Burst Angel Wallpaper: All I Care is Dying

Ugetsu Hakua, Gonzo, Burst Angel, Maria (Burst Angel) Wallpaper
Ugetsu Hakua Mangaka Gonzo Studio Burst Angel Series Maria (Burst Angel) Character

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All I Care is Dying... All I Care is Dying Slow
Oh, why is this pain inside me?
when you're the one who's heart is burning down
... [Charon]

Well thanks to the past holidays I was able to finish this wall, it had been sitting on my PC for sometime now ^_^' and this is a little return to my style... the abstract >.<
I had finished watching the complete series of Bakuretsu Tenshi and the came by a torrent with the artwork form Ugetsu Hakua (Bakuretsu Tenshi scans included) and fell in love with all of them. One thing I would have wished troughout the series is that Maria had some more importance... so here is a tribute to her.
On to the wall, though I got the scan from a torrent you can download it here Ugetsu Hakua ~ Maria by saikusa really nice scan... well all the collection to be honest ;) as I said previously I went for abstract with some light effects to emphasize Maria, I used some fractal brushing over those light effects so they looked somehow more dynamic, link to the brushes J-A-S-H-I-N's Fractals... and that's pretty much about it :hmpf:

Before I forget, I'd like to thank again my dear friends dahl and maho-ho for their previous feedback while I was working on this project... you have been very helpful XD *bows*

Now it's time for you to comment ;)

I kind of didn't like the color text so I went and tried something different, I believe it now goes better with the hole vibe from the wall... but still I'm not that happy with it -_-

Thank you all for your kind comments and feedback ;)

My my... thanks Dende for pointing this out

Quote by Dende... by the way revan hasnt told us but i suggest a full view to really enjoy this piece of work the thumbnail is not worthy ;)

Please... please... FULL view

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  1. Aeya Sep 19, 2005

    The background is really great and fits the scan pretty well. ^^ The colors are great too! Good job, keep it up! *adds to favs*

  2. blueotaku-sp Sep 19, 2005

    Wow my friend!

    This wallie of yours looks awesome!
    I like the composition and the 'harmony' that it has, the color matchs perfectly, really nice and smoth blending, the typo also fits well and overall great work! ;)

    The scan it subervely! ;) BTW, It's that a new avatar?
    +Favs. Keep going! I also will try...

  3. mirlune Sep 19, 2005

    great wall as ever T_T
    the effects arround her are fantastic and shes got damnd cool blades ^^

  4. Angel-on-Dragon Sep 19, 2005

    Really beautiful wallpaper. The bg fits perfectly to the scan.
    Thanks for sharing this cool piece of work ^^

  5. onlydarkness Sep 19, 2005

    yea i agree that the bg goes well with this scan (the color and theme of the bg go well that is). keep up the good work.

  6. DieFi Sep 19, 2005

    Wow. This is an amazing Wallpaper. I am very thankfull for sharing it.
    You make a great job with the background, and of cource is the babe the center of it suits perfect.^^
    MfG Die Fi

  7. pegassuss Sep 19, 2005

    Great wallpaper Revan-san! ^^ coming back to your own style and you are really good at it. Well, I haven't seen this anime so I don't know the character but I really like the background, I think it fits her perfectly! I love the light effects around her and the colors, you did a very good job! I love how he sword seems to vanish in the light ^^ I also like the font of the text but there is something bothering me about it, maybe the color? mm I don't know OX but I'll tell you if I figure it out :\ Anyway, don't mind me, you did a great work! Keep it up! ;)

  8. bookimp Sep 19, 2005

    Gorgeous. I love the pic, you don't see many of the other characters from BakuTen. The abstract background really fits, makes her stand out, without being too bold to detrack from her soft colors. Definitely a fav ^_^

  9. MS0B9 Sep 19, 2005

    Oh dear lord what a hott wallie. >_< I love the way you've combined the scan and the background. Nice blend. Awesome wall and adding to favs.

  10. dalidadod Sep 20, 2005

    waw i really love the bg..its really look nice,,u did gr8 job ..thanx for sharing OX OX

  11. Kougaxgirl Sep 20, 2005

    whoa...a wall from you! oh and its very pretty might i say....i've always loved that scan...she is so damn pretty :D the background is quite awesome too! hehe i like absract backgrounds like that...very very cool :D *huggles and pats on tha back* hehe excellent job!....now lets hope i can fav it....T.T

  12. Yura Sep 20, 2005

    hey Revan nice wall
    the girl is hot and i love the brushes effects
    it glows o.o hehe
    the bg reminds me one of ur female seint saiyaseries
    Fav! XP

  13. Apopis Sep 20, 2005

    thanks brother for the warning the image this very good as all your works always are very good I send a greeting to you from the DF

  14. irix Sep 20, 2005

    yeah, i like so much how do you used the light brushes in this one... i like so much the abstracts... ^^

  15. ni-chan Sep 20, 2005

    Wow the bg is really awesome, I the flow it has is great :)
    and the scan that you have used is really cool
    But i think that the text could have looked better
    still a great wall keep it up

  16. Dende Sep 20, 2005

    great!! i always liked your abstract works they're amazing, the light fx are great the brushing is awesome, nice exctraction overall:10/10keep it up revan san XD XD
    by the way revan hasnt told us but i suggest a full view to really enjoy this piece of work
    the thumbnail is not worthy ;)

  17. maho-ho Sep 20, 2005

    Excellent work friend! XD The abstract bottoms that you do fact are really good ;) I liked the colors that you used, although a little dark, have much to do with the idea that to express :) . The clear effects are very good. The work in the image is very good! It continues working friend! >_< Good work! Ah! tipography that you used, this good, I have pleased myself! :D

  18. Idril Sep 20, 2005

    amazing wallie Revan!! you did a great job on effects around this elf and she looks soo sexy and beautiful!! purple and violet colors are my favs, so it is just more point for like this wallie!! gonna add it on my favs as soon as possible!!

  19. dahl Sep 20, 2005

    Awesome wallpaper! You really did an incredible job extracting and blending the scan, she seems to be immerse in the light and the colors you chose emphasize the lightning effects, this bg reminds me of a raging storm or a tornado and I think it's perfect for her. I'm not sure about the text though, the font is pretty and I like the color but maybe it stands out too much in the bg, I think you should try to softening it a little more. But I really love this wallpaper, no need to say it... Fav!

    EDIT: Good job! The text looks much better now, it blends nicely in the background and its color is far more adequate for the global composition, no complaints now...Absolute favorite!!

  20. Estel Sep 21, 2005

    o_O tremendos dotes artisticos padrino, esta genial... muchas felicidades.

  21. hongrboi Sep 21, 2005

    This is just amazing. The abstract is great ^^ Very nice and complex. I like the colours and the contrasts! I'm out of favs for now but I'll come back later. Muahahah.

  22. Wslasher Sep 21, 2005

    cool scan bro!

  23. Evanrued Sep 21, 2005

    Wow. This caught my eye sooooo instantly. Man this looks awesome. And the full version is deffinatly a plus! The light is good, abstract work is great, and the scan is just speechless. This wall is one in itself. Effects, texture and it all looks so soft. Excellent work Rev.

  24. Daicon Sep 22, 2005

    Good work. The fectos seem to me interesting that you obtained in wallpaper. Background I am very good. The size of the image this good. Congratulations! ;)

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