Ogi Wallpaper: .:Tuning In:.

Ogi Wallpaper
Ogi Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

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Hello everyone! eee kawaii-chicken-chan here......submitting another wallie...

I couldn't think of a title sooooo i used the original...sorry.....well as you can see it's grundge......and all of you know i'm still a begginer when it comes to that!...well yea *sigh* you should see all the wallies I still haven't submitted...PROCRASTINATOR
ah to hell with it i won't! ^_^

Well anyways this image was vectorized by Toxictea23 yeah she gave me permission to use this vector....well yeah and here's the vector itself *.:.Tuning In..:.*

Enjoy...everythings appretiated!

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  1. bloodygirl Sep 20, 2005

    that is nice job you did ,keep up the great job ,cause i really love it XD

  2. animefairy Sep 20, 2005

    yay....i am the first to post!
    wow....this looks so rare!! the bg looks great!! great scan of the girl!! i love that wall!!! thanks for sharing your work with us all!! i hope you continue to make more arkwork!! i hope you continue to make more walls, scans, etc. in the meantime!! keep up the good work, kawaii-chicken!! :)

  3. Rikimaru-jp Sep 20, 2005

    No wonder why your username is Kawaii-chicken because you're wallie are really Kawaii :)
    but I don't know about the chicken part lol XP
    well as I always say I am not a grunge fan but this one looks different dunno maybe because it's not like most grunge "very darl" this one is actually brighter and the girl you used is really cool and suits perfectly with the background!!
    keep up the Kawaii work!!!

  4. Dontais Sep 20, 2005

    nice bg im adding to my fav's

  5. DarkIngram Sep 20, 2005

    pretty vector of that girl... the background colors and effects blends well to your character...

    nice wallie again kawaii-chicken :)

  6. fukushuusha Sep 20, 2005

    really nice vector with some quality texture work
    good colors u used in there also kawaii-san. The image could blend some more but a very nice job never the less :)

  7. Angel-on-Dragon Sep 20, 2005

    Wow, great work ^^ I think your did quite well with this grundge style. It looks really cool.
    The vector is great and you really honored it by making this wall out of it. I like it ^^
    And I'd like to fav it, but I already reached my limit.... -.-'
    Anyway thanks for sharing

  8. khatuido Sep 20, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper, humm it's a grundge style, i find it nearly that one wall of Anji ^^
    i like this wall ;) very good.

  9. akazookin Sep 20, 2005

    woot..wonderful wallpaper kawaii-chicken XD i love the bg!! it's so nice!! XD
    bg suits the girl hehe =) goob job!

    thanks for sharing! kanbate! XD

  10. Yuria Sep 20, 2005

    Awesome wall kawaii-san!As expected from you^_^And i could say you are good in grundge for a beginner.

  11. TrinityLi Sep 20, 2005

    Nice wall. I really like the scan and the grungy background is awsome looking. Great job! :)

  12. Idril Sep 20, 2005

    pretty wall!! the girl fits very good with background and effects are nice. really a great abstract wallie!! just amazing!!
    keep it up always!!

  13. SharinganKnight Sep 20, 2005

    well, as I commented on the vector, its missing an outline and its a bit edgeier than a vector should really be, the whole point of a vector is to improve the image. The blending is great, I see that you've been doing daker walls nowdays, I like taht ;). This one gives off a very lost aura and although there are some extraction problems it is worthy of attention.

  14. Nyuu-chan Sep 20, 2005

    Everytime when you submit new wallie it is something special ^^ And this time it is special too :D I love the background and this scan you used here is awesome :D! Thanks for sharing! [stupid limits .. ehhh when I will be able, it will be favie ^^]

  15. miraku-spike Sep 20, 2005

    Wow!! I love this wallpaper of yours! Great job with the pic and everything. The background looks awsome as well! Keep up the great work! XD I'm going to add this in my favs cuase thats were all the great stuff should be!

  16. daos Sep 20, 2005

    Wow, the grunginess of this wallie is shmexy! KC, you never fail to impress me. :)

  17. Masterjego Sep 21, 2005

    Wow this is new ^_^ great job on it! I like how its different whenever i usually see somthing different it doesnt look good to me but this does.

  18. Wslasher Sep 21, 2005

    cool and sexy scan bro!

  19. prettymommah Sep 21, 2005

    whoa...this is scary and at the same time is so relaxing because of the girl tuning in :)

  20. Tatsuya Sep 21, 2005

    nice vector and nice texture, everything is perfect! good job

  21. babyblueshakira Sep 22, 2005

    oh, this is a really nice wallie! I like it a lot!
    The anime gurl is super pretty and the effects
    that were created are so awesome! I really
    like the wallie! Thanx for sharing it with us!

  22. semanga Sep 22, 2005

    awesome work honey i wish i could put it to my fav but i can not forgive me
    keep it up i love your work

  23. DREAM Sep 22, 2005

    first off this isn't Murata. This artwork was drawn by OGI so please update the category. in the future a little research can go a long way, eh, ne pas?

    2nd you should make it a habit to refernce the original scan..
    my scan can be found here

    wall: there are extraction issues and the green bg doesn't mesh at all with the vector. actually the vector had issues so..
    if i was to go the "grunge" route i would have made it a light shade of grey..

  24. agneslee Sep 23, 2005

    I really like the bg effect.
    But I think the girl may not the best one for the bg.
    It's still a nice wallpaper.
    Thanks for sharing^_^

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