Naruto Wallpaper: Solitude...

Masashi Kishimoto, Studio Pierrot, Naruto, Sasuke Uchiha Wallpaper
Masashi Kishimoto Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Naruto Series Sasuke Uchiha Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

well at last; a Sasuke wall. I couldn't find the appropriate image for my taste for a long time...until yesterday
kimiko is an incredible artist. u gotta check her gallery at deviantArt. ( http://kimiko.deviantart.com/ )
well...this was mostly a r-cging work. rebuilding the left part, resizing the image; textures and brushes....and here u go.
not much to say about emotions since almost everybody knows how much of a Sasuke freak I am >_<
just love the artwork with this.
this wall is dedicated to Futuregirlie who really wanted me to make a sasuke wall...and waited long enough XD

And...big big thx to yina for helping me with the tittle...u are the best Yina ^^

update: I changed the glow on the ivys...thx people for suggestions


Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: yina
Wall: Das Bild
Reason:just bow down to the techniques she used...amazing wall


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  1. Yina Sep 19, 2005

    ahh... excellent wall.. original and perfect.. XD oh my.. how did you make the wall.. it looks amazing.. >.< argghh.. perfect.. +fav.. XD

    and thank you for plugging.. =3

  2. SharinganKnight Sep 19, 2005

    solitude..is such an empty word, such meaningless behind it, kind of perfect for what it signifies isn't? The wall...is amazing, your best work yet, the blending is awesome, the cracks on the wall are a greta addition, very good use of texture in this particualer piece, although Im not a big fan of this Sasuke picture I can look pass my personal preferences on that one. Only thing I would change would be the red outerglow on the leafs, it has to go..just leave a faint shaddow, make then a dark version of grey if need be.

  3. Nyuu-chan Sep 19, 2005

    Wow! Great wall! Excellent background and ... this is Sasuke! Ahhh .... ;) For sure it will be my fav soon ^^

  4. pamkips Sep 19, 2005

    ah gotta love you're grunge style...wish i could do grungy wallies....but...yes...anyways great job on the background,,,great details....you did marvelous with this....can't wait to fav it! well...the pic is extremely well drawn...can't believe it's a drawing..

  5. kai81220 Sep 19, 2005

    awesome stuff with the cracks and aging of the wall. the scan merges pretty well with the whole image you did.
    only crit i might make is that the vines look a bit strange with that drop shadow/glow around it. if you remove it, it might look a bit more attached to the wall rather than suspended away from it.

    other wise, the colors and stuff work out great.
    nice stuff

  6. tareren Sep 19, 2005

    That is one kewl wall :) I love the whole atmosphere, and I think you are right, this fanart of Sasuke rocks xd
    Hmmm, onto the wall...
    I think you did a great job in doing the background, the leaves are nice :D though the right side of the wall is pale in comparison to the left :d but I think that is fine...
    Hmm, the crack and Uchiha logo was in the original scan, so I cannot say anything (yep it is very cool ;D) and..
    the only part I don't like is the lower part of the wall on the left side, .. It looks really different from the right one, and the pattern looks a bit weird to me >_< maybe cos it was the same pattern for 3 repeated times, then the last one was different, or maybe it is just me not liking it .. anyway, that was just a personal opinion ^^"
    Good job on this one :D thanks for sharing ..

  7. Sandra Sep 19, 2005

    Next great job Maaaan :D

    Your works rox.

    But first before my "Great Amazing & Awesomness :P" me must say one word of critic :

    i don't like his nose !

    And this red&white smthin too .

    But rest : amazing :D

    As always !

    i want to make such a incredible walls like you .

    Great textures brushes , amazing job ;]

  8. Angel-on-Dragon Sep 19, 2005

    Really cool wall. It looks perfect. I love this scan of Sasuke (hey I'm liking a wall with a guy! ^^).
    Thanks so much for sharing it.

  9. lthnadml Sep 19, 2005

    Cool! Very nice wallie. Excelent background. :D
    Very nice work. Thanks a lot for saharing it. :D

  10. DarthAya Sep 19, 2005

    great work! the bg is awesome, very well donne!
    I would like to fav but right now I can't cause of this stupid rulle!
    keep it up!

  11. Firefly Sep 19, 2005

    has a east and western feel to it!
    the colors make it look like an old map...

  12. macky Sep 19, 2005

    I reallt like this...
    THe colours.. the wall looks so sexy.....
    The image is ok (dont like the face style...) but yes.. very cooll.. keep it up

  13. Blue0016 Sep 19, 2005

    wow thats good. >_>
    i love the stock, sasuke is so awsome.
    and nice bg!
    awsomly done.
    good job.

  14. Dufoe88 Sep 19, 2005

    really like the idea of it ^^
    great wall
    keep it up my friend

  15. heavens-Dragon Sep 19, 2005

    Wowies, pretty awesome wallpaper of Sasuke! I must say that I really like the background you created, it looks really superb and the details are really amazing. The vines adds a sort of loneliness which is great for the mood. The drawing of Sasuke is pretty awesome, you're right that she's really talented but like Sandra mentioned, his nose bothers me XD. The cracks on the walls and the grudge texture is really awesome. Great work! Keep it up!

  16. ayaki Sep 19, 2005

    the bg is very well done...the cracks, the texture...the colors..everything looks very very good.
    haha and yea...i don't really like the face style of this Sasuke...looks kinda weird.
    It''s again ur signature red/orange/yellow color ^_^
    amazing sasuke wall!~

  17. pegassuss Sep 19, 2005

    Ohh wooow! O_O This is awesome! ... I absolutely love this wall! The composition is perfect and I think it really fits the character well, I love the wall and the details you put on it, the little cracks and imperfections. The leaves are well done and I love the final result ^^ Kimiko's artwork is really impressive I must say! Anyway, you did a great work, keep it up!

  18. mongooses Sep 19, 2005

    Wow. Adding this to my favs. You don't often see really good Sasuke wallpapers, this one's excelent. THanks for sharing.

  19. hongrboi Sep 20, 2005

    Definatly love the cracked uchiha symbol. I don't exactly remember when but it happened in the anime too! Nice tuexturing on the wall too! Very realistic!

  20. Chloe Retired Moderator Sep 20, 2005

    The background is great, I love the colors and "decoration". The scan is awesome as well. Great job!

  21. anji Sep 20, 2005

    Wow so much little details o_o
    It's always cool to see some wall with fan art, it's different from scan and it really gives something unique.
    I don't know what to say... love the texture and the mix of colors so much....
    I think I'm just gonna fav it...
    Thanks for sharing this!

  22. elizabeth-san Sep 20, 2005

    damn! that really impressed me.i love it.you did a good job of finding that pic of Sasuke.the wall with the Uchiha symbol on it looks great.the wall looks good and the leave's look good too.and the pic of Sasuke goes so well with the wall.i love Sasuke thanx for sharing this wonderful work.please make more Sasuke walls :) *favs* XD

  23. ventures Sep 20, 2005

    excellent wall there xp
    i love the cracks and the colours are really awesome.
    kewl looking pic to XD
    nice font and nice fern :D

  24. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Sep 20, 2005

    I love this almost like hes in Europe for some reason, it must be the old renaissance look and crack plus the vines, speaking baout that, with the shadow was a bit faded so it wouldnt look like it was actually suspended but overall the whole wall is beautiful.
    Nice job as always man! ^_^

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