Futari wa Precure Wallpaper: Let Us Fly Away

Futari wa Precure, Cure Black, Doujinshi Wallpaper
Futari wa Precure Series Cure Black Character Doujinshi Source

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well, I haven't really improved much because honestly I haven't been trying hard enough. I wasn't even going to do another wallpaper for awhile, but then I was looking at the nebula I had designed for a previously released wallpaper and decided I wanted to do something better with it. So, I added alot more color to the nebula and a few other things here and there. Then, instead of the previous scan I had used, I used this one instead which I got from here at MT. Such a beautiful scan it is too. Fell in love the moment I saw it. I was experimenting with different effects on the scan, but decided it was best left alone.

Anyways, nothing major really. Original background was about 30 layers and took only a couple of hours. Probably spent an hour cleaning up the extraction and another hour adding new stuff to the nebula. So, all in all, about four hours on this piece.

A couple of the parts in the nebula were done with a brush set I got off Deviantart. I cannot remember the author and I apologize for that. I believe it was called Angelic Clouds or something like that. I got it from a link that was posted in a wallpaper on this site about a month back.

Well, hope you enjoy! =^_^=

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  1. Lenne Sep 23, 2005

    Oh Preety Cure!!Nice wall...but where is White?It's kinda lonely without her.. :(
    Anyway...good job! ;)

  2. phamthuha Sep 23, 2005

    Very nice bg ^^. But this is a little too empty here on the bg, why dont you add in some more effect to make it looks greater ^^. Hope to see more of your work ^^!!

  3. chibichibikaukau Sep 23, 2005

    its so so pretty!!!! i like the background, the colors are so nice!!!
    very good job!!! :) :) :)

  4. iarly Sep 23, 2005

    The background looks amazing but I don't think the chara fits... dunno, it feels impossed to me, like it doesn't belong there. Just my opinion. But then again, the nebula is awesome!

  5. toxictea23 Sep 23, 2005

    I really like this image over all. It is pretty adorable as are all the scans in this category.

    Extractions seems pretty good but needs some corrections around the hair. And floating characters dont really work good with wallpapers, it preferable to have them down. The background looks empty and could use some more object^.^ nice

  6. xianghua Sep 23, 2005

    The bg is sooo pretty!! i love it
    just like iarly said the chara doesnt really fit in there
    but overall great work^^

  7. JadeTigress Sep 24, 2005

    nice i lovev the bg. the colors are great. keep up the great work friend

  8. Nona Sep 24, 2005

    The nebula bg is very nice. Lot of colors I like it! :D The scan is from pretty cute? woow. I don't know the anime, but the wallpaper nice!

  9. elessar007 Sep 24, 2005

    The two separate elements (scan and background) are both woderfully done. The coloration of the nebula is done in such a way to actually give a sense of depth. One thing I noticed was the two planets are shaded as if they are being lit by two independent light sources. That seems a little odd and breaks the harmony of the background. The scan itself is really cute but there are some pixels left from the extraction near the bow and the upper inner thigh that make it somewhat fuzzy. I really like the background but it just doesn't seem to fit with the scan, in my opinion. The scan is just floating without any sort of visual anchor to tie it into the background. The closest thing to come to a tie to the background is the coloration of the bow since it is vaguely similar to the palette for the background. As I said, both the scan and the background are rather well done, I just don't think they work well together. I apologize if my comments seem overly critical. I only mean them with the intent of being helpful. By no means am I trying to be hurtful or insulting.

  10. ladygoofy Sep 25, 2005

    I LOVE da background!!! XD XD
    Nice job there! ;)
    But tha image doesn't quite fit in....hmmm.... *thinkin*
    Well I like it!!! I can't add to fav's cuz of stupid rule! >_<
    But I like it!! XD

  11. leosama84 Sep 25, 2005

    its neat, really mystical, the chick is cute...the background is really nice ^_^....
    nice work! keep it up ;)

  12. StJL Sep 25, 2005

    thats a really nice wall
    i really like the galaxy backround
    it seems enchanting

  13. tripleG Sep 25, 2005


    The background is excellent; I like the colors very much. The extraction of the character is superb. Maybe you can blend the image a little more with the bg though (it looks sort of cut out and not part of the bg).

    However I like the wall very much! Keep up the good work!

  14. malenits Sep 25, 2005

    excelente background!! the espace its so real!!
    nice work on the wall
    see you later!

  15. melonbrust Sep 26, 2005

    very nice background.. but the scan still doesnt blend well with the background..

  16. Ying Sep 29, 2005

    Very colorful!
    Nice work but the character dosen't blend in very well
    and she's kinda sharp against the background, how about blurring the edges a bit?
    The background looks....well spacey!! ^_- But a little empty.....how about more planets?
    Keep it up! ^_^

  17. dragonrxd Oct 11, 2006

    I like this wall B Coz it looks really nice especially the colourful space lookin BG.
    Even the figure looks really good Nice Job.

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