Lagoon Engine Wallpaper: ...magic...

Yukiru Sugisaki, Lagoon Engine Wallpaper
Yukiru Sugisaki Mangaka Lagoon Engine Series

1280x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This wallpaper is also a birthday present to ynk (she sad she would like to also a nice wallpaper to her b-day. I hope that you like your present :) ) Ynk's b-day is on 24th szept. Happy b-day. I finished it earlyer :D

The wallpaper:
I wanted to make a wallpaper out of this picture for a long time now. I had to draw the scan's center, since it wasn't in a really good state. I used a different size and position of my name on this picture. I know it's bright, but I like it this way. There's something special about this picture, which got my attention. I hope I can share this feeling with this wallpaper, even if the scan wasn't so good. I hope you like the outcome.

Thank you for the scan: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/80164/

Layers: 24
Music: loveless

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  1. mughi Sep 22, 2005

    Hmm, this wallpaper is interesting. Not regular cute style wallpaper but more of...one with a depth and meaning? At least that is the impression I'm getting looking at it. ^_^'

    A different style that is well done. I really like the facial expression of the character and I could see why you liked it enough to make a wallpaper out of it. :)

  2. chibikko Sep 22, 2005

    Yukiru Sugisaki art? Uh looks great. It's surely a little bright, but if you like it, don't change it xD jedenfalls ist das ein tolles Geschenk fuer deine Freundin, einfacher aber schoener Hintergrund.

  3. OtakuHanzo Sep 22, 2005

    A little too on the bright side for me to use, but I like it nonetheless. You've done a wonderful job in fixing the scan. Definitely a different feel from most of the walls posted on here. But, that's a good thing! :D Keep up the good work! =^_^=

  4. IcyFyre Sep 23, 2005

    o wow! :D it looks really nice! is she praying? i like it a lot! i hope your friend has a great b-day! ta ta for now!

  5. hongrboi Sep 23, 2005

    Ooo a widescreen wall. Very brave of you ^^ I like the contrast of the light foreground and dark background ^^

  6. leekheng Sep 23, 2005

    nice... but its tooooo bright for me... i cant different shade the hair and the face if i dun see nicely.. :\ but the girl expresion are ..ermm... like there a some hidden meaning in it...plus the wp looks peaceful

  7. Susan-chan Sep 23, 2005

    hmmm, nona..this looks interesting:D for me it's abit abstract:D but still nice:)

  8. Evanrued Sep 23, 2005

    The original scan looks awesome. And you did well with it in the wall. The effectc and textures look good too. Love how bright and vibrant it all looks. Great effort Nona. Really love the feel of the wall ^^

  9. pegassuss Sep 23, 2005

    It's really nice! ^^ The scan is great and I love the effects you used. Love the colors ^^ Great work! keep it up!

  10. tian82 Sep 23, 2005

    Nice work !! Beautiful and lovely !! Great work !! Like it a lots and thank for sharing !!!

  11. Yina Sep 23, 2005

    wahh.. that was a tough job to repair the scan.. >___< and you did a great work on the atmosphere.. I love the effects you made.. >.< overall great job, +fav =3

  12. Karolina Sep 23, 2005

    :o Ahh this wall is so wonderfull!It's very bright but I like this brightness :) And this scan is very beautifull - the girl's face is so pretty.This brightness of girls hairs and the bg matches very good - it's a great atmosphere! :)

  13. Emma Sep 24, 2005

    I am sure ynk will love this =)
    The scan is pretty. She seems so innocent and pure here. A little bright, but that adds to the magical-feel and purity of her ^_^
    Wonderful job and great Bd present!!

  14. gsherry Sep 24, 2005

    hiaa.... nona!! ^^ beautifiul and gorgeous picture again!! ^^ hey! i'm wuite shock when i know this is from langoon engine. who's him/ her? (omg... he/ she is male/ female??)

  15. RahX101 Sep 24, 2005

    you're all to kind nona. ^^ im sure she'll love this.
    it looks really great. the scan looks amazing and same goes for the background. the extraction
    around her head looks a bit rough but it may just be me. ^^
    keep it up nona. +fav =]

    by the way, happy birthday to you ynk. =]

  16. bbls Sep 25, 2005

    this is so beautiful, and you're so right that there's something very special about this scan. for me, it's the peaceful look on her face. and you did a wonderful job in fixing up the scan! the background and colors also compliment the scan very nicely... :D

  17. firelycan Sep 26, 2005

    It looks awesome Nona.
    I just dont recognize the character from lagoon engine (which is an awesome manga by the way) I like the bg and even though I dont recognize it, the scan is beautiful too.

    good job ^__^

  18. khatuido Sep 26, 2005

    very cool wall but the size is weird for my comp ;) very cool style, i like it very much ^^

  19. ynk Sep 26, 2005

    OOOOhhh.. *_* Thank you Nona [even if you finished it earlier ^^'] White hair :D I just loooove charas with white hair ^^ thx thx thx :*:*:*

  20. sukie Sep 26, 2005

    wow...i love the colours in this!! super super super!! the bg is great! and the scan fit well!! =D great job!!

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