Blood+ Wallpaper: Mournful Euphony

Production I.G, Blood+, Saya Otonashi Wallpaper
Production I.G Studio Blood+ Series Saya Otonashi Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

AI've been working on this wall since last night, vectored up the leg and sword in a few minutes last night and spent about 6 hours working on the rest today. The biggest challenge was getting the prespective right, but I finally got it down. I had a tough time choosing what to place in the middle, and finally decided I was going to use an inanimated object, so I chose a teddy. Teddy's are object which are usually associated with comfort, but in this wall, as Im sure you can see, it represents quite the opposite.


Mournful Euphony

Im sure many of you talk to your teddy's (girls) it of course does not answer it back, if it does...you need professional help, like the character in my wall. The teddy never answered, so you assume he agrees, but sometimes agreeing isn't the best of ideas...look how he ended up :p

Time - 7 hours
Effort - 8/10
Software - Adobe Photoshop
Layers - 31



thanks to me for the scan :3

the other scan I got form animepaper


Fear Before The March of Flames - Art Damage


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  1. Rhonda21 Sep 20, 2005

    looks really cool. It is very bloody and dark looking. I like that.
    Nice concept you came up with! great job!

  2. Firedemon Sep 20, 2005

    realy cool wallpaper! i like the darkness. nice job as always. +favs

  3. LadyKitana Sep 20, 2005

    dark....very dark whoa lol
    im speckless great wall (yet again)
    but pretend i didnt say that, it might boost your male ego x10 xP

  4. pamkips Sep 21, 2005

    well talk about dark! ^_^ i love it! gotta love the grundge and bloody look to it its so dark and depressing! woo i love walls like this especially from you! great job SharinganKnight

  5. DernierCri Sep 21, 2005

    kill kill 'em all... or at least kill the teddy bearrrrr!!!!
    omg creepiness of kids' violence...
    excellent bloody work man. crit: that angryblue brush on the (asuming it's a she) sole of her shoe... just get rid of it cause it doesn't quite look natural like that. that's all
    very very mad props for this wall.

  6. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Sep 21, 2005

    Why does it always have to be a Katana blade it could have been a gian mallet of thor or giant scissors... XD But overall the movement, blood spattering and depth in this wall is superb and simple in a way. Beautiful job man!

    P.s. Stop killing teeddies!!! >_<

  7. Angel-on-Dragon Sep 21, 2005

    Awsome ^^ I don't know, what else to say... Really awsome wallpaper. Just love it ^^
    Thanks for sharing *puts on her desktop*

  8. royaldarkness Sep 21, 2005

    wow, this is incredibly dark looking...nice wall :) it looks real cool indeed

  9. zurai Sep 21, 2005

    love the dark color and the bloody effect of it. awesome wallie. thanks for sharing it ^___^

  10. kas-chan Sep 21, 2005

    it look cool!!!
    dark n bloody, wow just love it!!! i love blood nya~~~ +_+b

  11. Nyuu-chan Sep 21, 2005

    Wow! Excellent! Background, scan and your idea for this wall ... You're genius! Keep it up!

  12. fukushuusha Sep 21, 2005

    ahh...nice concept. I love blood a lot for some reason and u used it so good in this one. The blood splashes look great; same goes for the angle. very different concept from u again bud...
    and good work as always :)
    but...why killing a teddy bear XD

  13. cloh Sep 21, 2005

    So dark and bloody... I like it!!
    As always you did a really great job!
    Everything is perfect^^
    You always create so great atmosphere in your walls!

  14. lthnadml Sep 21, 2005

    wowie amazing, cool work i love it!!! XD
    Very nice wall you made, nice and bloody dark ^^
    Thanks alot for sharing it. XD

  15. Shirahime Sep 22, 2005

    ooh a sinister wallpaper *plays dramatic music* lovely effect with the blood stains and the shadow effects! this is one wallpaper i definitely dig. skillfully made wallpaper.
    thanks for sharing! ^_^

  16. alexiel01 Sep 22, 2005

    Superb and simply breathtaking! the bloodiness of it makes me faint! XD

    You really do fancy "gory/dark-themed" stuff do you? :D

  17. fawna-chan Sep 22, 2005

    er...i'm not a person for blood, but i still think that it's super cool, although i don't understand how a blood could come from a teddy bear, although it's a really cool idea! thanks for doing this! :) adding to favs

  18. hytokiri Sep 22, 2005

    This one is pretty cool man, i love the spiled boold, u have done a great job. Take care.

  19. idana Sep 22, 2005

    its good. would help is it waw a tinsy bit lighter that. Otherwise favorite

  20. walkure245 Sep 23, 2005

    What a cool concept. I like the perspective. And all the blood and gore on the wall really tells what happen without going into much details. It kind of reminds me of of MAD Tv sketches when the Snuggle bear attacked people. Heheh~ XD This is really awesome work. Good stuff~

  21. SweetGrl Sep 23, 2005

    Ahhhh!!! This wall is scaring me!! >.< I am going to have nightmares!! Sorry about that! But this wall is very unique in a scary way! Hehe! And it's cool, too even though it scares the heck outta me!! lol! Great job, Ish!

  22. Kally2 Sep 24, 2005

    realy nice wallpaper sharinganknight!! i like how the dark colors all mix together nicely

  23. k3r7j10 Sep 24, 2005

    haha...i dunno what it is about this wall but i find it kinda funny...but then again i've been told i have a dark sense of humor. that's got to be the craziest concept of soemthing...but to let you know i never talked to my teddy bears :p

    the bg is great, and the vectors are great too. wish i knew how t do it. great job again!

    oh, and i was checking out the scan you used for the bear...now that's freaky looking...

  24. Deneiko Sep 25, 2005

    amazing. I can't stop loving it and I can't find the words to tell you how awesome it is! 8D
    i so relate to it, I tore up my favorite teddy, with a knife of course, when I was 7 to see if they bled. :P

    Love the wallpaper! =D Love all of your works!

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