Tenshou Gakuen Gensouroku Wallpaper: Tenshogo: At the Shrine

Tenshou Gakuen Gensouroku Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Mm, more bishounen, always a good thing. I thought the designs in this scan, from a game called Tenshou Gakuen: Gensouroku looked really neat. I actually had extracted the two boys (I skipped the girls) and prepped the image quite some ago, but never found a good stock of a shrine or temple (the orignal scan has them in front of a temple) until recently, when I found a neat picture of Kiyomizu shrine. Basically, this wallpaper was smudge smudge smudge. First I smudged the characters. Then I smudged the background to convert it from a photograph to a painting (after removing the tree on the right and adding some clouds in the sky.) Then I smudged the characters to blend them in the background. My poor tablet. I abuse it greatly. I kept the colors orange-pink sunsetty because the original scan was like that.
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  1. MyrrhLynn Sep 21, 2005

    OMGosh they look so cool! *_* Humm is that really Kiyomizu shire though, cause I don't remember that part? *stares* Oh well it's a Japanese temple I guess that is what counts. XD

    Nice work smudging the photo especially. It seriously looks like it was digitally drawn, so I think it fits the guys perfectly. :) Oh and I like the sort of faded old picture look you gave it, rather then leaving it with the original bright colors.

  2. Odysseus Sep 21, 2005

    Wow nice work! The looks of the wall is very... hmm... serene I would say if I had to put a word to it. The whole painting look works really well and you did a good job with it. You know, not overdoing any part nor underdoing anything. The scan looks nice even though I'm usually not a big bish fan. But it fits. I also like the text you have used for the title. Great work overall!

  3. candy-chan Retired Moderator Sep 21, 2005

    Yeah, everything does fit. But I feel as though something is missing to the wall to make it good. Maybe it's missing sparks!

  4. Sanzosgirl19 Sep 21, 2005

    This is a beautiful wall the temple in the background takes my breath away.I really am quite fond of your work.Your so cool.The game sounds really cool I've never heard of it but I'll look it up.The two guys are really hot lol.Your very talented.Thank you for blowing me away again.A+ and a fav!!(*^_^*)

  5. sukie Sep 21, 2005

    wow...this looks soooooo cool!! i love the bg... it's so ncie how you did everything!! super super super!!

  6. hana-kun Sep 21, 2005

    Pretty wall! The bishounen are a good thing. :)
    Great job, Tama-Neko!

  7. pamkips Sep 21, 2005

    how creative! ^_^ the way you did the shrine was well done...did you make them youreself?...you probaly did since you're capable of making a wallie like this...the faded look of the wallie is great and the scan, no less, goes very well the background! great job tama-neko-sama

  8. Electrastar Sep 21, 2005

    One word descibes this NIIIICE.
    You're a master of the smudge tool because this all looks like it came from the same picture, a great wallpaper indeed.

  9. dans Sep 22, 2005

    gorgeus. the way you smudge it make the bg and scan blend perfectly.
    perfect blending. I've got to learn how to smudge like that. OX

  10. UndyingShadow Sep 22, 2005

    wow awesome wall Tama, I love what you did with the bg, it really looks like art. great job using the bg and the scan together!

  11. boink Sep 22, 2005

    sex on wheels. except minus wheels, plus swords. but sex on swords is a bad idea; severed wang is unnecessary!

  12. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Sep 22, 2005

    I love the scan blended with the cool smudged bg except one thing, The swords sheath looks out of place, it looks out of perspective... like from the sword its suppose to be big to small but it just reatains its width and look oddly weird... fix that and the whole wall is great!
    Nice job!

  13. LeeAnn Sep 22, 2005

    looks really cool!
    especially with those cuties!

  14. Kori Sep 22, 2005

    Very well done!! You can't tell that you've cut out the two guys from another place and added them to this temple-background! ^_^

  15. ayaki Sep 22, 2005

    wow the bg really turns out looking like a painting >_< really really great job @ that.
    i love the overall tone of this piece also.
    yea..the perspective of the sword does look a bit weird...is he holding it along his side(as in perpendicular to him) or parallel to his body? maybe this is just the scan's prob...
    nonetheless, this wall still looks awesome ^_^b

  16. ganstamonica Sep 23, 2005

    Wah, this looks awesome!!XD The sword looks sorta weird,but I love how the scan blends with the awesome background! Great job,Tama!! Keep it up! ;)

  17. Aplos Sep 26, 2005

    Oh WoW! Not only does the wallpaper look good overall, the background is awsome! Great job at converting a picture to a painting and matching it up with the characters really well. Niiice!

  18. Nyuu-chan Oct 09, 2005

    Excellent one! I really love this background! Great colors and scan. Awesome work.

  19. royaldarkness Oct 10, 2005

    this is very impressive :) the temple at the back is very cool :) and the coloring of the wall makes it look even cooler ;)

  20. melymay Oct 11, 2005

    How hot :P lol (laugh out loud). Anyways...Nice wall. Everything fits together so perfectly. Great job! :) +fave

  21. shinorei Oct 11, 2005

    Kiyomizu Shrine? o_o I went there before! It was SO commercialised yet people still visit there. :3 Nice wallie there. It's a really neat scan and beautiful blending. ^3^ Watashi suki desu! :D

  22. phamthuha Oct 12, 2005

    WOW! Imressive here! The bg is no more thing to comment, so nice! OX But i think the prob here is the scan so merge color with the bg so it can't look clear. Anyway, well done! OX

  23. pegassuss Oct 15, 2005

    This is so beautiful! ^^ great wallie! I love the scan, you did a great job with it, and everyhting blends so well! you did a great job on the backgroung too! it's lovely! the colors and effects are so great! I love them! The composition is great and I like the atmosphere that this wall creates ^__^ I think you did a great job!

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