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The anime is known as Kana "which i couldn't find in mt's list :D " full name of wallpaper ~
Kana~ Memories fading

Total time~ 4 hours

I worked for quite some time this morning making this wallpaper. I really liked the turn out.... yes i know it is a lil dark, that's to bring out a sense of, lonliness though i kept a lil bright as to represent hope.

As Always u COMMENT and u enjoy.
b]Aspiring Mafia Plug:

Member: lunaregina
Wall: W.A.R.: In Too Deep
Reason: Just 1 word...... WOW !

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  1. OtakuHanzo Sep 27, 2005

    Nice job, jade. Really like how you used filters to smooth it all together. Wonderful job on the water and reflection effect. Personally though, I wish you would have used a different filter than the one you did. While it does blend everything together well, it just doesn't look right in spots. Still it is a nice warm wall and definitely deserves a well done! =^_^=

  2. gundamknight Sep 27, 2005

    Wow, that is one amazing background my friend. I'm not kidding. I love the clouds and the reflextion. Great work. A fav. Keep up the great work :)!

  3. drionix Sep 27, 2005

    This wallpaper is really nice. It kinda reminds me of something. Strong points and emphasis.. I like it.

  4. Idril Sep 27, 2005

    pretty jaderabbit!! backgroud is really good and me likes sunset and water reflexions!!
    hummm the wolf is soo cute too!!
    great job!!

  5. jaderabbit Sep 27, 2005

    ACtually in those spots that looks a lil messy, i added in :P

    The rason i added them in is to show that her lonliness is fading. everythig in the wallpaper is connected.

  6. Kenichi Sep 27, 2005

    wow, nice smooth colors in that wallpaper. i like the reflection of the water.

  7. Acuni Sep 27, 2005

    wow what an nice wallie i like the colours at the back and the charas fit very well
    hope to see more

  8. AnimeGoddess Sep 27, 2005

    love the wallpaper!!! its sooo pwettyyyy i love wolves :) the backround is so pretty ! the colors u picked are very fitting and it all matches up! soooo pretty!!!!! adding this to faves definitely :D

  9. Zarriff Sep 27, 2005

    Nicely done Jade, not my style but it's certainly amazing. The dark and lonley feeling adds a certain depth to the wall, very nice.

  10. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Sep 27, 2005

    Love the texture of the wall and the shine coming the thumbnail viewed except the funny dark light blendmode cos its kinda of weird in a sense it just gets awy from the natural-ness of the wall all together but as always good job. :P

  11. DarkIngram Sep 28, 2005

    great job on the background.... the sunsets and water reflections are nicely done...

  12. Akira-san Sep 28, 2005

    Hmm it's really nice, but needs more clean... but the scenery, landscape, idea and scan are pretty cool.
    It's a nice wallie, good job ^^

  13. breadcrust Banned Member Sep 28, 2005

    On the first look at this wallpaper, I think it looked great. The colouring and most of the background is pretty nice, and the scan is pretty nice, the glance of the girl is intriguing and interesting.

    Then I had a closer look at it, I found alot of problems that bother me alot. It doesnt seem right where the dog and girl are standing, they are too close to the water edge, and look as if they are standing unsually close. The position of the dog makes the girl's dress look like it comes out more than it actually does, and at first it seemed as if the dog was standing inside the girl's dress. The dog's head isn't quite right, it looks as if it doesnt come out from the body so much, and it doesnt appear to have a mouth. It also really disappoints me how you've made the wallpaper look somewhat dirtyish using canvas effect (and/or the like) filters.

    It could of been a really great wallpaper, but it seems like you rushed it and didnt spend enough time making it really nice. :-(

  14. SealedSword Sep 28, 2005

    Hey, I like the sceneray, it looks great =P
    And the girl looks very cute, and her dog/wolf looks kool XD
    I like the sun set on this background, makes it look very peaceful in a way ^_^
    Welldone, keep it up! = )

  15. knightstar3 Sep 29, 2005

    hmm...interesting texture! ^^
    i like the girl and the wolf...me love wolves! :)
    nice scenery too. =)

  16. rmuyo Sep 29, 2005

    I like this one, I love the imagery of the girl with almost her protector wolf and they look familar. I also love the imagery in the background, it is beautiful. The mountains, the reflections in the water, the frozen water and the sky which shines like a setting or rising sun, I see setting for some reason. I love it, the background goes perfectly with the image of the girl and wolf. A favorite without question or hesitation.

  17. Emma Sep 29, 2005

    My goodness--this is a really unique wall!!
    I love the type of style of drawing of the scan.
    And I like the texture of the overall wall. Do I feel lonely? Yeah, the darkness does add to it =)

    My only problem with it are the shadows being casted. The shadow on her which I am assuming is from a mountain seems to strong especially since the mountains seem far in the back. Nothing that bad though. However, the mountains are casting a shadow to the left while her and the wolf are casting a shadow to the right. They conflict.

    Overall, wonderful job!!

  18. Akira-san Sep 29, 2005

    Hey, this wallie looks like a picture hehe... it's pretty interesting! I loved the scenery and the sky you made they also are so cool. The water reflections are very well done a pretty too!
    Nice wallie, I'll give it a fav ^^

  19. tripleG Oct 05, 2005

    I like this very much!

    It shows a calm and peaceful atmosphere!! Good job!!

    i am adding it to my favs and plugging it on my wall!! ^_^



  20. flyindreams Oct 06, 2005

    Pretty, although I'm not too sure about the speckled texture overlay (especially for the girl) or the grid over the lake. Actually what I wanted to write was that the lunaregina wallie that you plugged is titled .: Roses of Eternal Parting :. instead of what you have right now ^.~;;

  21. bbls Oct 07, 2005

    wonderful concept here and i luv the interesting textures on your wall! the effects you used and the slight "blurriness" of your wall really gives the impression of a memory. and i can understand breadcrust's comment about them being too close to the edge because at that perspective it kinda looks like half of the wolf would be in the water.
    overall, the wall is simply stunning... :D

  22. iarly Oct 11, 2005

    I wonder why more people haven't faved this wallie... it's so sweet and it has such a great atmosphere and colors. I'm so going to add it to my faves!

  23. LARAIED Oct 21, 2005

    wooooooooo es super buena la imagen me encanto esta super linda chau :D :nya: :D :nya: ^_^' ^_^' ^_^'

  24. KAI09 Nov 25, 2005

    0-0b Good~3Q

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