Rozen Maiden Wallpaper: .::Midnight Senses::.

Peach-Pit, Studio Nomad, Rozen Maiden, Suigintou Wallpaper
Peach-Pit Mangaka Studio Nomad Studio Rozen Maiden Series Suigintou Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Okies this wall isn't all good to me...*nods*
And I dun know...I think I messed up n some parts I dun kno...but sometin bout dis wall.... >.<
Ok enough about that....damn I spent like all night trying to finish this wall! >_<
But hey it was worth it *lol* I think *hehe* :)
I like this wallie but then again..I dun't....Is prolly tha moon or something that annoys me...*giggles*
Aight let me give out da credits n stuff...lol :)
Umm I have no clue where I got da image frm....Nor I dun know if it's frm a series.... o_0
Well anywayz I fell n love wit dis pic!!!!! XD XD So I was inspired by this preeeeeeeetty image! XD
And da moon n shooting stars R frm "Deviant Art".
Aye Im getting annoyed frm using da same same brushes all da time!!! >_<
I dun wanna BORED you GUYS/GIRLS! So yea...please excuse me for not making anymore impressions...LOL! :D I wanna get some TUT's OR Brushes frm somewhere! >.<

Oh oh oh I tried to make an water puddle or sometin like that...But it didn't come out tha way I wanted..!!! >.< Oh wells hehehe... :D Oh yea I did tha mountains! They came out tigh huh?? LOL! Is aight if u dun like em! :D
Time: 3 hours or so. lol
Layers: 27 or 26 :)
Series: Rozen Maiden
Image: frm somewhere I forgot...lol

Soooooooo that's about it! Aight I hope that everyone likes this wallie!!!!!!!! :) ;) :) ;) !
Seeeeeee ya laters n take care everyone!!

Oh! PS: That GIRL looks LIKE Dark Chii! Frm Chobits!!!! But is not her! Uhhh I tink lol! AND also WHAT A GAY NAME for a wallie like this!! LOL! Well neeeways enjoy! *waves* :D

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Browse Rozen Maiden Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. ROMEZ Sep 25, 2005

    ok seriously you need to tell me how you do the effects for these walls with the glitter and all that

  2. strawberrt Sep 25, 2005

    awesome wallpaper!! WOW, i dont know how people make such nice and realistic backgrounds X_X I totally suck at it. I can only make abstract.

  3. Monkeymoo Sep 25, 2005

    Dewd. That is so spiffy! I love the shooting stars in tha background, good job on it.

  4. hongrboi Sep 25, 2005

    I'm going to bet that it's from Rozen Maiden(although I've never seen the series)

    I don't like the mountains. I think they should be blurred a bit maybe? L like the lighting effects around the girl and the sky scene though.

  5. RainOfStars Sep 25, 2005

    Well, this looks pretty good^^
    The scan looks like Suigin from rozen maiden. But I am not sure.
    But why is there stars on top of the moon?
    Still nice background.

    Good job^^

  6. K1R31 Sep 25, 2005

    Nice wallie !
    I like the night scene !
    I'm sure she is Suigin Tou from Rozen Maiden !
    Thx for sharing !

  7. MagicianFairy Sep 25, 2005

    A wall from Rozen Maiden!!
    love this anime!!
    wow, this wallie is such a great wall with all those great effects!! XD

  8. OtakuHanzo Sep 25, 2005

    Awwww... you added purple just for me again, didn't you? XP Seriously though, this is another beautiful wall from you, LG. I really like how you've been using dark colors lately. And I for sure love that scan! Another well done for the Goofymeister! =^_^=

  9. SilentMasamune Sep 25, 2005

    Alright, sorry I need to edit my comment. It was my eyes yesterday. XD The effects around the character are okay to an extent; when you consider the very detailed background, though the effects are quite detailed themselves, it takes away from a lot of the detail. The mountain which appears to be all black is pretty rough on the edges; some blurring would definitely fix that. On the bottom, the land terminates rather abruptly; perhaps continuation of that land would fix that up too. Other than that, the sky is extremely detailed, and the scan is a great pick for this amount of detail, not to mention your excellent extraction.

    After reviewing this wallpaper, I want to give this wallpaper a favorite, but once you fix things up then it shall look great and receive a favorite. Please don't mind me because my eyes were near sleeping when I first typed this to you last night.

  10. soujiokita Sep 25, 2005

    well, this one is not that bad. I kinda like it. It's just that there's this black part down there, and I don't really like that, but this is great work. Hope to see more from you. +fav next week.

  11. Batrisha Banned Member Sep 25, 2005

    A splendid wall!!!!! the tones is very interestin and i jus love the mooon!!!
    the scan suits the bg well too+Favs!
    thanx 4 sharin!

  12. Kiako Sep 25, 2005

    the wallpaper looks pretty good, i like the chara. the background looks pretty good though some lighteffects on the top are a bit disturbing. and the part with the mountains there where are some plants looks a bit cut off.

  13. PAche Sep 25, 2005

    nice wall.dark and evily serene XD and i suggest you go and sleep, lady.you sure sound like you need it.your opinions and method of typing is so...unlike your usual self.go sleep.

    anyway, its a good wallpaper(as usual) but, issit just me or is there really 2 moons?and i think suigin toh would do well to be lower down the wallpaper.she's like out of place right now

  14. moonbaby Sep 25, 2005

    Great Job!! I love all of the effects, adn the bg!!!
    Great Work, and pweety sparkles and glows ^-^ ... me likey shiney things!!

    Loves Ya Lots!!!!

    Definately a faves for me!!!

  15. Tias Sep 25, 2005

    lol, its not bad. i rather think its great and cool, if the name really isent so good then you good you chould have used somthing els with night^^

  16. Dufoe88 Sep 25, 2005

    hey ^^
    :o nice wall you made i like its idea! ^^
    the bg look great! but i was wondering.. there is a moon, how can stars show behind it >.< ? right ?
    the sparks next to the character is very pretty!! i like the way you made it ^^
    nice job you made ladygoofy ^^
    keep it up

  17. Nyuu-chan Sep 25, 2005

    Nice wallie! I like this scan you use. Atmosphere here is really good: dark and spooky ^^. Good work. Thanks for sharing!

  18. SealedSword Sep 25, 2005

    Hey there Lady G, nice wallpaper you made here =p
    i love the background, especially the sky =P
    The girl fits right into the background nicely XD
    Welldone, keep it up! = )

  19. dalidadod Sep 25, 2005

    hmm i duno why u sayin its bad,,its not that bad at all,,me like this wallie..its awesome really
    gr8 job ... ^^

  20. benjaminchia Sep 25, 2005

    great work for the background you have created. Effects are nice.

    The colors looks pretty good too. The overall design is pretty.
    Keep it up!
    Perhaps the only thing that puzzles me is that I have got the impression that you are trying to combine all the wonderful effects together (forcefully) . The sparkly effect around the character looks great. the sea looks great too. and the moutains look great . the clouds looks wonderful as well. however when you combine the sparkly effects around the girl with the realistic looking scenary of the sea and the clouds, everything seems to look a bit off.

    Still. it's pretty good.

  21. Idril Sep 25, 2005

    wooww, sweetie, this wallie is wonderful!! Suigintou is my fav character from Rozen Maiden and this pic is just lovely!! ^_^
    i like background too!! nice effects and planets!!
    great job, my dear!

  22. Rhonda21 Sep 25, 2005

    its very beautiful. the scan is so pretty. nice effects. lovely background. Awesome Job!

  23. Chloe Retired Moderator Sep 25, 2005

    Quote by strawberrtawesome wallpaper!! WOW, i dont know how people make such nice and
    realistic backgrounds X_X I totally suck at it. I can only make

    Lol, same here!
    This is awesome! I love the background and the colors are awesome! Excellent job!

  24. Emma Sep 25, 2005

    Utter beauty *in awe* I just love your work, Lady *hugs*
    I like the sparkle effects you did and that there are different colors of the sparkles.
    The scan is amazing! Very vivid. And the pink and dark, midnight blue is such a great combination!!
    You know what I really like--the little island of palm trees in the shadows *giggles* That's adorabe!!
    Beautiful!! +favs!!!

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