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Naviya Intertainment Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

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Being a scenic waller, I just couldn't sit and watch the dark side (the grunge, abstract side) take over MT's Gallery. xD
Actually, It's about time I submitted something. It's been so long.

Anyway, here's the story with this wall.
I scannned the character off an old Korean magazine (Mrk 2003 Feb... I think). It is actually off an advertisement for an online role play site (Sunny House). Believe me, this scan needed lots and lots of cleaning ^^"
I was, at first, going to do a beach at the background. Unfortunately, my attempts to do a sandy beach put me off and I changed to a wheat field.
So I made a horrible looking wheat field (that's the best I could get), a sky and some birds. Btw, the windmill's off Google search. It was a photograph which I fixed so it would fit the bg. xD
It might actually be really bright coz I think my screen is fairly dark, so I think it might be bright on your screen.

Enough blabbing. Enjoy the wall - and any comments and suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks guys! =D

More resolutions available in Antique Faery Tales soon.

PS - I forgot to add in. I'd like to dedicate this wall to shinta for her birthday (28th Sept)

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  1. ventures Sep 27, 2005

    nice sunny looking wall euna-san
    I love the lighting on the girl. it looks like the sun is behind her with all the light around her. the windmill is a nice addition too. it goes really well with the wheat field and gives the wall a complete and serene feel . nice birds and pretty simple sky . everything goes in pretty good together . overall a very soothing wall euna XD *favs*

  2. animekai3 Sep 27, 2005

    It is very neat i love the way it looks It is a fav for me!^_^ :) :) :) :)

  3. Criox Sep 27, 2005

    Hi euna! Long time no see! How have you been? Having seen you in irc lately. n_n;

    This is a awsome wallie. I love the wheat field you make. Look so peaceful and country-side. Hehe! It isn't that horrible like you think. Either way I think you spend lotsa time doing it but its worth it . Keep it up! *fav*

  4. rory07 Sep 27, 2005


  5. rythem Sep 27, 2005

    goody ~ a new wallie from euna :)
    I really love the overall look of the wall ~ very nice scan quality n the lighting's just beautiful~ *.* the field n windmill r well done .. sky looks simple but very fitting to give a nice peaceful feeling 8D lol good job ne~ +fav ^^

  6. TheWizzard Sep 27, 2005

    Hm, it's good to use inside glow ... but not all over the char ... I don't think that the glow fits on the right bottom place ... it looks strange ...

    Othar htan that, nice wall ^_^

  7. Rikimaru-jp Sep 27, 2005

    Wonderful work Eunasahng, the background looks so beautiful with that brightness coming from back and striking the front-image making the wallie looks so magical :) and so beautiful!
    the scan is extracted flawlessly without any glitches :) and was blended smoothly along with the background ;)
    keep up the great work!

  8. Tias Sep 27, 2005

    sweet, it looks very nice, and the motoer cykel made it look cool also Xd

  9. DarkEVO Sep 27, 2005

    Hey.... you're back.
    Was wondering where you've been.
    Looks like another great wall from you again.
    Nicely done with the sunset and background and everything.

  10. Natalia-Qin Sep 27, 2005

    It almost looks like a photograph ^^I like the *sunset* feel too ^^ Overall, nice work, big sis! :D

  11. TrinityLi Sep 27, 2005

    Really nice! I LOVE the scan. The background is great, I love the color of the sky. Very bright and pretty! Great job :)

  12. tian82 Sep 27, 2005

    Awesome wallpaper !! I love it !! Look so sweet and lovely !!! Like the background a lots !! Thank for sharing it with us !!

  13. Nayako Sep 27, 2005

    Utsuskushi!!! XD I love this wallie - so shiny!!
    I love old windmills on the field ^__^ Ohh...scan is also great!!
    +beautiful gold sky... :D Good work!!

  14. stellar Sep 27, 2005

    oh wow!! another great wallie from miss euna!!! ^_^ wonderful indeed!!! everything fits so well!!! O.O lol anyways, i would luv to fav this but i cant. T_T the 10 fav rule thingy. x_x so instead, ill make this wallie as my desktop bg, how about that? XP bye bye


  15. ShiroiLina Sep 27, 2005

    ohhh such a nice wallie.. the golden colors are awesome and give off a nice touch! i like it very very much! keep it up! :D

  16. Kiako Sep 27, 2005

    great wallpaper, it is very bright and so peacefull and i also like the scene. and the chara looks nice too.

  17. GodOfSun Sep 27, 2005

    Extremely Cute....

  18. MagaOscura Sep 27, 2005

    This wallie is just great!!! The art is pretty, and the background fits very good.
    +fav. Keep up the good work =)

  19. chau-chan Sep 27, 2005

    Nice job, the wallpaper is really shining and simple.
    The character looks really cute, but the right side of her dress looks too bright, so you might need to erase or blur the white edge a little. But that's my point of view, so don't do it....^^;;
    Other then that, it looks great!!

  20. UndyingShadow Sep 28, 2005

    wow this is an awesome wall! I like the tone of brightness you chose, it brings out the golden color. Awesome job with the bg too!

  21. inuyashalove04 Sep 28, 2005

    Hi eunasahng, been a while since I've seen your work.
    I have to agree with you; the grunge and abstract works are taking over slightly. I like your wallpaper. The bg is very nice and the scan of the girl is cute. I just don't care the brightness of it... it seems to bright for me, but that's just me. Very nice work.

  22. Midori-chan Sep 28, 2005

    wow!!! the scan is so cute!!! and i like the way you blend in the chara with the peaceful bg^^ the clouds are great and the windmill fits nicely!!
    in my screen is kinda bright^^
    anyways, it's a great job!!! ;)

  23. shinta Sep 28, 2005

    Wheeee!!! Thank you euna-chan! *hugglez* You've got a really nice wallpaper there O_O I like the uniformity in the colors used. A wheat field sounds like a good idea for a background IMO. >_<

  24. irix Sep 29, 2005

    this have a nice ffeling of calm and a little of love in the air... and maybe a little liberty fragance... :P

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