The Sandman: Dream Hunters Wallpaper: Sandman: Nightmares

The Sandman: Dream Hunters Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

What great art Sandman gathers...
This is dedicated to my friend DREAM

the scans are all by him:
plus a couple more that are black and white and cannot be submitted here. still from him.

This is the first time I do something like that. Basically using scans as coloring layer for a vector. So no black lines. I still needed to use a few solids. I hope I made a good choice. I am kinda pleased the way it turned out. Any thoughts on the technique or the final result?
Imo a title in there would have been a bit too much... since we don't have titles for our nightmares anyway...

Enjoy, reflect, dream and visit www.NuclearSeasons.com

EDIT: you gotta see it full view...

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  1. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Sep 24, 2005


    *throws strawberries at yu*

    wall something kawaii for once and stop scaring the wits outta poor saki... u_u
    texture is beautiful... >.> man is scary looking... T_T
    and love love lovvuu the color scheme.. <3

    u_u I HATE those eyes... T_T if i dont sleep tonight.. u_u *brings out knives* T_T

  2. Azzi Sep 24, 2005

    Nice work. It's really cool comics. :)
    And his eyes are something between sad and scary. Killing combination.
    And it reminds me a little bit of the Crow.

  3. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Sep 24, 2005

    gyahhhh I felt a chill when I looked into those eyes >.<

    man I'm starting to shiver as well >.<

    i love the textures and the brushes you have used for this... but man, you have succeeded in scaring me (and I'm not easily scared) >_< Kudos!

  4. tevi Sep 24, 2005

    Hihis! ^^

    Scan :

    i love your manipulation of the scan... It's a great reflection of the original scan, but with your own personal flavour, which firmly states that this is yours. I think it's a great choice in scans, as it reflects the nightmare theme so well ^^

    Choice of Colour :

    i love the use of black, both because it looks great on the desktop, and it's such a perfect colour for the nightmare concept. I also like the contrast with the bright cream, it balances out the wall in terms of colours and brightness, but it also brings out the "blackness" of your use of black [I hope that made sense... It's hard to explain... But it's something like, how people can use almost-black and get away with it...] The brown is an interesting choice of a medium "shade", because it's great as a transition between the dark and light [without which, the wall would have a too contrasted feel] and it reflects the colour of a dark "sand"

    Texture :

    i love the feel of the brushes... It gives it a rough feel, reinforcing the sand idea, but also contrasts with the smooth black and gray. I just absolutely love the way you play with contrast in this wall ^^ And then, the brushes really bring out the scariness of the character, which is just so delightful =)

    Text :

    i agree with you. I think it would have looked much too full with the text... At the moment, it's full, but not in a way that annoys or makes the wall become useless. It's just, nicely busy =)

    Overall :

    i just absolutely love this wall... It looks great on the desktop! Thankyou for creating such a great wall, and keep up the great work!

    - Tevi

  5. toxictea23 Sep 24, 2005

    Whoa dernier..i love the texture, and the scans. Especially the choice in coloration. MuCHO awesomeo!!

  6. DarkEVO Sep 24, 2005

    I like the comic.... Interesting concept and storyline from Gaiman.
    This wall here looks a bit weird with this layout.
    Better to take out the large sandman and use the sammler one with the crows.

  7. flyindreams Sep 24, 2005

    ... O__O ...

    Very appropriate title. Mad texture overlays. >_<

    dc = mad scary creative man. >____<

  8. DREAM Sep 24, 2005

    [EDIT] category should be DC lol, you have your very own category. jk

    oh hell yeah- Sandman goodness or shall i say greatness. ^^
    i caught this earlier but i couldn't download it till a little while ago..
    i have never seen a wallpaper [ever] that used more than 3 scans that remained effective and yet maintain such a solid composition. i count at least 5 or 6 scans here. simply amazing.. seriously DC, you are on another level..

    so the scans were vectored? if so; how in the world did you still maintain to keep the artworks "rawness"?

    i love how you intergrated the various scans especially on Dream's [to the right] chest.

    absolute defintive fav.. + favs
    perhaps someday my skillz will be such that i can dedicate a wall to you, my friend. ;) we can only "hope" im sure..

  9. Keldorn Sep 25, 2005

    Nice nice nice work! definitely an "added to fav wp" :) good job!

  10. ryannzha Sep 25, 2005

    as xpected..yer work of art brings more inspirrationz ...great!! :o

  11. eagledawn599 Sep 29, 2005

    yea yea yea i really like this wallpaper and that guy in side yea yea yea

  12. markjo Oct 09, 2005

    The texture reminds me of my business card, lol. Anyway, love the new technique - maybe you should try it out with some more definite background?

    P.S. I'm back!

  13. Dani Nov 06, 2005

    Ooooh - beautiful rendition of the King of Dreams and Nightmares, really captures the essence of the character.

  14. arsalan23 Jul 28, 2007

    feels quit like the metal gear solid sketches.
    very well done.

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