Samurai Spirits Wallpaper: ~~Gonna tell u my feeling

SNK, Samurai Spirits, Nakoruru Wallpaper
SNK Studio Samurai Spirits Game Nakoruru Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hiya MT member this is my new wallie. Last week my computer broken n I can't make any new wallie. Hikz(T_T)

Well, anyway hope u like it

Date:20 Sept,2005
Program:Photoshop CS
Place:~~my cousin house

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  1. white-zero Sep 20, 2005

    You're getting better at this. Love the BG but the grass could use more variety of green and the clouds look weird. Try softening them.

    Keep up the good work and keep on improving.

  2. Rikimaru-jp Sep 20, 2005

    Oh how cute :) the sun flower looks beautiful!!! I like Cyan color on the girl's hair :)
    nice work rene and keep it up!

  3. Rhonda21 Sep 20, 2005

    wow its very pretty. such a cute looking background and scan! Great Job!!!

  4. thecatmistress Sep 20, 2005

    its sooooo pretty!!! such an amazing wall!!! +Fav! :)

  5. royaldarkness Sep 20, 2005

    you're really getting better at walling, because this wall is really nice! it's so sweet and pretty :) good job!! ^^

  6. Kasjopeia Sep 20, 2005

    cute wallie .....
    i like that it's so bright
    and does she has wings??

  7. AngelKate Sep 20, 2005

    Aww, this is very cute. I like the butterfly heart. :) I think the grass needs to be a bit lighter though, and try a little variation in the color, but everything else looks good. Keep it up. :)

  8. fukushuusha Sep 20, 2005

    nice one rene...
    the sky looks really good. The butterflies can use just a bit more blending but looks fine.
    as white-zero said' u really are getting better everytime

  9. --chunli-- Sep 20, 2005

    sooooo cute!!! *.*

  10. dalidadod Sep 20, 2005

    hey...such a lovely wallie....nice kolors sweety ..thanx for sharin ^.^

  11. Kiako Sep 20, 2005

    it looks pretty good, kind of strange too, especialy the grey part in the background, though it makes some kind of an effectt.

  12. hongrboi Sep 20, 2005

    Yet another great wallie! I love the cartoonish clouds =) Awsome addition of the butterfly wings ^^ The hair's extraction looks a bit choppy though. But everything else looks great ^^

  13. Asigha Sep 20, 2005

    ooo this wallie looks good i like the background colors
    good job :) its sooo cute ;)
    good work n keep it up :D
    ciaoz <3

  14. MagicianFairy Sep 20, 2005

    its look good, like the bg and the scan is nice too.
    i like the butterflies look good on it^^

  15. sangel99 Sep 20, 2005

    It's so cuuute!! ^^ Awesome job Rene!! I really like the background colors..it all merges together really well ^-^

  16. kagoem Sep 20, 2005

    This looks good. It has a very pretty background too.

  17. bbls Sep 20, 2005

    i luv the vibrant colors of your wall...and the butterflies are very cute, but they stick out too much, and as fuku said, they perhaps could use more blending. and i was a bit confused by that gray band against the sky. overall, this wall is very cute and fun... :D

  18. Itami-Chan Sep 20, 2005

    ohhh i love this! so colorful and beautiful! i love the butterfly's and how you put wings on her back!!! :D

  19. suejean Sep 20, 2005

    kawaii girl^-^..and i love the shapw that the butterflies make!!great job!! ;) favs+

  20. MayaNatsume17 Sep 21, 2005

    This is a nice wall, cute background. I love the colors on the girls wings.

  21. Akaiken Sep 21, 2005

    Gee... your getting better on the bg part. Your blending it more on the scan which is a really good thing.

    Continue doing that. ^_^

  22. TakamuraReiji Sep 21, 2005

    Lovely. But the bg looks weird.
    You did a great job adding the butterflies.
    Hmm...what can I say more...it's great.
    You've improve alot.
    Good work.

  23. OneWingTenshi Sep 21, 2005

    I believe she is from Samurai Showdown or Spirit...either one...I am guessing

    I want to say that you have done a very good job on the butterfly wing you have putted on her...it is nice...very good idea...but the butterflies on the background is abit too much...not the heart part but the color...limit your color range might be a good idea...I don't like too colorful wallpapers... x_x ...some of the clouds need to be soften...but all those thing I have said are no biggy to this nice wall

    Oh yeah...the sunflower is a nice touch to the wall...

    You say you are stress, how come you still have time to wall?? :hmpf: ...lol

  24. niomea Sep 21, 2005

    Ummm.... I am sorry.... but the dark part of the cloud is a little bit out of place..... maybe try softer colour and blur the treshold between the blue sky and the dark cloud? However, the picture in overall is nice though ^_^

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