Angel Dust Wallpaper: Crystal Dream (angel dust... )

Aoi Nanase, Angel Dust, Akiho Kudou Wallpaper
Aoi Nanase Mangaka Angel Dust Series Akiho Kudou Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

NEW: i have updated and fix all the prob, so feel free now to enjoy it ^^.

Oh, it is such a long time i start to make wallie again ^^. Hope you will like it. I really do love the color in this wallie, 'cause it gives me a warm feeling when i make it ^^. Hope you guy can feel that too.
I also do put my heart in this angel dust wall, so just put your comment here ^^.
Have a good time and enjoy it ^^.

Here is my new work and i really love it >_< Hope you all can see and comment it >_<



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  1. jeffng9 Sep 20, 2005

    Hm... your scan looks decent but too bad its cut on the left side
    like the dust and sparkling crystal that you put
    Everything looks good but the scan spoils it because its chop of
    But good work as usual

  2. Aeya Sep 20, 2005

    Nice wallpaper you got here ^^ I like the effects. The bg fits the scan pretty well. The color looks good too (personally i don't really like purple though ^^) But it's still great. Keep it up! ^^

  3. AngelKate Sep 20, 2005

    Aww, very pretty!! I love the light effects coming from behind her. Its cool how you have her upsidedown too, nice effect. Keep it up! :)

  4. kidmangu2001 Sep 20, 2005

    good job considering the scan is cut on the left side, the angel dust looks good I see what you did trying to make it the focal point of the wallpaper

  5. starflamer Sep 20, 2005

    Godd job phamthuha..it's a wonder what you did with the chopped off scan...hmm...maybe if you put it like she's emerging from a portal, it might not be that noticable...can try that with any other chopped off scans that you think is worthy to make into a wall...just a little suggestion, don't blame me if it's wrong...

  6. sakara48 Sep 20, 2005

    Umm.... That's look good but one thing that I dislike , it's the girl is..... ( you know? )
    The daimonds make this look great and light effect is look great too.
    Allright!! Keep it up!!!

  7. anbu316 Banned Member Sep 20, 2005

    awesome pink you used there it really looks great

  8. Khoriilya Sep 20, 2005

    I love this wall. The colors are really beautiful and she is really pretty. Great job!

  9. OtakuHanzo Sep 20, 2005

    It's..... so..... purple! <3 Mwahahaha! :nya: But seriously, I really love the colorfulness of this one, pham. And not just because you used purple either. XP Another beautiful job. But, yeah, that cut off on the left side thing does catch the eye somewhat. Still, I love it! =^_^=

  10. melonbrust Sep 20, 2005

    Quote by kidmangu2001good job considering the scan is cut on the left side, the angel dust looks good I see what you did trying to make it the focal point of the wallpaper

    I love the color that you use.. but i agree with the scan cut, I think you should reverse her to face the other direction..
    but other than that i think it looks nice

  11. chibichibikaukau Sep 20, 2005

    its very pretty^^ i love the colors. she looks very cute too, and the background is perfect, like allways. very good job! i love it!

  12. Shirahime Sep 20, 2005

    i love the bright effect you created for the background and the little white sparkles make the wallpaper stand out even more. great job and thanks for sharing! :D

  13. Kiako Sep 20, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the chara is very pretty and the effects you made are good too. with the color combination. but the grey in the backgr doesn't fit.

  14. Idril Sep 20, 2005

    hummm... extraction have some problems but your background is lovely and the colors are great!! (I love purple colors) so.... keep it up, Phanthuha!!

  15. hongrboi Sep 20, 2005

    Awsome colours. I love the explosion effect in the bakground and the contrasting colours.

  16. Faikenshin Sep 20, 2005

    Oooh it is soo cool,I love the colors,you are really creative, i'l fav. it kay?

  17. slivermoon Sep 20, 2005

    i can see the concept shown here, but it seems to be not well put off
    on the scan u can see where the original scan left off and its quite obvious
    i think it would have been better if had just left it right side up
    the white leaves seem to be unbalanced for there is a lot on one side and none on the other
    but the design of the bg is well done, its a good try, keep it up ^-^

  18. AnimeMangaChick Sep 20, 2005

    Wow this is really beautiful ^^ I love all the purple! Well bai bai! thanks for sharing!

  19. xianghua Sep 20, 2005

    woow angel dust i loove it!!
    the colours are amazing!! i like the bg a lot^^
    cant wait to see mroe^.^

  20. bbls Sep 20, 2005

    that's a lovely abstract background and i luv the shininess of it! the purple color theme fits very well with your scan, and it's very interesting how you made the chara upside down. beautiful work, pham! :D

  21. Ayasal Sep 20, 2005

    owww! so pretty!!! I love the effects you out into it, so purple!!! love the scan!
    good job
    keep it up! ;)

  22. Luckster Sep 21, 2005

    Wow. I love the effects and the overlapping. The colour choice is superb as well :D

  23. polarie Sep 21, 2005

    i like the background~ quite cool!! :) :) :) the colors are rather matching too! nice work here!

  24. imadothacker Sep 21, 2005

    wow pretty colors i luv it by alot ^_^
    favs favs now now ^_^
    ^_^ good job phamthuha

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