinshis from you^^

  11. Anjhurin Sep 29, 2005

    whoa great doujinshi here ^_^

    okay first the bad comments *dark side of the force mode* on. i think there's some work needed on the character faces, it's not that great. good attempt at the bg, and the river is a good idea too, but the banks are a little bit flat, and there's not much on them. maybe a little tree would fit well ^_^. then i think the girl would fall off the horse, how can she stay in the saddle like that? that must be pretty uncomfortable. the shading ain't that great either, it's too sharp, it'd be better with graduate tones of the color.

    okay now the good part *may the force be with ya* ;). i love the colors, they fit in well, and the horse is so cool, he's not realistic at all, but he seems so proud, could almost speak from what i see. nice job on the clothes and hairstyle too, i love all the details on the knight. the girl's dress though seems a bit off topic, not really medieval ^_^', but i'm in the good part, so i'll also add that the bg is a good try. nice shadowing too on the bridge.

    so well i'll give you a 7/10 ;). sorry if i make any harsh comments okay?

  12. wind12 Sep 29, 2005

    Very nice, Ephemeral-Garden :D This wallpaper looks very good wow......

  13. kyohimura Sep 30, 2005

    Uh!... you wrote a lot in the description and I'm a little short of time to read it, your doujinshi is pretty good, the characters are very well drawn, there's a lot of details in it and the coloring is great. ;)

  14. enchantressinthedark Oct 01, 2005

    wow! The drawing is nice! Wish I could do doujinshi. I think there's something weird with the boy. Dunnoe why but his face looks kinda weird.

  15. ttwen Oct 02, 2005

    oh wow, this looks nice i can't even draw well >_< hmm.... but then, i dun have the time to learn T_T

  16. pegassuss Oct 06, 2005

    Nice doujin Ephie-san! ^^ It is obvious that you put a lot of effort on this piece of work ^^
    However, I would like to point out some things ^^
    The first thing, would be the horse! I'm a horse crazy, sorry! and I see some problems with proportions and anatomy. Like the hoofs, for exemple, shouldn't look like that and don't really move that way. Moreover, it gives the impression you had to push the horse inside the paper to make it fit inside ^_^' try to lift up the back of the horse a bit, it should look better. And the bridles ... well, they are quite original but it would be impossible to ride with bridles like that >.< Also, the neck of the horse seems too large. Nice coloring and shading here ^^
    About the characters: The girl seems to be falling down the horse ^_^' Try to lift her up to the back of the horse ^^ Her proportions are very good and I like her expression and clothes! Nice work with the foldings ^^
    The guy: Very nice clothes! I like all the details you put, the foldings are great in my opinion too ^^ You did a very nice work!
    The coloring: Impressive! I really like how you colored it, specially the clothes of the guy ^^ Nice use of colors and shading. My only advice would be to change a bit the graduation of tones when creating shadows, it seems to sharp in some points and it should be more gradual.
    Background: The idea is nice but in my opinion, it is the weak point in this drawing. There are parts with little grass and others without it and it seems a bit weird. Keep working on that part, I'm sure you will improve ^^
    well, over all, I like it! Really, I hope I wasn't mean :sweat: I just wanted to point out some of the things that could be improved in my opinion, but this doujin really shows a lot of work and dedication :) *bows* And it is a very pretty drawing! ^^ Keep it up Ephie-san!

  17. CLAMPchic Nov 11, 2005

    I agree with Anjhurun and pegassuss, for the most part.

    It's a good job, but there are minor fallacies in it; the girl looks like she might fall of the horse, the horse itself seems a little disproportionate (like the neck and head seem too small for the body), the faces could use a bit of work, the river looks a bit flat...but hey, you did a good job overall. I think you did a great job with the guy's clothes, both the style and the coloring; the girl's clothes are so detailed that I can't but help be impressed by them, especially the wrinkles and such. Anyway, I consider this to be a very good job...keep up the good work, Ephemeral Garden!

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