Aquarian Age Wallpaper: ~Through Time~

Aoi Nanase, Broccoli, Aquarian Age Wallpaper
Aoi Nanase Mangaka Broccoli Studio Aquarian Age Series

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

What role will you play tonight,
Oh poor and heartsick soul?
Another part to fill and tame,
A brand new life to mould.

Can anything redeem you?
Anyone to bring you home?
A simple thing to venture out,
And find you where you roam.

And what, if finding you is done,
Will you ever truly heal?
Will you open up to someone,
Or allow yourself to feel?

Locked inside a cracking shell,
No music finds your ears.
And though you have so many friends,
No one can dry your tears.

If in your heart, there lies a soul,
I'll search for it forever,
And if one day I find it, whole,
I'll praise the grand endeavor.

Your life lived out as theater,
Oh, operatic fool.
The curtain raised, and you alone,
Will find out life is cruel.

Yet cruelty itself,
Is not enough it seems.
Your life has more to offer you,
A gift-wrapped in your dreams.

Things you'll see, terrible things,
All dancing before your eyes.
For life has given you once more,
A nightmare in disguise.
I love the freaky poem!!! So dark and mysterious!!! Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ Okay...this is kinda a wallie for my b-day but since I got like big exams coming up...I'll submit it earlier...^^ hmmmmm...I dunno about the colors. And I used clouds again...dammit...I can't get out of it!!! Arghhhhhhhhh! Scan's from Digik.net! The anime/manga/game the scan actually came from is entitled --> Aquarian Age - Scorpion no Sadame. Since there's the aquarian age...I've included it in that category.

Well thankies very much for all the people who comment and also fav on my last wallie!!! Nyaaaaaaaaaa~ To those I haven't personally thank to...I will later!!! >.< Hope you at least like this one!

comments....critiques...etc. are ALWAYS welcome! It is also appreciated!!! ^^v l8ter then!!! Oh yeah tnx to Rikimaru-jp and Tiger-chan for giving views about this wallie!!! Nyaaaaaaaaaaa~ >.<

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  1. SharinganKnight Sep 22, 2005

    very nicely done, love the clouds and the blending is splengig I think the buildings would look a lot better completely black but thats a personal preference. +fav

  2. Nadiaa Sep 22, 2005

    That nice that is that punishes that I cannot see her even I do not have the level T_T

  3. Nona Sep 22, 2005

    Very nice bg. I like it! The girl with the wing is very cute! :D The effect, the clouds, the castle, everything is very nice!!!! Great job!

  4. ni-chan Sep 22, 2005

    I love the clouds in this picture there fluffy and real, The bg is great i love the warm feeling it has and the scan is great :) great job

  5. DarthAya Sep 22, 2005

    nice nice! love it!
    cool colors and effects!
    great work! keep it up girl!

  6. Kenichi Sep 22, 2005

    wow im jealous, i like the bg, the clouds, everything!~ XO
    nice wally.
    set me free!~ XD

  7. Ashema Sep 22, 2005

    wonderful wallpaper. awesomely beautiful poem. did you write it yourself?

  8. SealedSword Sep 22, 2005

    Hey, nice wallpaper
    I like the Clouds, and the background
    Also, the colour looks great, I love the lighting in it too XD
    Welldone, keep it up! = )
    I would fav it, but Ive reached my limit sadly >__<

  9. Kusanago Sep 22, 2005

    hehe very nice work up there this is totaly great keep going your good work

  10. ltnguyen Sep 22, 2005

    the background is awesome, but her wings are kinda too bright and her face is too yellow. it creates a warm atmosphere though.

  11. sylvacoer Sep 23, 2005

    Happy birthday! *glomp!* Awesome wll - who says there's such thing as too many clouds?! I like it!

  12. Rikimaru-jp Sep 23, 2005

    Oh Haia :) you posted this wallie at last :) hmmm lemme see the wallie looks.................... Pretty awesome :) the ckouds are fantastic and I like them a lot I know that you were worried about the background that it's a bit too orange well I tell you one thing young lady that I LOVE the color so much :) the two temple towers look so cool and the angel blends perfectly withing the background and I see that you extracted it nicely ;)
    keep up the good work my friend ^_^!

  13. Akaiken Sep 23, 2005

    Ano ba yan... sobra sa pagbabalik...

    Anyways, very lovely as I see this wall. Very good!

  14. Bla-demer Sep 23, 2005

    Really great wall you have done again. :) You know I have awful lot of nightmare
    last night. :( (I just woke up a minut ago.)It really wasen't fun but your wall really was ligth of my sad morning. :D :) Well back to subject. The colours are great again I really like the clouds no mater how meny time they been used and these clouds really do fit in the picture. The character fits well in the clouds. The wing are beatiful. So keep up the good work. ;)

  15. Aa-chan Sep 23, 2005

    Such soft and pretty clouds and good character placement. That reminds me, I have to do one with pretty clouds XD .

  16. PAche Sep 23, 2005

    woo....as always haia, your work is great.*nods head approvingly*long time no see btw :D its your b-dae?hmmmm

    here's my birthday present to you!^^ Into My Realm
    hope you like it.

  17. OceanAngel01 Sep 23, 2005

    I love the piece! I think the character is a little..I dunno...bright I guess. However, I think the background is awesome. I love the light/sun and the birds and mysterious dark castle spires. See you around MT, my friend! :D

  18. alexiel01 Sep 23, 2005

    Holy *tooooooot!*

    Hehe! beautiful, very beautiful! I like the character, she's so cute! >.<
    Just when the thumbnail of the picture started loading, I knew that the picture that's going to appear is excellent! You've done it again sistah!

  19. marcoskatsuragi Sep 23, 2005

    Cool poem... and a really amazing work on this wallie! ^___^ Wow... the background are amazing eith all this clouds and the orange tone are so cool! ^^

  20. Rhonda21 Sep 23, 2005

    its very beautiful. lovely scan and nice background. nice poem you have as well.
    hope your b-day is great! Great Job!!!

  21. Yina Sep 23, 2005

    argghh.. those birds again.. >> I've seen them 5 or more times on wallies.. nyaa.. never mind.. ^^;; overall nice concept and idea.. though the scan needs more work.. =3

  22. Kiako Sep 23, 2005

    wow great wallpaper, the colors you used make a good atmosphere.
    the background is well done, the effects and the clouds in the front, the chara fits in too.
    keep up the good work.

  23. Sunira Sep 23, 2005

    Wow, the colors in this piece are dazzling. Ilove the warm tones that you've used. Nice clean extraction is a definite plus as well.

  24. asianspirit Sep 24, 2005

    interesting blend of colors.
    the background is intense with the sun colors. and the glare.
    i love the way the clouds blends in various colors. and the scan blends into the wall too.

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