Range Murata Wallpaper: WITH LOVE (w.a.r 1)

Range Murata Wallpaper
Range Murata Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Okay. The results for the W.A.R 1 come out tomorrow and so before I freak out at what the results are I decided to upload this before the results because I am having a nervous breakdown at the moment omg and I graduated today and as you can see I'm not 100% look I'm leaving out any full stops and commas God save me.

EDIT LATER: The results did come out... pleasantly... I did not lose :)

This is not exactly what I wrote for the W.A.R description, but here is most of it, edited because I have used the word mediocre twice in my life, both in the wrong context so I'll refrain from using that word in the future omg long sentences again.

Btw this is uploaded not for any real reason but it's just to sit in my gallery for the pizzazz that I am alive and that those who couldn't see my submission get a chance to see it.


Music: "WITH LOVE"- Luna Sea (Piano Solo Instruments II)

This was made for all those wallers who do good wallpapers with little recognition because of the 'not-so-appealing nature' of their work which deserves much more applause and credit for their perseverence in creating something against the norm, those who took time off to cheer me on with their precious support, and lastly, for my admiration of music and other art forms- hence, I made this wallpaper for them, with love.


This works on more than one level of infatuation, but from what I have, here it is.

A girl looking into a shop, to find that the realistic mannequin, shares a similar trait (standing on a same shaped puzzle piece) and yet seems so intriguing in a way because of her exotic colours and surroundings.
The jungle represents the imagination and the obsession- the ability to dream and subsequently, pass through boundaries of the physical world, and imaginative of the like.
Who would step out into the night in their pyjamas just to see such a sight?
Not unless you had a great admiration and desire for what you seek.

I included the things that I am personally attracted towards- jigsaw puzzles, shopping displays, flowers/flora and even architectual design. I am a pretty boring person... I don't wear bright clothes and I don't really stand out from the crowd... I guess that also reflects on how I see the world.. and what I wish it could be for me.

Normal things can definitely have some special place in one's heart. They can be a little outrageous and at times bold and fun- but they are no longer ordinary.

I wanted to make something with meaning rather than 'just another pretty picture'. Here I put in different colours and textures to entertain the eye, and the more you look at it, another thing or another idea is being revealed.

Infatuation? I first thought that to fit the theme, you must really fall in love with the scan- but I was wrong- infatuation driving force to continue walling a scan. Hope this shows you how much I enjoyed making this. In a way, making art is like a puzzle. You've got to figure out the surrounding pieces for the whole thing to work, and you must have the flair and exoticness for interest.

And to me, infatuation is nothing too lighthearted. Even if it is, there is a certain amount of heaviness to it. A certain amount of darkness- an overwhelming emotion that weighs you down. That's why I chose these colours as well. Whilst there is something to get excited over, there's also this heaviness- something indescribeable really.

This is not to be a realistic scenic so to speak- the plant does pop out magically out the window. This would be one display to remember, and may I dare suggest... be infatuated with...?


Layers: 102
Time: 10 days on and off. This was actually my second attempt, because I scrapped my original idea.
Scans: Range Murata. The two scans were completely different image sources, but I found a way to link them together pretty well.

***EDIT: I forgot to say. Most of the time was spent on perspective, lighting and colours.
I was silly. I even tried a postbox (lucky I didn't vector it yet or else it would have gone to waste) I did 2 streetlamps and even did the lighting but scrapped it... and there was originally a "CLOSED" sign on the door but the colour was wonked so scrapped. Yah.

Nothing on the wallpaper is a stock. Perhaps vectored from one, but most of it was done freehand.
That's all I have to say ^_^'If you would like to look at the original scans, do so~ you'll see how much I've changed them to reflect the mood.

Do feel free to turn up the brightness on your monitor, because I've tried viewing this on many different types of computer screens and things just were argggg so yah.


I would dig out those links, but my net is *really* slow atm (which means that I can sit here and mass report hahaha but I need to study...)

Scans are from MadMover and sammo

I feel so damn old now *grumbles*

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  1. Keltosh Retired Moderator Sep 22, 2005

    I'm 8 years older than you :D And I love this wall, as I already wrote you :D instant fav :D
    Great concept I think. Maybe the only thing, you could hav made it somewhat darker. But it's a small thing

  2. Ephemeral-Garden Sep 22, 2005

    Wow, Misa! You've finally have this work uploaded into MT. I've been looking forward for that, but I remembered there's that download option in the WAR official web, so... I've decided to go there, but you've uploaded them already. ^^ I've been so eager to tell you what I feel about your work!

    This wallpaper, is really one of a kind. I really liked how you've done well expressing your feeling into this work, and I really appreciate your work. ^^

    i really like the girl in pyjamas walked out from her house at night just to look at the mannequin. And yeah, speaking of exotic, the plants and jungle-like scenery in the glass really blends with the girl; she wears quite an exotic clothes, and yeah, I personally think you've done quite well trying to make the mannequin fits in with the background. ;)

    Now you've said a magic that one of the plant popped out from the window. It's realy.... magical? I mean... strange... quite strange... at first I thought the plant was just outside of the glass, but you said it's not. ^^

    I've fall in love with this work at first sight. Really brings the infatuation not in a very clear way, but very nice way of expressing it. Maybe you can teach me how to play with texture some times?

  3. kakitsubata Sep 22, 2005

    absolutely amazing work, of course! how can we expect less from our group leader. ^___^ *thumbs up* you've worked on the theme so well; it's so meticulously thought over. i love how you've included all these everyday objects, and you've vectored them all from scratch! my favourite part is the girl's reflection; that's so clever, i've never ever thought of using the scan as a reflection and then vectoring the person. maybe the vectored girl is a bit too small for her reflection, but maybe that's some perspective thing i won't understand. o_O just me. and i like how the texture on the plants makes it look like paper sculpting. lovely lovely work! *continues gaping at the wallpaper* oh, and don't worry about the judging; whatever they say, this will always be a great piece of artwork!

  4. DREAM Sep 22, 2005

    :) im so happy you finally submitted your artwork, kuroimisa!!

    you know how i feel about the wall and am glad you got rid of the "medicore" since that was the only thing that bothered me. ^^

    absolute defintive fav..

  5. Ultra-Violet Sep 22, 2005

    Exceptionally clever from start to finish!
    An absolute credit to artistic licence and a brilliant accomplishment for all your time and effort spent on this creative and inspiring collaboration! A special thanks to you Kuroimisa for the wonderful words of recognition given to fellow anti-mainstream or, as you so eloquently put it, against the norm, artists both freelance pros and simple fans alike.

    With Love (w.a.r 1) is an outstanding piece whose off-centred perspective architectural establishment and surrealistic over all effects are personally considered eye-catching and marvellously moving! Your technique in mood lighting is superior and illustration selection presents a sense of calm yet challenges the audience. In a word, Gripping.
    Only the most moving and powerful pieces enter my personal Favourites Gallery. Kuroimisa, I cannot resist the opportunity to add this work of yours.
    I'm also very pleased to meet another freelance designer whom actually takes pride in writing artwork descriptions as eloquently as you have done. An absolute pleasure to meet you! For God's sake don't quit now. ;)
    Well Done! :)

  6. Akaiken Sep 22, 2005

    Hey Misa, don't be so nervous! Gee... you're getting like me on the anxiety disorder thing you said about me...

    You really prepared for this wall Mi Lady. Very clean and scenic view is really awesome. Can't say anymore... I'll just edit this when I have more to say...

  7. Shirahime Sep 22, 2005

    great concept. i always like reading descriptions that people write about their wallpapers. it helps me understand the wallpaper better and appreciate it more. and congratulations on graduating. although i'm not exactly looking forward to graduating myself. lol. ^_^

  8. flyindreams Sep 22, 2005

    Misa-chan... >___< you already know what I think about this wallie, so >__< I love it so much. *hugs it*

  9. Regenbogen Sep 22, 2005

    I saw your wallpaper as a favorite at DREAM's userpage and I fell in love with it! ;) It's awesome and I like it... how everything seems to have a meaning in your wallpaper... I am really impressed!!! It's a fav... :) I will add u to my friends list to be informed of your future works! Thanks a lot for showing it to us!

  10. Perigon Sep 22, 2005

    Very nice, the voyeur inside me enjoys the image. Though I have to wonder if they're in a museum, a zoo, or if the girl is just sitting in a store window.

  11. melymay Sep 22, 2005

    long time no see kuroimisa ^^ anyways, nice wall you have here. very realistic :) Keep it up!

  12. Rikimaru-jp Sep 23, 2005

    Great Idea kuroimisa :) it's really original! and believe me that gives you loads of credits because you are creative :) lemme see what i can find in this wallie....
    first the shade chaarcter "girl" looks good but I don't know I think her head should be much darker because her hair is black and so its shade should be darker!!!!
    The girl glass reflection is outstanding ;) it's perfectly done and its position is exatct!!!
    The Background looks great really and the frontage of that store looks pretty cool I like how you made it but if that frontage was closed but glass then how could that plant came out of it?? o_0
    and the door looks great really and nice touch on its glass too ;)
    the floor is well doen as well not to mention that the walls look awesome !!!
    this wallie deserve a favorite as I already told you I give you all the credits for the idea because it's original!!!
    I would love to see more from you but I hope something original too ;)
    thanks for posting it here and good luck with your life!!!

  13. nezzyuen Sep 24, 2005

    impressive! i love the plants and their texture...and the floor! basically everything! nice work and great mood...

  14. RahX101 Sep 24, 2005

    its nice to be able to fave this wall misa. =]
    im glad you actually wanted some of my input on this when you were making it. though i sounded like a moron, it seems that you knew what i was saying. :]

  15. asianspirit Sep 24, 2005

    this is what i call a subbmission! :D

    the scheme of the wall is very original to me.
    the background of the display window reminds of pop-out art i used to do in school. and the way you made the scan look like a maniquin is very clever. espeicially since the girl is looking at the display with her reflection.

    i'm glad i've waited for the submission. it was worth the wait. :D

  16. tareren Sep 25, 2005

    Haha, been wanting to fave this ever since I saw it in the WAR web page ;)
    i think this is your best wall to date ;D keep on walling k?

  17. bbls Sep 26, 2005

    oh wowie...i'm so amazed by the concept of your wall, and i'm so grateful for your description because it helps to understand your thinking process. this was such a clever and creative idea to have this girl infatuated with the store window and the mannequin. the building, store window, and jigsaw floor are incredibly detailed and wonderful! i also luv the jungle plants in the window and how they look like art and not exactly life-like. the reflection of the girl in the window is a beautiful idea, and i like the fact that you made the actual girl more like a black shadow rather than just a darkened version of herself. on a personal note, i can really identify with this girl because i always find myself infatuated and intrigued with store windows and wonder if it's possible to look as perfect as these mannequins?

  18. chibi-lizard Sep 28, 2005

    O.O this ish cawaziieeely nice mimi !! :D gosh .. and that long description XD plus i wubbbb your concept very much :)

    everything looks so nice together .. i dunno what to comment actually ^_^' but i could just say that i love the jigsaw tiles plus the jungle :) the lightings for this is also nicely done and sets the atmosphere together with the other elements

    i think this is your best wallie as yet .. and do make more wallies as inspiring as this :D

  19. cardmage Sep 29, 2005

    Hmmm... the first impression I get when seeing this wall is that its very dark. The next thing I realize is how much the display and the floor tiles feel like they're from a realm of dreams. The main difference is that the display looks bright and cheery whereas the tiles look fragmented and... I dunno... dark. Are you saying infatuation is something that looks bright and cheery but can be dark and fragmented and put you in a vulnerable position? (After all, how safe is a girl out in the middle of the streets in the middle of the night) Or are you saying that infatuation is something dark and lonely if all you dare to do is to look at all the good possibilities that it brings if you don't dare to step in? (There is a door, but the girl still remains outside to just admire the mannequin. Why not step in?)

    Anyway, its a nice wall. It seems to tell a story, and though people may come up with different stories to tell, it does suit the theme very well. So yeah, its not once in a lifetime that you'll do well. You seem to put a lot of heart into your work.

  20. Ish377 Oct 17, 2005

    hey kuroimisa,nice peice of art!

    says soO much.. in hidden detail
    juss love it * add to fav *
    dont really see alot of anime using this kinda approach.. O.o

    * add to fav *
    * add to fav *
    * add to fav *
    cya !

  21. phamthuha Jun 12, 2006

    WOW! It is the best wallie I have ever seen from you OoO Love it and sure my fav :nya:

  22. greenemerald Mar 15, 2010

    i love everything about the pic!

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