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here's my entry for the W.A.R. contest. i'm very very very pleased with it, whatever the results are. XD i've never put so much effort into one wall. took me quite a while to get the inspiration. i didn't submit it earlier because i wanted to perfect with the judges' comments: did a little twitching on the brightness, it seems my screen is a bit brighter than average. everybody's complaining about it being too dark, but it looks fine on my screen. also had to shorten the original title ["infatuated by your presence"], nothing much.

Quote by teviQuote from w.a.r. comment : "Nice job with the wall.. just one advice, using too much black makes it look a bit too... boring... so try to fix that up on the bottom."

LOL. thx tevi. i would never. i like the black.

well i hope you guys will like it, becuase this is one wall that i have but my all into. ^______^

[Original description.]
i know; it's friggin long. o_O please do read it if you have the time...

When people think of infatuation, most would immediately think a boy and a girl crazy in love. But it doesn't have to be like that. Why can't it be peaceful? You can be madly in love just being next to each other, feeling their presence, their warmth, their skin touching yours. So this is what this wall is all about. Even with the darkest skies above you, the most uncomfortable atmosphere surrounding you, you can feel content when they're close to you. The story here is of the two girls, in the middle of a war torn field, amidst all sorts of dangers, but at peace with themselves, glad to be in each others' company, whatever may happen.

Inspiration was actually from the hat of girl on the right, reminds me of a military uniform somehow. The two girls are from the front and back cover of Range Murata's "futurhythm" artbook. I cleared them up a bit and played around with the hue/contrast/etc. to get them to look like the belong in the same picture. The reeds/flowers in the foreground are completely drawn by my own homemade brushes created specially for this wall. The texture in the backdrop was made using 3 stock photos [though it doesn't look like it] from ImageAfter and brushes from classic.tere-art.com; both the sites, I must admit, came from ocelotisun, so a big bear hug for her!

I did add quite a few little details to this, just to add that extra touch. The heart tattoo you see behind the ear of the girl on the right, the girl on the left has one too about her cleavage, slightly hidden by the vegetation. The brighter blotches in the background are supposed to resemble explosions in the distance, and if you look closely, you'll see the three warplanes in the top left corner, flying away. I decided to go for a more monochromatic colour scheme for this wall, due to the graveness of the story, but there are tints of yellow, green and blue to add interest.

Ah, I'm expecting quite a few people to complain about the text: how it's so illegible and unclear, but I personally think it really suits the wall. For those who can't read it, it says "Infatuated by your presence", which just sums up the paragraph above. I've spent a lot of time and effort into this wallpaper, honest; hope it shows in the final piece!

p.s. a big congrats to ocelotisun, whose entry was so kawaii! ^^

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  1. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Sep 24, 2005

    Lol, tevi tevi tevi hahaha
    Look, I loved the entry especially when you edited it and it is as good as it can be. I think sometimes people might forget for the w.a.r that this is a wallpaper competition ie. these are designed for a desktop. Something too busy or colourful won't work. I like this work of art because it's comfortable and I can feel at ease looking at it. Also, I like how it has a bit of colour to entertain, yet it maintains a really good theme, and it's easier on the eyes. A desktop was never to begin with, to look like a piece of paper... if it were, we'd all be blind ;)

    Lovely wallpaper that I felt was one of the better entries all round. Kudos, kudos, kudos :)

    ps: I was wondering if you were going to upload this about an hour ago lol... I was updating the UA warriors site and was like *hesitates* when I had to link your entry XD but oh well that's done and I'm lazy ;)

  2. Ephemeral-Garden Sep 24, 2005

    Finally! I've been waiting for this one to pop out in MT after I see your entry in the war web. It's... really pretty. I mean... to feel the presence of peace and harmony in the mdst of war? I really like that idea, and I believe it's really hard for anyone to scrap this idea out, and I'm sure you did quite hard with this one. What am I saying? Of course you've worked hard on this!! ^_^'

    Right... don't bother the judges. *Shhss..* If you wanna keep it black, so black it is. It's what you wanna present is important, and yeah, I like black too, it goes easy to the eye.

    One thing I really like with this wall is that I really like how you turned it into a beautiful picture which resembles a poster. It has the grungey touch and gives me the feeling of "peace within war". I really love how this idea works well in your work, and yeah, the weeds have definitely brings the war effect to life.

    i really like this piece, and of course, it's definitely a good piece.

  3. Guestwho Sep 24, 2005

    Very well designed wallpaper and with the scan it looks even better.
    And the black does look good.

  4. tian82 Sep 24, 2005

    This wallpaper is awesome and nice !! I love the picture of the 2 cute girl plus with the nice colour !! Absolutely perfect and well design wallpaper !! Good work and I like it very much !! Thank for sharing !!

  5. SharinganKnight Sep 24, 2005

    it looks cool, but I think it would be betetr if you had an union between the 2 bodie rather than a crossiong, 2 charcters make the wallpaper 2 crowded. I can see the wall is completely abstarct so I won't complain about the over sized grass and the grungy background. Its a bit too dark right at the top and the corners, but I guess that helps you to focus on the characters, and I really don't like the scribbles by that one little grass. Overall a nice wall.

  6. Idril Sep 24, 2005

    wooww me loves it!! background is amazing and the two girls are soo cute!! Range Murata rules!!

    Ps: I think you just should fix better the plants brushes on background... they looks floating around background.

  7. EvoIIICE9A Sep 25, 2005

    I thought this wall was absolutly amazing and i didnt get why it was said it was too dark too O_o I can see it fine on my monitor but then again I had the same problem said with one of my walls as well but yet it seemed fine *shrug* maybe peoples monitors have broken.

    This was was definatley one of my favs with the comp :D

  8. bluSake Retired Moderator Sep 25, 2005

    Lovely grungy textures, and the planes are XD . & I like the darkness: it looks so peaceful. Composition's a bit strange though: with the grasses at the girls' shoulders. Think it would look more natural if the grass was more...vertical, like tall grass on a windy day.

  9. soujiokita Sep 25, 2005

    This wall is very nice. I love the texture on it and the clors are great as well. Scan is beautiful as well. Good luck on the contest! ^^ +fav next week. gomene. Sorry.

  10. Sandra Sep 25, 2005

    Owwwwww :D

    Here is a wallie for WAR from one of (my private ) the best wallers in MT :D

    You always amazin me :D

    Great scan you choose :D

    The girls really look like from Army or smthin ^_^

    So you made a great scene too !

    i really like that you have your own style.

    Great stuff ! As always ^_^

    Nice textures, idea, bg, scan.

    Great job overall !

    Keep it up !

  11. tevi Sep 26, 2005

    Okay, just wanted you to know that I absolutely LOVE THIS WALL ^^ It's sitting on my desktop and looking really pretty ^^ There's no use in me writing a critique of it, because I'd just be saying "Wow, this is great" and "Ooh, I liked how you did that" XD But I didn't want to just fav and run =P

    But, I'd love to point out to everyone that this looks great on the desktop... Just put it there and bask in its perfection ^^

    And as for the black at the bottom being too much... Does that judge not have a task-bar or what? =p

    - Lots of lub, Tevi

  12. TrinityLi Sep 26, 2005

    Sweet looking wall. I love the scans, the background, and the texture off the wall. I like the black on the bottom. It works really well the the wall. Great job! :)

  13. narutofan92 Sep 27, 2005

    Ah, Kakitsubata.
    One of the hardest people on Mt to keep in touch with but I guess that's ok. -lol-

    On to the wall.
    This is definitely a great wall to post for the w.a.r. to say the least.
    You seem to be quite into making very distinctive textures on your wallpapers, which in turn makes them stand out in a crowd.
    You took that scan and gave it life, and a good bg. ^_~
    The plants that cover the scan do give it that "war'ish" atmosphere most definitely.
    Makes me feel like putting on my gear and marching to the front line. -lol-
    Well all in all this wall is really great and I can't wait to see more.

    As to the paragraph written about the infatuation and the description, most truly do I think that infatuation can mean something other then such a cliche relationship and this wall is definitely great proof to that definition of Infatuation.

  14. Kuros Sep 27, 2005

    I don't quite know what this is from (don't know Range) but I really like the wall. Nice description as well, with a good point. Very appropriate colouration in my opinion, but I like simplness.

    Nice job ~ ~ ~

  15. lthnadml Nov 09, 2005

    Loves it! Very nice work. I love the background and the images of the girls are very nice too . . . i love the colors . . . XD XD XD

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