Wolf's Rain Wallpaper: Delicate Paradise

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BONES Studio Wolf's Rain Series Cheza Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

yeah, i'm alive xD
i know it's been forever since i made a wall, but i've been working on this one for quite some time. actually, really quite a while.
anyways, it's a wolf's rain wall in a stainedglass-ish style. at least the way the textures and lines are. if it was ACTUAL stained glass, it'd fall apart >_>
anyways, not much to say other than that.
the whole wall was a vector. any black outline you see was hand vectored by me. cheza was vectored from a manga scan (which you can find in the scans gallery. boy was she a bitch and a half) and the wolves were from varios wolf's rain scans.

so i hope you like the wall, cause i sure as hell do. first one in a while.

and this wall is dedicated to evol. my sexy man who is on his way to see me at this very moment! it was his birthday on tuesday (27! so old! xD) so when you comment, be sure to wish him a happy birthday! he'll be reading the comments!

also, an awesome happy birthday to my lil blazey (whiteblaze to you non-slave drivers). he's now 18, (turned that on saturday) sp happy birthday to blazey, too!

<3 <3 <3's to both of you guys :3

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  1. Susan-chan Sep 23, 2005

    what can i say? it looks awsome:) i cant find any problem with the wally:) nice scene:)

  2. tAtEkAnE Sep 23, 2005

    loves for kalico for this awesome wall...u rule =p
    what can i say...(trying to fill in the comment limit) yey!! lol

  3. shadowcat23 Sep 23, 2005

    its a really pretty wallpaper you did a really good job on it sounds like it was alot of work

  4. Sandra Sep 23, 2005

    Kali O__O

    This is .......

    Just .......


    No words ! !

    It's so great !

    So Amazing !

    So awesome !

    i just love it !

    *sets as desktop*

    The idea , and the wolfs , and textures ....

    Everything is just PeRfEcT !

    p E R F E C T !

    The girl looks really nice , this how she's blending with the bg !

    And flowers give a cute touch to the bg !

    And i just love this White wolf !

    Absolutly one of the best walls i've ever seen in MT !

    Great Job Kali ! Really great !

    *looks once again at wall*

    Breath taking one . . .


    I'm in love with wallpaper :P !

    Ok ok , me goes :P

    Really , nice done.

    Oww And Happy Birthday To Your Boyfriend :D
    Wish you two good luck in love <3

    And 4 your brother too ;)

  5. Perigon Sep 23, 2005

    Wow... beautiful. I love the texturing of the walls. Putting it up right now!

  6. SakuraCorazonn Banned Member Sep 23, 2005


    Nice job. Excellent work the one you show here. very imaginative and interesting. The idea, is surprising. the princess controlling to his wolves.

    Yes, I like much. Impressive what you obtained with the vectors. it already loved I to do it ^^


  7. lunaregina Sep 23, 2005

    Oh... my....... This is astounding! The wallpaper is as crisp as can be, great vectoring job, and the textures are just magnificent (especially that granite one)! This wall is simply perfect! *slaps it on her desktop* Plus a well deserved fav!

    PS - And happy birthday to kalico's bf and brother! XD

  8. Yina Sep 23, 2005

    nyaa.. I've already commented on AP.. you can read my comment there.. xDD too lazy to write it again.. *__* +fav =3

  9. trinigirl524 Sep 23, 2005

    wow this wall looks really great! i love the look of the texture, and the style and use of colors looks good too. wonderful job on this ^^ fav+

  10. sukie Sep 23, 2005

    wow...very pretty!! the effects are so great!! super super work!! i love the bg!! you rock!! =D

  11. Rhonda21 Sep 23, 2005

    wow. its awesome. everything just looks so great. nice textures. its pretty.
    oh and happy birhtday to both. hope its great.
    And Great Job!!!

  12. GintheTwilightswords Sep 23, 2005

    This wallpaper looks incredible XD XD !!! Seriously, this thing is that great~it's very well done for starters, the colours and lighting are dark but well adequate for the mood of the wallpaper. I really love the scan of Cheza and the wolves you used, not to mention what you did with it. It truly looks like stained glass, the detailing and colour to is immense, and would dedfinitely be something glorious to see if it were real :). Not only that, I said it stands out as a wall, abit different from what I've seen lately. Outstanding work Kalica ^uu^, I am absolutely taken by this (not to mention Wolf's Rain is awesome XD) .

  13. himeno22 Sep 23, 2005

    omg i LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *Adds to favs adds to favs*
    this is so awesome >.<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Tama-Neko Sep 23, 2005

    Totally awesome. Your break from walling has not hurt your style or technique one jot. The stained glass gives it that art noveaux style that's reminiscent of a lot of the Wolf's Rain artwork and really fits the series well. I like how the colors are relatively muted and dark, it also fits the dark tone of the series. Cheza's hand behind Kiba looks a little odd if you're going for a strict stained-glass theme, and perhaps the texture is a little heavy (I always think of glass as shinier than what you have rendered) but it's nothing that draws away from the great composition.

  15. ayaki Sep 23, 2005

    simply an amazing piece of artwork i'm looking @ right now >_<
    damn, it looks sooo good.
    and yep..haven't seen wall from you for awhile, and ta da~ u surprised me with this one!^_^
    I think u did achieve the stained-glass effect. The tone of the colors and textures are really well chosen. They all seems to fit perfectly well together.
    I don't really see any flaws in this one. XP sugoi ne!~
    and haha, Happy B-day to ur bf ^^

  16. bluSake Retired Moderator Sep 23, 2005

    So pretty >.< . Love the delicacy of the stained glass, and the marble textures/patterns. It looks so whistful: a perfect reflection of the series.

  17. dngo86 Sep 24, 2005

    This is a nice wallpaper. The colors on this wall looks really good. The dark outline on the wolves reminds me of Okami.

  18. Yumi-Chan Sep 24, 2005

    happy birthday to kalico's sexy man and whiteblaze!! XD

    you did well with the vector =D i like it so much, the marble+grunge-ish effect were awesome too (if that's even marbles @_@) the wolves look cute ._. nya *pats little wolviess ;3*
    sigh well gotta say you've done a fabulous job in it. it's been awhile since i last wrote you a comment on your wallpapers, i deeply apologize for that.
    i'm faving and saving this onto my desk ;) keep it up

  19. phamthuha Sep 24, 2005

    So impressive ^^. The color tone is so nice and excellent !! Hope to see more of your work ^^.

  20. kaidou Sep 24, 2005

    This is so pretty...I love the style and the perspectives. The colors are so cooling and calming. Lovely work!

  21. shugo000 Sep 24, 2005

    wow. Very awsome wall!

  22. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Sep 24, 2005

    Woman what have you been smoking ???!!!! O_O
    This is like godly in a sense but it must be the weed ive been smoking just now before i went online and yeah i love how the wolfs and beautiful image is just elloquent and desiring... I LOVE IT! ^___^

  23. flyindreams Sep 24, 2005

    Stunningly beautiful XD The combination of marble texture and stained-glass window outlines is just stunning, and I love the overlap of the scans... so delicate, and absolutely gorgeous.

  24. stellar Sep 24, 2005

    ahhh this is awsome!! :D wolfs rain is a great anime. lol i luv this wallie. +fav+


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