Chisato Naruse Wallpaper: Enchanted Butterflies

Chisato Naruse Wallpaper
Chisato Naruse Mangaka

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

nyooo hello againn ^-^;;
so sorry if submitted too may walliess *gomennasaii*
I just can't help it >.< some said I'm rushing on making wallpapers *sobs*
I don't know if I'm rushing or I just have time to make many wallpaperss
urghh ,, sorryy but I can't help it ..

anyway I wanted to be more creative for making walls so it turned out to be like this
the scan was perfect for a wall XD the girl is cute too,, but have to say this wall is WEIRD
the background is bright but not the character, it's because I want to make it like in the middle of the night x.x
but the background doesn't match with a night scene so it turned out to be jumbled up like this ..

I also used the leaf effect on her, gotta love those !! ~~ <3
you can't really see the butterflies huh? yeah it's kind of fainth-ish
since I don't want to make them too obvious

comments are welcomed as alwayss ~~ <3

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  1. Ayasal Sep 27, 2005

    looks great!!! I love it!!! very well done and it gets a fav from me!!!
    keep up the good work!

  2. animekai3 Sep 27, 2005

    It is very cute and very beautiful it will be a fav for me! keep up the good work!^_^

  3. tareren Sep 27, 2005

    Well, it looks quite nice.. But you could have worked on the sky more cos it looks empty aside from all the sparkles... And I think you should take more time in extracting, kinda looks jagged here and there >_< especially the hair part.. The idea and concept behind this is quite nice ^^ Am sure if you take more time into perfecting it it would look better...

    Well, I said you are rushing cos you submit so many walls in a day.. I think a decent wall need more than 3 hours of work, including the extraction... And furthermore, if you think there are still stuffs that can be worked on .. (like in this wall, you said it looks pretty jumbled up), why not take a step back and scrutinize over it and try to make it better? After all, you would wanna give your best for each and every piece of work right? :)

  4. Dufoe88 Sep 27, 2005

    very great work in this wall ^^
    this is good..
    i will give you a fav ^^
    Keep up the good work..

  5. fuyuu Sep 27, 2005

    iyah kyknya bgnya kurang match sama orgnya.. =\ tp tetep aja bagus. huh sebel >p hehe galah bcandaa xb

  6. rythem Sep 27, 2005

    ara... >_< am I among the few who said u rush on ur works? ;_: sorry...maybe I felt like that coz I'm lazy to make walls.. @_@

    anyways~ the comment :) --->

    the bg effects r very nice .. blue colours matches well too .. though .. the scan's extraction needs smoother edges . it looks like its pasted on the bg .. there r some sharp edges too .. scan's a lil dark .. for the bg is very bright .. *.*
    yup ~ overall not bad .. fix the scan n it would be better~ :) goodluck~ *sorry 4 the critiques again..* +.+

  7. pegassuss Sep 27, 2005

    Nice kaji-san! ^^ It's kind of a different style from you ^^ and I must say I like it very much. I like the scan, it's cute. The extraction needs be a little smoother but nothing serious. I like the colours and the swirls and effects on the background. I like the leaves shadows you put at the bottom ^^ The green tree? in the upper part looks weird though. Overall, it's a lovely wall, I think you did a good job! ^^ Keep it up!

  8. mYNamEisMimOxxx Sep 27, 2005

    kaji kaji kaji san ^.^
    sorry i havent been keeping up with commenting >.>
    i have been saving though ^.^ lots of your wallies have been on meh dt ^_^~~
    this is like your best! it`s so cute! i love it!
    the effects are really cute and it isnt to bright
    nice work~ byee~~

  9. tian82 Sep 27, 2005

    OMG !! What a lovely and sweet wallpaper at here !! Look so nice and full of miracle feeling !! Awesome work !! I love it !! Thank for sharing !!

  10. AngelKate Sep 27, 2005

    Hi hi kajima-chan! I'm sorry I haven't been commenting on your works as much. -_- Gomen....

    Anyway...this one is really nice. I like the blue color, and the little effects look nice. :) There's a little bit of jagged edges around her hair, but that's all right, I do that too still. XD Keep up your nice work. :)

  11. n0rbert Sep 27, 2005

    Hey great pic!!! It’s a bit small but that’s of no big deal. The sky is good and the girl is super cute! :D

  12. Idril Sep 27, 2005

    great!! you used nice effects and colors for it!!
    you is a waller machine, girl!! you submit soooooo wallies for day! ^^"
    where you find time for it?? ^^"

  13. Kiako Sep 27, 2005

    nice wallpaper, i like the way the shades of the trees fall down on the girl, but the bg doesn't fit that well to the whole scene even f the effects are verry good.

  14. bbls Oct 07, 2005

    the concept of your wall is very sweet, but you're right that the brighter background doesn't quite match the darkened girl. on the background effects with those swirls are very lovely, and i really like your brush work with the leaves. overall, this is still a very nice wallie... :D

  15. ericcarson Oct 27, 2005

    wow! what a cool wallie! The very enchanted chill is awesome. Its like gazing into an aqua colored abyss full of wonderful things. I really cannot describe the esquisite feeling this wallie brings to me. I hope you will enjoy the fact that myself and others will gain great pleasure from this wallpaper. Please keep up the great work, and my greatest compliments to your enormous efforts.

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