Bleach Wallpaper: Rock DJ

Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Kon Wallpaper
Kubo Tite Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Kon Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Babylon back in business
Can I get a witness?
Every girl, every man
Houston, do you hear me?
Ground control, can you feel me?
Need permission to land

I don't wanna rock, DJ
But your making me feel so nice
When's it gonna stop, DJ?
Cause you're keepin' me up all night

Rock DJ by Robbie William
have you ever hear this awesome songs ?

~Wallpaper Comments
virus is annoying, only now i manage to solve the problem! let turn back the point, as you can see a strange wall i made here, of all the character designs in Bleach, Kon is really interesting then i decide wallie it, the original scan which i personally cap from screencap (ending part) then vector it. (of course if i submit a screencap as wall/scan i don't a mod/admin will approved *joke*) I discovered just how hard it is to vector a screepcap coz it surely blur plus my poor monitor @_@

why kon non ichigo or rukia ? coz i think kon is seldom seen in gallery section, i purposely pick him! anyway, advice and comment are really appreciate! i really need advice coz i first time vector a screencap, may be it look a bit wierd ^^'

full view please! (don't worry i already cleaning the virus before i submit, so you can free to view)

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: asianspirit
Wall: Final Answer
Reason: This is definetely a wallpaper you don't want to miss, Nice color tones, sweet manga scan and classicgrunge/dirty backround! this is my currently desktop by the way ^^

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  1. ROSEANA Sep 28, 2005

    wow . it' very beutyful...................................................................(...)

  2. Midori-chan Sep 28, 2005

    XD XD XD Kon looks really cute as a DJ XD
    and your style of making this wallie is rarely seen anywhere in MT ^^
    i like it a lot!!!! XD
    the font you chose fits in well too^^
    i'll add this to my favs after 7 days for sure!!! [ MT limitations -_- ]
    awesome work Tatsuya-san!! ;)

  3. rapchee Sep 28, 2005

    cute dj B)

  4. Ai Sep 28, 2005

    Nice vector! Very clean and cute.
    I have no complain about this awesome work :)
    really pervect. thanks for sharing.

  5. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Sep 28, 2005

    I am the world's biggest sucker for cute things... and yes I really liked that song (kinda) when I first heard it... man... a few years ago O_O

    The vector's awesome; I'm a sucker for cute things... consider it done ! XD Kudos!

  6. zhtthz Sep 28, 2005

    it's wonderful~~................
    thanks for sharing...........................

  7. Yina Sep 28, 2005

    haha.. great vector.. ne =3.. I love kon.. he's so cuutiee.. XD nothing more to say.. overall nice work =3

  8. dans Sep 28, 2005

    wuh, i almost wanted to vector this image a few months ago.
    not much to say about this except the vector looks good. :)

  9. Clover Sep 28, 2005

    very funny bg^^
    i like the idea
    over all nice work^^

  10. Nayako Sep 28, 2005

    kon!!!!! XD Yey!! He is lovely!!
    Great concept for a wallie!!
    It's so cute!!! XD Thank U for this work!!

  11. Kiako Sep 28, 2005

    the wallpaper looks nice, i like the scene, the ideea for it is good.
    keep it up

  12. Sugasuga Sep 28, 2005

    i think you improved very much, Tatsuya, on your vectoring skills. the lines are very smooth. everything is vectored very well, and i especially like how you made the glow effect on the sign: on-air. great job and good luck on the bleach contest~ xD

  13. Kiku-chan Sep 28, 2005

    Hisashiburi Tatsuya ^^
    Anyways, very nice!!!
    The vectoring is done really well.
    I'm adding this to my fav ^^
    Thanks for sharing!

  14. FALH Sep 28, 2005

    very very nice, a very nice work and this wall looks so cool in my desktop bg :D

    thx for share it, +fav of course

  15. pamkips Sep 28, 2005

    yay you submit it! ^_^ well great job tatsuya-sama! like usual you have a beaustiful style with the vectorizing...image is very well done! great job! ^___^

  16. Nyuu-chan Sep 28, 2005

    Kawaii! Love this Kon image! Thank you for this work :d!!!

  17. anji Sep 28, 2005

    Really nice vector I agree. The lines are good.
    I like all the little details you managed to vector on the table. It contribute a lot to the wall.
    It's just bugging me a bit that the blue wall look so flat. If you could add some crack or shadows it would be awesome. Still I know it's a lot of work to do a wall all in vector (that's why I never did one XD )
    Also cool Font you chose for the title, it suits Kon really well :)
    Good work on this wallpaper!

  18. asianspirit Sep 29, 2005

    XD XD kon's too cute..

    i love your vectors tatsuya. and this is no exception. very clean no jagged lines (unlike someone i know... :sweat: ) and though it's a vectored wall, i love the way you keep the details there. like the glowing ON AIR sign.

    i also like the way you added the title. the font you used matches as well. :D

  19. Electrastar Sep 29, 2005

    You're the one who rocks for making this. I love Kon, he's such a cool character and I always laugh at the end because of that image, so thanks for thaking the time to do this.

  20. ventures Sep 29, 2005

    ahhhh~~~kawaii ~ kon-chan XP cute vector tat-chan
    the lines r nice and clean XD
    *instant fav*

  21. tetsuo211 Sep 29, 2005

    This is so cute... I love it :) You've got some skillz :) :) :) :) :) This is definately a fav :)

  22. DarkIngram Sep 29, 2005

    awesome vector... lines and colors are really clean... great job.... :D

  23. levezzali Sep 29, 2005

    hehehe, cool, I dunno this anime, bleach, or anythis related, but this chara sure may be coo, and suited very well for the music... also, a song from Robbie wich would fit somehow is Radio (dunno if you ever listened, I tried a lot to get this song, but oly got it a few days back) .. mybe I'll submit something based on it in the days to come... but anyway, a cool wall, really diferent from those we find here in MT lately (with all those girls, moons, landscapes and all as we usually see...) ...

    congrats about the wall and hey! great that you got rid of the virus in your cpu! XD

  24. royaldarkness Sep 29, 2005

    this kon image has been haunting my mind since i've watched the anime :) to see it here makes me wanna laugh, hehe XD

    thanks for sharing such a cute scan!

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