Bleach Wallpaper: BLEACH: tokyo JUMP!!!!

Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Rukia Kuchiki, Ichigo Kurosaki Wallpaper
Kubo Tite Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Rukia Kuchiki Character Ichigo Kurosaki Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

hehe this is my bleach sub for the uchiki.de walling contest ^^ eh i know its supposed to be tokyo but i just made up the whole thing except for the tower. dont blame be if its not geographically correct.

lol this is also the final wall in my cities trilogy, which i have started in july XD i did this vector a while back but just couldnt think of a way to wall it. so after many re-dos and modifications, heres the final product.

the pen tool is your friend
lol just about everything is good ol vectoring. the most fun part was the temples. ive been to enoguh buddhist temples to know how one looks and so the temple is done from scratch. its a bit simplistic and its missing a couple of details but i think its ok.... ^__^'

the trees were done with shinta's leaf brushes. first time making trees and bushes etc. i think it looks pretty good eh? XD

and of course, the main thing is TOKYO TOWER! =P i vectored it off a scan cause extraction would just kill the whole wall. truthfully, the vectoring wasnt that difficult and when resized to fit the wall, all the imperfections disappeared...magic oO

well enjoy this sub cause i enjoyed making it ^^

ps. its september. what else could be better than a fall theme wall?


CITIES TRIOLOGY - if you havent seen em yet, might wanna go check it out XD these were made a while back so the conventions and stuff i used for them might be a bit different from what i do now
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v406/kai81220/steam.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v406/kai81220/naruto.jpg

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  1. DarkEVO Sep 23, 2005

    I prefer your steamboy version to the rest but this wall however, you seem to have used the same background from your last recent wall. But the vector is good in this.

  2. fukushuusha Sep 23, 2005

    vector looks great kai...wow...
    really nice point of view too. different with both traditional japanese style and a modern tower on bthe same scenery.
    really nice work man... :)

  3. Aa-chan Sep 23, 2005

    I really like the scene and the background works nicely with the scan :) .

  4. ventures Sep 23, 2005

    wow ~ another sceneric wall from you XD
    the vector looks nice as usual ~ and ur getting pretty good at making clouds xp
    i love the temple u made from scratch ^^
    trees look right but the trunk r a lil dark . but a cool perspective ~~
    very nice kai ^_^

  5. white-zero Sep 23, 2005

    Wow. Just wow. >_<

    Awesome BG but could add some more stuff to it. Other than that, it's great.

  6. AC2N Sep 23, 2005

    As usual, it's a good work you sub my friend....
    I'm sad that i have no news from you....
    maybe later...
    see ya soon !

  7. Yina Sep 23, 2005

    waiii... *__* no comment cuz the contest hasn't ended yet.. >__< nyaa.. thank you for the wallie... >__< *pokepoke* XD

  8. RainOfStars Sep 23, 2005

    Nice wrok with the scan. I like the autumn theme.
    The temple does look a bit weird. I think it is because the roof is so plain. Usually they have tiles. But I guess they would be very hard to draw.

    Nevertheless, good job^^
    as for the triology, I like the naruto one better.

  9. Kiako Sep 23, 2005

    nice wallpaper,
    the two charas look good.
    well the background is well done, interesting combination of what you put there.

  10. Chloe Retired Moderator Sep 23, 2005

    This is great! The vector is awesome and I love the temple! The tree looks a bit strange... I can't quite put my finger on it...
    Other than that, great job!

  11. Electrastar Sep 23, 2005

    Woah...you vectored evreything...and some of the temples, you didn't even need any reference ? That's amazing, it's crisp and clean and it looks really nice, it was worth the time you put into it. I hope I can vector as good as you someday.

  12. NegativeBahamut Sep 23, 2005

    Another great wall. You never cease to amaze me. Im only good at avys and sigs, I stink at walling. Nice job.

  13. slivermoon Sep 23, 2005

    the vectoring of the img is really good and the bg loks really nice too,
    but the trees look really flat, they're all even toned, real trees don't look like that
    add more undertones of a darker colour so as the branches have more space between eachother
    but its really nice work anyways ^-^

  14. chibikko Sep 23, 2005

    very good job on the vector and the idea is also original and looks great. i especially love the tower. i'm not too fond of the tree, but the rest is very professionally done and well... the contest's judgement will be very hard for us ><

  15. Sunira Sep 23, 2005

    Its a very well built scene. My only qualm with the piece is the untextured surfaces. x)

  16. bluSake Retired Moderator Sep 24, 2005

    Another great vector, & there are those clouds again XD . The bg feels a little empty, especially the bridge(?) in the foreground. & the tower seems out of place in this temple setting...but that's just me ^_^' . Other than that, it's a beautifully constructed wall.

  17. rythem Sep 24, 2005

    waa~~ *.* the tokyo tower is detailed~ XD very nice vector u made too ~ ^.^ aww...I love ur clouds~ so lovely looking X) I think it looks nice overall .. great effort to do everything from scratch .. though the tree's branches doesnt look so right *.* I dunno why ..+.+ ahah..sorry XP but a very nice scenic wallie u did na kai ~~ XD

  18. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Sep 24, 2005

    Nice job on the pen tool and the bg itself, pretty darn good, almost like your last one of those bg walls but at least its still great, Great job nonetheless. :P

  19. Lenne Sep 24, 2005

    Awsome job my friend! :d
    i really like the concept of it....you always make great walls...so keep it up! :)

  20. pegassuss Sep 24, 2005

    Nice wallie!! The vector is great! I think you did a great job! It looks great ^^ I like the perspective. And the background is nice, I like the tower. The tree looks a little weird though :/ hmmn. It's a very nice scan and on the whole, it's pretty ^^ I like the composition too. I think you did a good job! ^_^

  21. Nona Sep 24, 2005

    wooow. What a vector work......huu. I must be a hard work, I never try it before. The tower the temple all part of the wall is just amaizing!

  22. Sandra Sep 24, 2005

    Another Amazing Work Kai ;)

    But let's Say what i like the most there :D

    Here we go .......

    - Vectors ! Amazing as always !

    - The scene ( the cocnept is awesome )

    Everything is amazing here Kai :d

    i dunno how you doin so great wallpapers maan !?

    It's a gift !

    great great great great ! ! ! ! ! !


    Keep up awesome work Kai ^__^

  23. anji Sep 24, 2005

    Wow Kai you're vector looks so good and I so damn love the scan you chose to vector.
    Sky and trees looks great. I especially like the tower vector, it looks so real.
    The temple proportion and all looks good, but the roof is bugging me. I don't know, it looks too clean. I just have the impression that there's some tiles on this kind of roof usually.
    The street looks also maybe a bit too clean, but it's still looks good with the shadows.
    It's a nice composition overall I think, colors are really nice too.
    Thanks for sharing, it's a cool idea your cities triology. :)

  24. asianspirit Sep 24, 2005

    excellent wall, kai! very anime-ish! XD
    the vector is clean and easy. very cool.
    the background is wonderful. it looks realistic yet not too much that it makes ichigo and rukia out of place. :D

    excellent work! :D is the final installment of the cities trilogy?

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